Top 50+ Winter Names That Mean Cold Or Ice

Baby names meaning cold or winter are popular among parents.

Winter comes with a lot of fun, from the terminology to the dressing, and all the celebrations with family and friends.

The season brings much buzz and many activities, but it is also an excellent time to reflect on the things and people that matter the most. Baby names centered around the winter theme are a reminder of all the joy and love these moments bring.

During the winter months, we all want to be sitting by a warm fire surrounded by family and friends, and winter baby names are as special as the season. The perfect name for your baby holds great meaning, and seasonal names make lovely baby names.  they also hold a lot of meaning and have great significance to that particular time of the year.

There is a winter name for your baby boy or baby girl that will suit them perfectly.  Some of the most popular winter names are listed down below, followed by the origin, and what they mean. The name given to your child will remind you of what you love the most about winter.

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Cool Winter Names For Boys

(Winter names are always a cute choice.

All babies are unique, and your winter baby is no exception. Some parents like their baby’s name to signify something special. There could either be a story behind the name or just your love for that particular name and what it means. Whichever the case is, we have compiled a list of beautiful names that mean cold to inspire your name choice for the winter season.

1. Abner (Hebrew origin), meaning “father of light.”

2.Adair (English origin), meaning “spear” or “fortune.”

3. Adolpha (German origin) meaning “noble wolf.”

4. Alaska (American origin) meaning "great land" referring to the snow-covered mountains.

5. Aster (English origin), meaning “star.”

6. Aubin (French origin) meaning “white” or “blonde.”

7.  Blaze (English origin) meaning “fire” or “snowstorm.”

8. Bodhi (Indian origin) meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment.”

9. Casper (German origin) meaning “treasure.”

10. Christian (Greek origin) meaning “follower of Christ.”

11. Colden (English origin) meaning “dark-valley.”

12. Crispin (Latin origin) meaning “curly head” and is usually associated with cold.

13. Cypress (Greek origin) meaning “the name of a tree in the north.”

14. Dong (Chinese origin) meaning “winter.”

15. Douglas (Scottish origin) meaning “a popular Christmas tree.” and reminds you of the cold weather.

16. Eirwen (Welsh origin) meaning “white as snow.”

17. Everest (English origin) meaning “dweller on the Eure river.”

18. Frost (English origin) meaning “born at the time of winter.”

19.Gelid (Latin origin) meaning “frost” or “extremely cold.”

20. Kari (Turkish origin) meaning "covered with snow".

21. Lixue (Chinese origin) meaning "pretty snow".

22. Robin (German origin) meaning "bright and shining" and is the name of a winter bird.

23. Whittaker (English origin) meaning "from the white field".

Cool Winter Names For Girls

There are adorable names meaning winter for girls.

Winter baby girl names are just as cute as those for boys. They will remind you of how wonderful this time of the year is. Choosing the perfect name is easy because there is plenty of inspiration from the season. You can name your baby girl something that reminds you of the best parts of the season like the snow, and so on. Here are some of our favourite beautiful winter names for baby girls.

24. Alba (Latin origin) meaning “white,” “sunrise,” “dawn.”

25. Aspen (American origin) can mean “quaking tree” or can signify a graceful tree that is very popular with leaves shaped like hearts.

26. Bianca (Italian origin) meaning “white.”

27. Blanche (French origin) this also means “white.”

28. Carol (English origin) meaning “beautiful person” or “song.” This is usually due to the festivities and singing around Christmas.

29. Crystal (Greek origin) the name means “sparkling,” “brilliant glass,” or “ice.”

30. Demetria (Greek origin) meaning “a devotee of Demeter, the Greek goddess” responsible for winter.

31. Eira (Welsh origin) means “snow.”

32. Elsa (Scandinavian origin) is also short or Elizabeth and can mean “God of plenty” or “pledge of God.”

33. Ember (English origin) meaning “spark” or “burning low,” and it reminds you of the warmth from the fireplace.

34. Gabrielle (French origin) baby name meaning “God is my strength,” and is the female version of Gabriel.

35. Gail (English origin) derived from Abigail and means “my Father rejoices.”

36. Garnet (English origin) is the birthstone for January and represents a precious red gem.

37. Gwendolyn (Welsh origin) meaning “blessed” or “fair.”

38. Holly (English origin) is from the holly tree with red berries that ripens during winter.

39. Iclyn (Welsh origin) meaning “compassionate.”

40. Ivy (English origin) meaning “faithfulness.”

41. January (English origin) is the first month of the year dedicated to the Roman god Janus and is a popular baby name.

42. Juniper (Latin origin) is derived from the Juniper tree.

43. Lumi (Finnish origin) meaning “snow.”

44. Merry (English origin) meaning “happy.”

45. Noelle (French origin) this name means “Christmas.”

46. Neve (Irish origin) meaning "snow".

Winter Unisex Names For Babies

Some unique winter baby names are gender neutral, take a look at these here and pick your favourite unisex name.

47. Nevada (Spanish origin), the name means “snow-clad,” or “covered in snow.”

48. North (English origin) this represents the North Pole’s, one of the planet’s coldest parts, geographical direction, .

49. Winter (English origin) signifying the coldest season of the year.

50. Yukio (Japanese origin) baby name meaning “snow.”

51. Samui (Japanese origin) a popular Japanese name that means "cold".

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