Top 60 Unisex French Names For Your Baby

France is the city of dreams, and French names are perfect as baby names.

What could be more trendy and chic than a unisex French name?

French names are extremely delicate and beautiful for people all over the world. Moreover, French baby names also have deeper meanings that might give an elegant personality to your boy or girl.

This list of gender-neutral names provides you with some popular and unique French baby names that are suitable for a baby of either gender. It also includes some ancient French names that you might want to consider when choosing baby names. French unisex names, in particular, have an old school charm that you can sense when you say the name out loud. A lot of French names are said to have strong Biblical references as well. However, French is also one of the few languages where there are many gender-neutral names that do not sound awkward when called out loud. The names do not sound like they belong to either gender typically, but instead are beautiful in their own right.

Read on for unisex French names, or for more name inspiration, take a look at Gender-Neutral Japanese Names and Unisex Latin Names.

Popular French Unisex Names

Here is a list of some popular French baby names that you will often find in French cities as a unisex name. The list also provides the English meanings of every name.

1. Adel is a popular unisex French name meaning "noble" or "elite". Another version of Adel, Adele, is a popular name today. Adèle Haenel is a major French actress.

2. Ames meaning "friend".

3. Aramis meaning "from France",

4. Avignon meaning "the one who came from France".

5. Axel meaning "my father is peace".

6. Beau meaning "beautiful".

7. Blaise meaning "speech impediment".

8. Jade meaning "a precious stone".

9. Jeryn meaning "the chosen one".

10. Chandell meaning "a candle".

11. Charnell meaning "burial place".

12. Clef meaning "musical symbol denoting pitch".

13. Coty meaning "helpful or shield".

14. Cress meaning "from the top of the hill".

15. Elie meaning "the Lord is my God".

16. Gene meaning "born to nobility".

17. Jules meaning "youthful" or "cheerful". It is a common unisex name in France.

18. Lavern meaning "a land of trees".

19. Rusti meaning "red head".

20. Simone meaning "God has heard". Simone Signoret is a popular French actress who was known for her posters on the Paris Metro.

Unique French Unisex Names

Here are some very unique baby names that you can consider, irrespective of your child's gender.

(France has a rich cultural history and it reflects in French names.

21. Belot meaning "a card game".

22. Candide meaning "white".

23. Chandler meaning "maker of candles". Chandler is a popular character from the TV series, Friends.

24. Crescent meaning "to create". It is also the shape of the moon, and an easy name to understand and remember.

25. Darel meaning "one who is tenderly loved".

26. Dior meaning "a beautiful present". Dior is a luxury makeup and bag brand and is an extremely memorable French name.

27. Gabriel meaning "hero of God". Ange-Jacques Gabriel was a French architect.

28. Izod meaning "hardy, strong ".

29. Jocelin meaning "little Goth".

30. Lisle meaning "of the island".

31. Marquette meaning "land owner" Jacques Marquette was a French Jesuit missionary. He is known to have founded a settlement in Michigan and to explore a part of the Mississippi River.

32. Maine meaning "mainland".

33. Monet meaning "to be heard". Claude Monet was a famous French painter.

34. Noel meaning "born on Christmas day".

35. Paris - referring to the city.

36. Rivera meaning "river". Almost all rivers in the French language have the term 'Rivera' before their names. French Riviera is the Southeastern Mediterranean course in France.

37. Sauge meaning "wise". This is an Old French name which has become quite popular all over the English-speaking world as well.

38. Sofiane meaning “one who walks fast”. Sofiane Zermani is the name of a popular French rapper.

39. Taylor meaning "clothed with salvation".

40. Zuri meaning "white" or "lovely". The name is often associated with Zuri Lawrence, a renowned professional heavyweight boxer.

Ancient French Unisex Names

Do you want to gift your baby a cute French name that goes well with their personality? Here is a list of some ancient French names that are gender-neutral.

French names are unique and give a touch of sophistication to your baby.

41. Alizee meaning "trade wind". Alizee is a common unisex name in many European countries like Spain and Portugal as well.

42. Camille meaning "perfect". It is a sweet baby name that you will often find in France. Camille is a French singer.

43. Lillian meaning "lilium" or "lily". Many French babies are named after flowers and other parts of nature to show their respect and love for nature.

44. Oceane meaning "ocean".

45. Oriel meaning "gold".

46. Patrice meaning "clear sighted". The name is often associated with Patrice Guers, a French bassist who is popularly known for his work in Rhapsody of Fire.

47. Placide meaning "calm" or "placid".

48. Remy meaning "remedy".

49. Rene meaning "rebirth". A lot of ancient French names show their belief in the concept of rebirth.

50. Romy meaning "a roman". Romy Schneider is a popular German- French actress who was known to have done groundbreaking films.

51. Sacha meaning "protector of mankind". Sacha Guitry is the name of a popular French actor, dramatist and director.

52. Savon meaning "soap maker".

53. Sequin meaning "shiny disc or coin".

54. Shantell meaning "stony place".

55. Stephane meaning "the crown of glory".

56. Thierry meaning "power is mighty" or "the ruler of people". It is a popular ancient French name, which is now often used as a unisex name.

57. Toille meaning "translucent linen or cotton fabric".

58. Tre meaning "third born child".

59. Vogue meaning "popular, fashionable". Vogue is also an influential American fashion and lifestyle magazine which reviews books, plays, music, and movies.

60. Yannick meaning "God is gracious". There are many French names that are tributes to God.

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