Top 54 Unique Romansh Names For Your Baby

Romansh language from Switzerland has many amazing baby names.

What is Romansh?

Romansh is an official language spoken in Switzerland which has descended as one of the Romance languages. It has also received the official status in the canton of Grisons, along with the Italian and German languages.

This Swiss language is quite powerful and sweet and so, Switzerland has a lot of wonderful from Romansh but with different origins.  Romansh and Romanian languages are not the same. The Romanian language is a native language in Romania and the Romansh language is a Swiss language. Here, we present a comprehensive list of Romansh names for boys and girls, popular in Switzerland

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Popular Romansh Boy Baby Names

There are certain male Romansh names that you can give to your child. Romansh names are quite sweet and so, here are a few Romansh boy names for your little baby:

1.Alesch (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men". It is a Romansh name for Alexander.

2.Andrin is the Romansh name for Henry. This is the name of King Henry VIII, the famous king of England.

3.Antonin (Latin origin) meaning "beyond praise". This is the Romansh form of Anthony. The name is popular due to Mark Antony, a general under Julius Caesar.

4.Artur (English origin) meaning "noble". This name is associated with the famous King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

5.Aurél (Latin origin) meaning "golden". The name is linked to Aurelius and is famous due to Marcus Aurelius, the famous philosopher who wrote the book, Meditations.

6.Balser (Phoenician origin) meaning "Ba'al protect the king". It is a version of Balthazar, who was one of the three Magi who visited Jesus during His birth.

7.Benedegt(Latin origin) meaning "blessed". This is the Romansh form of the word, Benedict, associated with famous British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

8.Chasper (Persian origin) meaning "treasurer". It is related to Casper, the friendly ghost.

9.Domeni (Latin origin, Derived from Dominic) meaning "belonging to the Lord".  Dominic Toretto is one of the protagonists in the Fast and the Furious series and is played by Vin Diesel.

10.Fadri (Romansh origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

11.Felici (Latin origin, Derived from Felix) meaning "happy". This is the name of the famous YouTuber, PewDiePie.

12.Flurin (Latin origin, Derived from Florian) meaning "a flower".

13.Giachen (Hebrew origin, Derived from Jacob) meaning "to follow". Jacob is a significant character in the Bible.

14.Giuachin (Spanish origin, Derived from Joaquin) meaning "lifted by Yahweh".  It is the name of the Oscar-winning actor, Joaquin Phoenix.

15.Jaronas (Greek origin, Derived from Jerome) meaning "sacred name".

16.Ludivic (Germanic origin, Derived from Lewis) meaning "famous warrior".

17.Mose (Hebrew origin, Derived from Moses) meaning "to draw out of water".

18.Niculin (Greek origin, Derived from Nicholas) meaning "victory of the people"

19.Rapoto (Romansh origin) meaning "bold counsel".

20.Rico (Romansh origin) meaning "home ruler".

21.Uorsin (Romansh origin) meaning "bear".

Unique Romansh Girls Baby Names

(Many of the Romansh girl names are quite unique and sweet.

You can give a fascinating exotic name to your little girl too. We have collected a number of Romansh names which can be really fitting for your girl:

22.Allegra (Italian origin) meaning "cheerful".

23.Angiola (Greek origin, Derived from Angela) meaning "messenger". Angela Carter was a famous English novelist.

24.Basilissa (Greek origin, Derived from Basil) meaning "kingly".

25.Beata (Latin origin) meaning "blessed".

26.Catarina (Greek origin, Derived from Catherine) meaning "pure". Caterina Sforza is an important character in the game, Assassin's Creed 2.

27.Cornelia (Roman origin) meaning "horn".

28.Dorina (Greek origin) It is a Romansh name for Dorothy, who is the main protagonist in the movie, The Wizard of Oz.  

29.Emma (German origin) meaning "universal". The name is associated with the Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson.

30.Grettina (Scandinavian origin, Derived from Greta) meaning "pearl". This is the name of Greta Thunberg, the teenage environmental activist.

31.Guida (French origin, Derived from Guy) meaning "wide. Guy Ritchie is a famous English director.

32.Iona (Old Norse origin) refers to a Scottish island.

33.Lidia (Greek origin, Derived from Lydia) meaning "noble".  Lydia Davis is a famous American short story writer and translator.

34.Luzia (Latin origin, Derived from Lucille) meaning "light". Lucille Clifton was a famous American poet.

35.Madlaina (Latin origin, Derived from Magdalena) meaning "of Magadala".  This name is associated with a follower of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene.

36.Mattia (Romansh origin) meaning "a gift of God".

37.Moreno (Maltese origin) meaning "brunette".

38.Ottavia (Romansh origin) meaning "eighth".

39.Petrica (Romansh origin) meaning "a rock".

40.Ramuna (German origin, Derived from Raymond) meaning "advice and protector". This German name also has an alternative name, Ramona.

41.Sarina (Latin origin) meaning "serene".

42.Tonia (Latin origin, Derived from Antonia) meaning "praiseworthy".

43.Ursina (Latin origin, Derived from Ursala) meaning "bear". It is the name of the antagonist in Disney's Little Mermaid.

44.Varena (Romansh origin) meaning "true". This is quite popular among Swiss names and has been named after Saint Verena.

Gender Neutral Romansh Baby Names

(Romansh names also have gender-neutral names for both boys and girls.

Parents do not always want a gendered name for their child. Below is a list of Romansh names that can be given to both boys and girls:

45.Alexi (Greek origin, Derived from Alexis) meaning "defender".

46.Cosmin (Romansh origin) meaning "order". This is a popular name in the Romansh language.

47.Liviu (Romansh origin) meaning "unknown".

48.Mihal (Romansh origin) meaning "like God".

49.Peder (Greek origin, Derived from Peter) meaning "rock".

50.Silvan (Latin origin) meaning "of the forest".

51.Teigra (Romansh origin) meaning "tiger".

52.Valentin (Romansh origin) meaning "strong". It is also a popular French and Italian name.

53.Victorin (Romansh origin) meaning "Winner".

54.Viturin (Romansh origin) meaning "conqueror".

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