Rev It Up With 13 Toy Car Activities

Car playing.

If you've got little car lovers in your family, you may have just run out of new ideas when it comes to what to do with toy cars.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you've probably never even thought of. From building your own tape race track to drawing with cars,  we've rounded up our top 13 toy car activities that you and your little ones can do at home - check them out!

Ramp It Up

Don't have your own hot wheels ramp at home? Not to worry - here's how you can make your very own!

All you'll need for this craft are a few empty kitchen rolls and some sellotape. Tape the end of one roll to another, and repeat until your ramp has reached its desired length. You can then tape this down to the edge of a table leading to the floor to create a slope - and let the kids begin whizzing their cars through it!

Build Your Own Race Track

Building your very own race track can be so much fun, especially when you realise just how little equipment you actually need to do it.

For this race track, we're going to be using tape! Choose any colour of tape, and get creative designing your very own track with the kids around the floor of your house (this can be easily removed and wiped clean of sticky residue). Whether you go for a windy track or one with straight edges - there are so many additions you can make for that extra bit of fun, such as lining the track with toy houses, people, animals, and so on. It may take some time, but your kids will adore this masterpiece when it's done.

Ice Block Rescue

Perfect for the incoming summer weather, this toy car ice block rescue challenge is not only super fun but will keep your kids occupied for a good while!

Start by filling an empty ice cream container or plastic tub with water, and drop in several toy cars. Then, leave this in the freezer overnight or until totally frozen. When your kids are ready to play, either take it out to the garden or put down some newspaper to soak up any excess water, pop the ice block out of its container, and give your little ones some utensils to try and break the ice to rescue their toys.

Draw With Cars

A great way to get creative whilst having fun and doing a little bit of art and crafts - your kids will love this idea.

All you'll need are some toy cars, some tape, some white paper, and some felt tip pens. Begin by taping a pen to the back of each car with the tip facing down. When the pens are securely fastened, place the toy car on the paper and let your kids go wild zooming their toys around the page and creating colourful drawings while they're at it!

Car Bowling

Since you can't exactly go to a bowling alley right now, what better way to have some fun at home than to bowl with the kids' cars?

Using some empty toilet rolls (that you can decorate at your will), you'll want to line these up in the bowling formation about a metre or so away from where you and the kids are positioned. In turn, allow each kid to roll a toy car across the floor, attempting to knock over as many 'pins' as they can each time!

Ready, Set, Go!

A classic racing game with a bit of a spin, your kids will love competing with their toy cars in this great activity.

Instead of racing their cars with their hands, why not switch things up a little bit and introduce a race where your kids can only use body parts such as their elbows, feet, or noses, to race against one another? Set up a beginning and end post, and enjoy the hilarious activity as it ensues.

Build Your Own Car Garage

Looking for somewhere to store your cars? Kids will have so much fun getting creative with this art and crafts activity.

Using leftover pieces of cardboard (such as old cereal boxes), tape, scissors, and paint - you and the kids will be able to fashion your very own mini car garages! You could design matching coloured ones for each car, or even a multi-car garage if you're feeling super creative.

Car Wash

Water play and car play combined into one? Your mini car lovers will love this unique and exciting way to use their toys.

Using just soapy water, and either old toothbrushes or small sponges - your kids will be able to give their toys a right old clean!

Sensory Tray Drive Through

As simple as it sounds, this sensory activity will be so much fun for your kids  - and is sure to keep them occupied for a while.

With simple household items such as rice, sand, beads, or dried beans - driving through this with their toys will have them smiling!

Spell with Cars

An excellent way to get your kids engaged with their spellings whilst they're having all the fun in the world, this toy car activity is definitely a winner.

All you need to do is tape a letter to the top of each car, for example, the letters of their name. You can spend time putting these in order and sounding out the letters to help your 'mini-mes learn their spellings!

DIY Car Makeover

Bored of your old toy cars? It's time to let your kids get creative and make their cars over - an activity they'll be sure to love!

Using washable paints in case any regrets ensue, a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon is to let your kids give their cars a colourful makeover. There are so many different patterns and designs they can do, they'll be lost for choice!

Create a Car-Themed Board Game

An exciting activity that will provide the whole family with hours of entertainment - why not give making your own board game a go?

Using toy cars as the board pieces, and centring the theme of the game around cars, take a look at how you can make your very own game from scratch here.

Tin Foil Demolition

If your kids have any monster trucks laying around, they will absolutely adore this demolition rally - so much fun and super easy to make!

Begin by fashioning cars to demolish using tinfoil and moulding this around mini cars. When you've got a rough shape, line these up - and let your mini monsters go wild driving their trucks over the top and crushing the foil!



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