Trick Or Treat? 9 Spooky Things To Do With Kids For Halloween 2019

Things to do with kids for Halloween

What’s a ghoul’s favourite game on Halloween? Hide-and-ghost-seek!

With Halloween creeping round the corner it's time to get our game masks on and get ready for the spooky season! Whether you've got terror-loving teens in your family or youngsters who prefer a little less spook, we've got something for everyone! And we promise they aren't as bad as that joke - check them out down below if you dare...

1. Don your spookiest costume and head to Peppa Pig’s Pumpkin Party

Daddy Pig is throwing a special Halloween party and you're all invited! With tickets from just £10, join Peppa, George and all their friends this October in a crafty interactive retelling of this brilliantly spooky Peppa Pig story. Perfect for under 5s, through spoken storytelling, arts and crafts and a whole lot of imagination, The Happy Crafters Club allows children to experience their favourite stories from a totally new perspective. With colouring tables, crafts, toys and books galore, there's so much to keep your little ones entertained (and spooked!).

2. Grab 24% off Spooky Cats at the London Museum of Water and... Scream

There's loads going on at the London Museum of Water & Steam this Halloween, and with 24% off admission tickets, making them just £4.95, you'll have the most spooktacular time! According to legend, once upon a time 8 mysterious cats lived at the London Museum of Water & Steam, and this half term their story is being brought to life. The best part? Kids in costume can get in for free! Join the Splash Cat trail and find all the museum's hidden cats, listen to a cat story every weekday morning, enjoy cat-themed arts and crafts and loads more.

3. Enjoy meals on wheels with the B Bakery Halloween Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

The B Bakery bus is the ultimate way to celebrate the ghostly holiday with your children! On this eerie hour and a half tour, driving through the streets of London, you'll witness The London Eye, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park and so many more! Enjoy a range of sinister, seasonal treats including pumpkin tartlets, mini cupcakes, sweet pastries and of course freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream! It’s perfect for families who have a sweet tooth and want a completely unique experience to celebrate the spooky season!

B Bakery halloween afternoon tea for kids in london

4. Get more treat than trick this Halloween at Drayton Manor

Calling all ghost busters, spooky story lovers and frightfully brave families! With tickets from the scarily low price of £8, head to Drayton Manor this Halloween for something a whole lot more fangtastic than trick or treating your neighbourhood. There’s something for everyone at this fantastic family-friendly theme park, from hair-raising roller coasters for the mini Evel Knievels in the family; to a brilliant 15-acre zoo for animal-mad tots; a super toddler-friendly Thomas Land, and lots more in between!

5. Venture into the enchanted woods with Sally’s Adventure Club

Come and join this enchanting, immersive experience with Sally as she takes you through the pages of a Julia Donaldson favourite - Room on The Broom - this spooky season. She'll wave her magic wand and immerse you and your children in the story of a witch and her friendly black cat. With tickets from just £8, go on the hunt for minibeasts and enjoy storytelling and sing-alongs in the great outdoors - just keep an eye out for anything suspicious!

6. Get set for an eerie night of entertainment at the Regent’s Street Cinema

With Halloween on the horizon, gather your mini ghosts and ghouls and come on down to the Regent Street Cinema for an eerie night of entertainment with the Kids’ Kino Club for just £3! Join the Pumpkin King of HalloweenTown, Jack Skellington, on his misadventures as he stumbles on Christmas Town in everyone’s favourite dark fantasy - The Nightmare Before Christmas.

halloween movies for kids

7. Don your ghoulish garb and boo-gie on down with Raver Tots

Have your glow sticks at the ready and prepare to make some serious noise: Raver Tots is heading to the legendary Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen for one big, fluorescent Halloween party with a spooky difference. With its giant dance floor, festival-sized confetti showers, bubble blasters and face painting, this fangtastic Halloween rave will leave you asking for more. Fancy dress is welcome too, so get involved in the skele-fun and don your most ghoulish garb!

8. Explore the Haunted Hampton Court Palace

This Halloween, head to Hampton Court Palace for a haunted jaunt around Henry VIII's old stomping grounds. Embrace everything spooky and explore the famous Haunted Gallery, where, legend has it, the ghost of Catherine Howard (that's wife no. 5, if you're wondering) can sometimes be seen running away from guards, screaming as she travels down the corridor. Time travel back to the days of royal feasting and jesters, explore Hampton Court's kitchens and venture into the 300-year-old maze, if you dare.

9. Get crafty with a Room on The Broom special with the Happy Crafters Club

Follow the story of a friendly witch and her animal friends as they take to the skies on a broom and face a scary dragon in this crafty Halloween special! This classic children's picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a family favourite, and this Halloween you can join the witch and her cat as they embark on an epic mission to defeat the dragon. Plus, at the Happy Crafters Club you'll feel like you've stepped into the story itself as you explore the characters and the plot through fun arty activities!

halloween arts and crafts for kids


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