50 Tortle Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Dungeons & Dragons books, maps, and dice.

Tortles are fantasy creatures from the hugely successful role-playing game (RPG) Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons, popularly known as DnD, was first published in 1974. It remains a major player in the RPG world even today.

The game has won several awards and remained a best seller for many years. One of the reasons for its popularity can be attributed to the fact that the game lets players create their own character. DnD’s 5th edition, Tomb of Annihilation, marked the entry of Tortles. According to the makers of DnD, Tortles prefer non-gender-specific names that are simple.

Ready for some Tortle stats? They are tall (usually 5-6 feet) and weigh more than 700 pounds. They have sharp claws and are good at tanking. Tortles have powerful shells that act as natural armor and provides adequate protection and, as natural swimmers, Tortles can hold their breath and remain underwater for up to one hour. Young Tortles are expected to fend for themselves one year after they are hatched from the eggs, which means they will have to rely on their special powers and abilities pretty early.Different Tortles also have different powers. Tortle bard, Tortle cleric, Tortle druid, Tortle barbarian, Tortle monk – they all have their respective powers in DnD.

If you are a fan of DnD and are looking for Tortle names for your characters, we have a list of 50 Tortle names with meaning and place of origin for you.

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Tortle Names For Boy Tortles

This list will help you to find a suitable Tortle name for your boy character.

1. Aranck (Native American origin), meaning “stars.”

2. Arre-Catte (Native American origin), meaning “large elk.”

3. Beshiltheeni (Native American origin), meaning “metalworker.”

4. Dustu (Indian origin), meaning “mischievous.”

5. Eeyal (Hebrew origin), meaning “strength.”

6. Eke (Germanic/Old English origin), meaning “increase/lengthen or to stretch out something.”

7. Gad (English origin), an expression of surprise/emphatic assertion.

8. Grok (Martian origin), meaning “to understand thoroughly.” The word was introduced by Robert A. Heinlein in his book 'Stranger in a Strange Land' (a science fiction novel).

9. Haiku (Japanese origin), a Japanese poem consisting of 17 syllables. The poems are usually related to nature. Haiku is a Tortle Monk.

10. Krull (Prussian origin), a Prussian nobility surname.

11. Mahkah (Native American origin), meaning “Earth.”

12. Nastas (Native American origin), name meaning “curve-like foxtail grass.”

13. Taheton (Native American-Siouan origin), name meaning “crow.”

14. Ujarak (Inuit origin), name meaning “rock.”

Tortle Names For Girl Characters

Here is a list of Tortle girl names for your characters.

15. Abetzi (Native American-Siouan origin), meaning “yellow leaf.”

16. Anna (Greek (Latin form) origin), meaning “favor/beautiful/grace.”

17. Doya (Japanese origin), a slang term for "How’s that?"

18. Ehawee (Native American-Sioux origin), meaning “laughing maiden.”

19. Leimomi (Hawaiian origin), meaning “pearl child.”

20. Macawi (Native American origin), meaning “female coyote, motherly.”

21. Mituna (Native American-Miwok-Moquelumnan origin), meaning “like a fish wrapped up in leaves.”

22. Nila (Indian origin), meaning “blue.”

23. Oneida (American origin), meaning “People of Standing Stone.”

24. Talulah (Latin origin), meaning “wing.”

25. Uma (Indian origin), meaning “splendor/tranquility/night/fame.”

26. Veda (Indian origin), meaning “knowledge/wisdom.”

Gender Neutral Tortle Names

Here is a list of gender-neutral Tortle names for your characters.

27. Bodhi (Indian origin), meaning “enlightenment.”

28. Enya (Irish origin), meaning “grain/kernel.”

29. Holoki (Hawaiian origin), meaning “seafarer.”

30. Silex (English origin), meaning “silica/siliceous material.”

Sea And Ocean Related Tortle Names For Your Characters

An aerial view of vast ocean and an island with a dungeon.

We also have a list of sea and ocean-related names that you can consider for your characters.

31. Aerwyna (English origin), meaning “friend of ocean/sea.”

32. Cordelia (Celtic/Latin origin), meaning “daughter of the sea.”

33. Delta (Greek origin), meaning “river mouth.” It is that place where a river splits before meeting the ocean.

34. Jaladri (Sudanese origin), meaning “ocean.”

35. Kai (Hawaiian origin), meaning “sea.” A name that you can consider for a boy or girl character since it’s a unisex name.

36. Marella (Latin origin), meaning “star of the sea.”

37. Mira (India/Sanskrit origin), meaning “ocean.”

38. Murigen (Indian/Iranian origin), meaning “born of the sea.”

39. Samudra (India/Sanskrit origin), meaning “ocean.”

40. Shui (Chinese origin), meaning “the one who comes from the water.”

Fantasy Tortle Names For Your Characters

Take more inspiration from these fantasy names.

41. Anatola (Greek origin), meaning “from the East.”

42. Eoin (Gaelic origin), meaning “God is gracious.”

43. Evadne (Greek origin), meaning “pleasing one.”

44. Hannelore (German origin), meaning “Grace.”

45. Kerensa (Cornish origin), meaning “love.”

46. Maia (Greek origin), meaning “mother.”

47. Qadira (Arabic origin), meaning “capable.”

48. Saoirse (Irish origin), meaning “liberty.”

49. Seraphina (Hebrew origin), meaning “fiery.”

50. Zorion (Basque origin), meaning “happiness.”

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