100 Trio Names For People And Pets

Friendship is a special thing and should be cherished.

Nowadays we all belong to one active group or the other, and it gets so hard to keep up sometimes.

The digital space has become the centre for doing lots of things. It is easy to stay in touch with all your friends and family by just simply creating groups for each.

You need to have a name in mind when creating your group chats for your friends and family. It helps you to stay organised and prevents you from sending the wrong messages to the wrong groups. It is always fun to give your group of friends a name! You can choose one that suits your personalities, or your relationship and they can be fun, silly, mature or just plain cute! Think up creative names of groups by keeping it light and simple, using our curated lists for inspiration.

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Famous Trios

Give your group a famous name based on your common interests

You can have best friends nicknames based on famous trios from your favourite shows, books, or movies. If you guys in your group of three love a particular famous trio, then you can go with that name. You can also create fun group names like the Three Musketeers or Iconic trios. The list has some lovely names for groups of girls and some general funny group names for anyone. Check this list for the best cool names for groups of friends.

1. 3 Ninjas, a name that is gotten from a child’s movie.

2. Alvin And The Chipmunks, from the show 'Alvin and The Chipmunks'.

3. Arguments and Memes

4. Beauty in Grace

5. Cartoon Sale

6. Charlie’s Angels, the famous group of awesome females.

7. Clever Cats

8. Destiny’s Child, from the famous musical group.

9. Fab Three

10. Harry, Ron, And Hermione, the famous three from the 'Harry Potter' series.

11. Huey, Dewey, And Louie

12. Lions

13. Mermaid To Be Three

14. Mint To Be Three, yes you three are meant to be together.

15. My Best-Teas Of Three, for your best friends of three.

16. My Lucky Charms, for friends that are your lucky charms.

17. My Main Chicks

18. My Main Witches

19. My Really Gouda Friends

20. One, Two, Three, a typical name for three.

21. Peanut, Butter And Jelly, based on your favourite spreads.

22. People I love, why not just name them because you definitely love them?

23. Pen Pals

24. Pilot Mission

25. Ride Or Dies, your ride or die buddies from the start.

26. Rule Of Threes

27. Sister Sisters, because they are like your sisters, also based on the series 'Sister Sister'.

28. Stop And Spill The Tea

29. Takes Three To Spill The Tea, it always takes the three of you to do everything together.

30. Terrific Trio

31. The Bold Type, for your group of bold friends.

32. The Powerpuff Girls, a famous children’s cartoon.

33. The Three Bears

34. The Three Meme Team, for your meme loving group.

35. The Three Musketeers, for the pack of three that never go anywhere without each other.

36. The Three Stooges, given to the trio in the movie itself.

37. Three Amigos, a group of popular male actors.

38. Three's Company, the company is always better with you three.

39. Three Little Witches

40. Three-rrific Friends

41. Three Strikes You're Out

42. Trio Chat's Poppin'

43. Wired

Funny Trio Names

Are you looking for a funny name for a group you belong to? This is the right list to check for a funny group name for your friends o family. You will also find funny group names for girls on this list. Some names are even inspired by pop culture. Your group name for girls or boys can be unique to the things you love the most. Let's find out some funny groups names for trios below.

44. Acute Triangle, for friends that are always connected.

45. Bae-Goals

46. Backstreet Girls

47. Birds Of A Feather, a name for a group of mischievous friends.

48. BLT

49. Can't Sit With Us, from the movie 'Mean Girls'.

50. D3: The Mighty Ducks

51. Donut Know What I'd Do Without

52. Dream Three, you guys dream big.

53. My Best Buds, for your best buds.

54. My Sea-sters, for friends who are like sisters.

55. My Support Bras

56. Peachy Queens

57. The Golden Girls, your golden friends.

58. The Golden Trio

59. The Triple Pack

60. Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have from Zach Galifianakis 'Three Best Friends'.

61. Three Best Friends Forever

62. Three Little Pigs

63. Three’s Not A Crowd, three friends are just right.

64. Three Of A Kind, why one when you can have three special people.

65. Three Peas In A Pod, not two but three peas.

66. Three Queens, for a group of queens.

67. Triple Threat, the three of you pack a lot of heat.

68. We Run The World, from Beyoncé's 'Run the World (Girls)'

69. Sam, Neal, and Bill, from the movie ‘Freeks and Geeks’.

70. Sun, Star, Moon, the celestial bodies.

71. Squad Goals, your squad are goals.

Trio For Pets

Three pets bring three times the fun and joy.

If you have pet trios, you will need a name that complements all three of them. Searching for pet names for trios is now easy because you have it all in one list. The list has trio names for pets that will suit each one of them. Check this list for inspiring names for trios for your pets.

72. April, May and June, unique names based on the months of the calendar.

73. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato, for sandwich loving pets.

74. Buster, Buddy and Boo

75. Cory, Shawn, and Topanga, from ‘Boy Meets World’.

76. Deej, Shodu, Wicket, names of Ewoks from 'Star Wars'.

77. Dumbo, Jumbo and Gumbo, for clumsy pets.

78. Edd, Ed and Eddy

79. Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane, from ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’.

80. Fred, Wilma and Pebbles

81. Fudge, Ginger and Cocoa

82. Harpo, Groucho and Chico

83. Jack, Queen, King, from the deck of cards.

84. Joey, Chandler and Ross

85. Judy, Violet, and Doralee, from ‘9 to 5’.

86. Larry, Curly, Mo

87. Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, cartoon characters from 'Mickey Mouse Club House'.

88. Moe, Curly and Larry

89. Nat, King and Cole

90. Paper, Rock and Scissors, after the popular game.

91. Pickle, Pepper and Paprika, for a foodie household with greedy little pets.

92. Prancer, Dancer and Rudolph

93. Rachel, Phoebe and Monica

94. Salt, Sugar and Spice

95. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, hyenas from the lion king.

96. Snap, Crackle and Pop

97. The Sanderson Sisters, from ‘Hocus Pocus’.

98. Whiskey, Sherry and Brandy

99. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, names of god's gotten from Greek mythology.

100. Zippy, George and Bungle

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