Starstruck: Transform Your Child Into A Music Star For A Day

Your kids will love being transformed into the pop star of their dreams for the day.

For those of you with little pop stars in the making who love nothing more than to sing and dance all day, why not channel their love into a fun day filled with activities that will be sure to keep them entertained. We've compiled a list of brilliant ways that you can transform your child into a pop star for a day!

There are great ideas for DIY activities, lots of opportunities to play dress up in different costumes, and you can use things you probably already have at home making it easy, fun and free. Playing pop star for a day is also a great alternative way to have a birthday party that your kids will never forget.

Everything You Need To DIY The Perfect Pop Star Stage


No good tour or performance is complete without the perfect poster. Grab some card, some markers or colouring pencils for the kids and let them go to town designing the poster that they want to use to promote their day as pop star. Feel free to give them ideas, but mostly they should be able to get as creative as they want in the designing process. They are the star, after all.

Make The Perfect Backdrop

This might be a job for the adults but little hands can get involved, too. You can't have a performance without a beautiful back-drop to enhance all the cool dance moves that will be happening on the stage. All you need is an old bed sheet that you probably won't need to use again. Then, cover it in glitter or any confetti that you have. But anything sparkly or pretty will work just as well. If your bed sheet is already pretty snazzy, just use that. Then all you need to do is find somewhere to hang it up and ta-da! you've got the perfect backdrop.

DIY A Microphone

A pop star can't do their job properly if they don't have a microphone to sing into. Make your kids their very own microphone while they decorate the tour posters, or you can get them involved by asking them to hunt down the materials you'll need. They could even help in some of the easier parts of the process, but really this is a simple DIY that won't take much skill.

Things you'll need: A toilet roll/kitchen roll tube, foam eggs/tissue/foil or anything that can be shaped into a ball to act as the top of the microphone, silver glitter, black spray paint/normal paint/markers, and some glue (preferably hot glue but any strong glue will work fine).

How-To: Firstly, colour in or paint the tubes that you have collected for the base of your microphone. Secondly, apply glue to the ball shape that you've made to act as the top of the microphone and add the silver glitter. Once they're both dry, glue the ball to the base, let dry again and enjoy!

close-up shot of microphone with colourful soft-focus background

Fun Activities And Tasks

Choose A Theme

Every good pop star needs a genre or theme to the music they make and perform. Choose anything from rock, pop, country and whatever their little heart desires and let that influence the costume choices, decorations, songs and choreography. Letting them choose the theme and genre of their pop star day will ensure they have even more fun and lets them contribute their own ideas into how they want to spend the day.

Pick The Songs

Once the genre and theme is chosen, put together a list of songs that are appropriate for your kids and let them choose the one or two that they want to perform for everyone. This is one of the best ways to make sure that your little ones aren't singing anything with bad language but that it's still a song they love and enjoy. Once again, it also gives them a little more freedom in how their day as the greatest pop star in the world goes.


With the theme and songs all chosen, it's time for the fun part. The costume! Really anything will work for this but if you have any fancy dress that matches the chosen theme that'd be great. But otherwise, just ask your kids to find their most extravagant dress, or the top that they love the most. Any fun clothing that they wouldn't normally wear casually, or any outfits that you wouldn't usually match together - let them go to town and have complete free rein over their wardrobe. They'll have the best time, and it's the little things like this that will make the day extra special. And don't forget to accessorise. One isn't enough, either. Go to town and add anything sparkly, cute or colourful to make the pop star costume even more perfect.

girl wearing star-shaped sunglasses showered with gold star confetti

Great Ideas To Get The Whole Family Involved


If you've got older kids who want to get involved with the planning of the day, why not enlist them as a choreographer? This is an easy way to keep the pop star entertained while the bigger projects like making the backdrop and getting the stage ready are going on. Plus, it'll be a great way to get in some exercise for the kids and they'll also get to throw in their own ideas for what the choreography should look like. No pop star is complete without at least one dance routine, no matter how simple it is. Your older kids can DIY the choreography and make it all up themselves, or for extra ideas they can find a routine online that is easy for the star to follow.

Tour Rider/Assistant

Another idea to get the older kids involved - and let your little star feel even more like a diva - is to get them to write the equivalent of a tour rider. This might be best as an extra treat if you're using the pop star day as a way to celebrate your kid's birthday, but it's still entertaining to see what they come up with. From a bowl of red jelly beans only, to their older sibling being their assistant for the day, make sure they get what they ask for and are as spoiled as they can possibly be. As long as they don't get ideas to ask for anything too out of the box like a pet tiger or an entire bedroom makeover, the requests should be easy enough to fulfil. Besides, if there is anything your kids really want to see, it's their older siblings having to go along with whatever ideas they come up with.


The show can't go on without an audience, right? If your family and friends can't come over, get them on a FaceTime or Skype call to act as the audience for your pop star's performance. Nothing will make the kids happier than when they see some familiar faces turning up to watch them go all out with their choreography and killer vocals. And it'll be a moment they never forget. This is also a great idea for if you're celebrating a birthday, that way the family still get to celebrate with you and see the people they love. Watch as your kids show off their costume, their fancy dress, DIY microphone, DIY backdrop as well as the DIY tour poster and reap the benefits of all the effort you've put into making this day a perfect memory for your little ones.

child talking to family on video call

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