50+ Trident Names From Mythology, Fiction & The Sea

Trident of the seas are used to control the water, thus allowing the wielder to protect his underwater realm.

A trident has been known by many names, including spear, pitchfork and trishula, but did you know that this weapon has mystical powers allowing it to control water and weather.

A trident is a large three pronged spear, used by Gods and demi Gods to control water and protect underwater realms.

Many military organizations, political parties, and countries have used the trident as the symbol for their flags, coat of arms, and such. Throughout many mythological and fictional stories, the trident has become closely associated with Kingship and ultimate power.

Important tridents need names. That is where we come in, this article lists over 50 trident name ideas to use in your own stories! For more mystical names check out these famous and historical sword names and famous wizard names.

Real Trident Names From Mythology

The Aquaman staff had the power to control waves and lighting.

If you are looking for inspiration for a cool trident name from mythology, then you are in for a treat. Here are the names of tridents possessed by fierce demi-gods through  history.

1. Bernadette, was the name of Aquaman's trident.

2. Golden Trident, was wielded by Poseidon.

3. Golden Pitchfork, was wielded by Triton.

4. Oceanus' Trident, was wielded by Oceanus.

5. Trident of Pinax, was wielded by Amphitrite.

6. Trident of Neptune, was wielded by Neptune.

7. Trident of Nereus, was wielded by Nereus.

8. Trident of the Sealord, was the Atlas trident names.

9. Trisula, was wielded by Lord Shiva.

10. Sacred Trident, was the name of the trident of Atlantis.

Trident Name Ideas

Strong trident names are easy to come by.

Here are some made up names for your new trident spear. All these names are suitable for three pronged spears, a four pronged trident, or even a five-pronged trident (also known as a quindent). Check out these cool names for your trident fork.

11. Blazeguard, for a pitchfork that can control the storm.

12. Endbringer, for a pitchfork that can wreak havoc.

13. Ghostwalker, for a pitchfork that controls ghosts.

14. Good Point, a punny name for a trident.

15. Impure Lance, a perfect name for a powerful pitchfork.

16. Infinity, for a pitchfork that can control time.

17. Laser, for a modern trident.

18. Legacy, for a popular and famous pitchfork.

19. Light's Bane, for a pitchfork that can control the storm.

20. Orbit, for a pitchfork that can control gravity.

21. Pointless, a punny name for a weak pitchfork.

Minecraft Trident Names

Here is a list of names for your weapon from the online game 'Minecraft'. Check out these cool names for your three pronged trident, which is your favorite?

22. Lazarbeam, for a pitchfork that can control lighting.

23. Lightning McBeam, for a pitchfork that shoot lights.

24. Poseidon's Wrath, a clever reference to Poseidon and his famous temper.

25. Mister Fork, a basic, yet still funny, pitchfork name.

26. Threek, for a three pronged pitchfork.

27. Thrork, a name inspired by Thor.

28. Throw-dent, a trident perfect for catching fish.

Funny Trident Names

Wouldn't it be fun to name your spear oen of these funny and cool trident names? Check out these names that are trident synonyms and punny trident names for your weapon.

29. Boomer Stick, for a pitchfork that looks more like a broom.

30. Connect Fork, for a pitchfork that can channel power.

31. Emperor Of The Deep, for a pitchfork ideal for a Sea God.

32. Fjörk, for a Norse pitchfork.

33. Fly Fork, for a pitchfork that can fly.

34. Flying Broom Of Doom, for a pitchfork with sonic speed.

35. Guardian Trident, for a trident that controls the weather.

36. Long Fork, a simple name for a long pitchfork.

37. Neptune's Salad Fork, ideal for a pitchfork to eat with.

38. Obliterator, for a pitchfork that can obliterate everything.

39. Prince's Trident, for a royal pitchfork.

40. Poseidon's Accomplice, an ideal name for a pitchfork belonging to Poseidon.

41. Splish Splash, for a pitchfork that can control water.

42. Stormbreaker, for a pitchfork that can control thunder.

43. The Fabulous Flying Fork, for a flying pitchfork.

44. The Mighty Impaler, for a pitchfork that can be lethal.

45. Yellow Fork, a funny 'Minecraft' name for your trident.

Trident Names Inspired By The Sea

You don't need to be a Sea God to hold a Poseidon fork and if trident history is any indication any character, anywhere, can hold this weapon.

46. Barents Trident, for a pitchfork that controls the marginal sea.

47. Caspian Fork, a pitchfork for the world's largest inland body of water.

48. Irish Trident, an Irish pitchfork.

49. Trident of Bering, for a shallower water sea.

50. Trident of Celtic, a pitchfork to control a rough sea.

51. Trident of Chukchi, for a really deep sea.

52. Trident of Java, for an extensive shallow sea.

53. Trident of Sargasso, for a deep blue color sea.

54. Trident of Azov, for a vast rough sea.

55. Trident of Timor, for an uninhabited sea.

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