11 Top Virtual PE Lessons For Kids


‍If you're on the hunt for virtual sports and fitness classes for your kids, you're in luck. Loads of expert athletes and coaches are offering their skills to families for free during lockdown in the form of live, online PE classes, which means your children can keep active even without their regular school PE lessons. From family-friendly workouts and football training to calming yoga sessions, martial arts and dance practice, there are so many ways to keep moving at home. Check out our class guide below.

Sporty Minis: Live Kids' Workout

When is it? 10am, every Wednesday

Where is it? Facebook

Suitable for: 18 months - 5 years

Join Coach Marnie from Sporty Minis for a super kid-friendly virtual morning workout. The main aim is to get your pre-schoolers ready for the day and excited to do exercise. Let's go!

The Ballet Coach: Become A Ballerina

When is it? Monday to Friday

2-5 years: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9.30am

5-7 years: Tuesday and Thursday, 4pm

8-13 years: Monday and Wednesday, 4pm

13+ years: Tuesday and Thursday, 5pm

Where is it? YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Join expert ballerina and dance teacher Sarah Du-Feu for a 30-minute ballet lesson. It takes the format of a regular dance class, starting with a warmup and followed by imaginative role-play and fun exercises while you dance.

Live Ball Master: At-Home Football Coaching

When is it? 6pm and 5.30pm, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Youngsters and beginners: Friday, 5.30pm

Intermediate: Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm

Where is it? Facebook

Suitable for: 5+ years

Joined by his two glamorous assistants (his two young sons), football coach Robert is here to explain the tips and tricks to help you master the art of football. You'll do a range of drills, exercises and learn a few clever techniques.

Magical Mornings: Become A Yoga Guru

When is it? 8.30am, Monday to Friday

Where is it? Facebook

Suitable for: 2-11 years

Join Magical Mornings for a quick 15-minute routine to start your day with a positive mindset. You can expect yoga exercises, meditation, positive affirmations and lots of gratitude talk. It's the perfect way to start your day!

mother and daughter meditating

Studio Kowloon: Tai Chi Lesson

When is it? 10.30am, every Tuesday

Where is it? Facebook

Suitable for: 8+ years

Known often as the 'gentle' martial art because of its stress-relieving qualities, Tai Chi is perfect for beginners. With Studio Kowloon's free weekly sessions you'll learn basic forms and steps, and by the end of lockdown you'll be well on your way to becoming a pro.

Joe Wicks: Join A Family Workout

When is it? 9am, Monday to Friday

Where is it? YouTube

Suitable for: 3+ years

Now famously known as the nation's PE teacher, kickstart your day with Joe Wicks (AKA The Body Coach)'s brilliant live family workouts on his YouTube channel. You'll feel energised and ready to face the day!

If you've missed any past live streams but still want to keep your fitness levels up, you can always find them on his channel afterwards.

ZKT Dance Academy: Live Street Dance Class

When is it? 3pm, every Wednesday

Where is it? Facebook

Suitable for: 6+ years

If you've got any movers and grooves in the family, ZKT Dance Academy is offering free 45-minute lessons, where you'll learn a super cool street dance every week to one of your favourite pop songs.

Little Kickers: Weekend Footie Practice

When is it? 10.30am, every Saturday

Where is it? Facebook

Suitable for: 2-7 years

With Little Kickers' weekly live stream, pre-schoolers and KS1 kids can practise the basic skills of football and get involved with games both with and without a football. It's footie fun for everyone involved!

YogaBeez Children's Yoga: Mind Over Matter

When is it? 11am and 3pm, Tuesday and Thursday (times sometimes change)

Where is it? YouTube

Suitable for: 4-8 years

Head to YogaBeez for breathing, mindfulness and yoga practice for your littlest humans. If you're looking to relax, it's a super calming break during the day. Click the bell icon on their channel so that you can be notified when they go live.

family doing stretches at home

Oti Mabuse: Strictly Magical Ballroom & Latin

When is it? 11.30am, Monday to Sunday

Where is it? YouTube

Suitable for: 3+ years

Bring some sparkle to your lockdown with Oti Mabuse's free half-hour dance live streams. Each day has a different theme - so far there's been The Lion King, Tangled and even Minions. You'll be a Strictly pro in no time!

Boostys Corona Buster: Family Fitness Fun

When is it? 9am, Monday to Friday

Where is it? Facebook

Suitable for: 10+ years

Join personal trainer David Boost and his wife and daughters in a family-friendly workout with your older kids. All you need is space to work out and plenty of energy. If you want to do even more aerobic and HIIT exercises, click here for inspiration. Let's get fit!



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