40 Totally Radical Turtle Names With Meanings

There are countless cute pet turtle names to choose from.

Turtles are the most adorable creatures on planet Earth.

They have slowly and steadily crept into our animal-loving hearts. Turtles, no matter how big or small, are loved by all and sundry.

Despite being the most lovable animals in nature, certain turtle species also make great pets. They are highly intelligent and sentient beings who can easily learn their names. Here's a list of the top 40 names for turtles that put the "rad" in "radical."

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Cute And Funny Turtle Names For Girls

Turtles can easily identify their own names.

Turtles make the sweetest pets. Here's a list of female turtle names.

1. Annabel (English origin) meaning "grace"; from 'Annabel and Turtle.'

2. Bertie (German origin) meaning "bright,"; a famous race turtle.

3. Colby (Norse origin) meaning "swarthy place."

4. Ella (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful,"; a turtle from 'Sammy.'

5. Lily (Hebrew origin) meaning "pure,"; a famous sea turtle.

6. Luna (Latin origin) meaning "moon." A great name for a girl turtle.

7. Myrtle (English origin) meaning "evergreen shrub"; rhymes with "turtle."

8. Shelby (English origin) meaning "from the town in the hollow"; a good name.

9. Shelly (English origin), meaning  "meadow's edge."

10. Starla (American origin) meaning "star."

11. Yertle (Fictional origin) meaning unknown; from 'Yertle, the turtle.'

Rad Turtle Names For Boys

Cute and best turtle names make the pet more lovable.

Here's a rad list of male names of turtles to make the owners swoon.

12. Blastoise (Fictional origin), meaning "water blasting tortoise"; from 'Pokemon.'

13. Donatello (Italian origin) meaning "gift"; from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'

14. Leonardo (Italian origin) meaning "strong as a lion"; from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'

15. Michelangelo (Italian origin) meaning "Michael, God's messenger"; from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'

16. Nemo (Greek origin) meaning "from the valley"; from 'Finding Nemo.'

17. Ninja (Japanese origin) meaning "persevere"; from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'

18. Raphael (Hebrew origin) meaning "he has healed"; from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'

19. Sammy (Hebrew origin) meaning "God heard"; from 'Sammy.'

20. Sheldon (English origin) meaning "town in the valley"; cute name for a male turtle.

21. Slider (English origin) meaning "one who slides"; great name for a red-eared slider.

22. Sluggy (English origin) meaning "slow"; one of the fitting names of pet turtles.

23. Squirtle (Fictional origin) meaning "water squirting Turtle"; from 'Pokemon.'

24. Wartortle (Fictional origin) meaning "war turtle"; from 'Pokemon.'

Quirky Gender-Neutral Turtle Names

A turtle name should sound as unique and cute as the beings themselves.

Here's a list of funny names for your turtle, which are gender-neutral.

25. Crush (English origin) meaning "to smash"; from 'Finding Nemo.'

26. Flip (Dutch origin) meaning "turn upside down."

27. Flippers (English origin) meaning "a broad, flat limb used to swim."

28. Gator (American origin) meaning "alligator."

29. Molasses (Portuguese origin) meaning "uncrystallized sugar syrup."

30. Monster (English origin) meaning "terrifying creature."

31. Puddles (English origin) meaning "small pool of water."

32. Quickie (English origin) meaning "fast."

33. Slick (English origin) meaning "smooth and glossy."

34. Slimer (English origin) meaning "slime producing."

35. Snapper (English origin) meaning "one who snaps"; a good name for a snapping turtle.

36. Speedy (English Origin), meaning "fast-paced."

37. Squiggles (English Origin) meaning "to wiggle."

38. Squirt (English Origin) meaning "spurt of liquid"; from "Finding Nemo'.

39. Star (English Origin), meaning "luminous cosmic object."

40. Waddles (English Origin), meaning "a clumsy gait."

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