40 Triton Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Triton refers to Greek mythology and the water Gods.

Triton is the name of a figure from Greek Mythology, Tritonis the Son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.

Triton is depicted as a merman with a human upper body and fish-like tail, as he lives with his parents under the sea. He was often referred to as the messenger of the sea.

In the Roman Era, the name Triton began to be used more commonly to describe any merman bearing a trident. These aquatic creatures were depicted as having webbed hands and feet with colorful hair and blue skin. Tritons dwell in the deep sea and act as protectors of the sea. Triton names are usually melodic. Female tritons names mostly end in 'yn', and for males a common ending is 'ys'. Furthermore, Tritons tend to have surnames ending with 'ath', and these are more complex than their given names. Whether you are looking for good Triton names for male and female characters in a book, story, film, or perhaps a role playing game such as 'Dungeons And Dragons', this list has plenty of Triton name ideas for you.

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Cool Triton Names For Girls

MostTriton girl characters have a first name ending with 'yn'. Here are a few common options.

1.Adredyn (Old English origin) meaning "someone to be afraid of".

2.Dathamyn, is one of the rarest Triton names with a nice ring to it.

3.Elyn (Greek origin) meaning "shining, beautiful, and sun like".

4.Ethyn (Hebrew origin) meaning "long lasting and solid".

5.Flemlyn (Jewish origin) this name enhances the power of your female Triton character.

6.Mothyn (Old English) meaning "maggot".

7.Wislyn (Derived from Wisal) meaning "communion or love".

Cool Triton Names For Boys

Triton boys' names are classy and modern, and many people have been inspired by these fictional names as each depicts a personality trait.

8.Jhannas (Filipino origin) meaning "God's gift" or "the loved one".

9.Khehles (African origin) meaning "kindness" or "respectfulness".

10.Murus (Latin origin) on of the best male names meaning "the wall".

11.Razas (Arabic origin) meaning "filled with hope".

12.Veles (Slavic origin) meaning "Gods of earth, water and underground".

13.Vimis (Sanskrit origin) meaning "wonder".

14.Zavas (Turkish origin) meaning "battle".

Cool Gender Neutral Triton Names

Here are some of the most common unisex Triton first names to inspire you.

15.Ceres (Greek origin) meaning "the Roman God of Agriculture".

16.Kalnas (Lithuanian origin) meaning "the one who has extreme in spirituality, health, and fortune".

17.Mavas (French origin) meaning "songbird".

18.Mehles (German origin) meaning "vigor or bravery".

19.Nemres (Derived from Nemre) meaning "enthusiastic, admirer, or independent".

20.Ziddis (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the one who goes beyond the bounds of their origin".

Unique Triton Names For Girls

Unique Triton names are water-inspired and interesting which means they definitely stand out from the crowd.

The protectors of the sea, female Tritons are no less brave and powerful than their male counterparts.

21.Anthyn (Greek mythology origin) meaning "priceless one". It's a female variant for Anthony.

22.Bestedyn (Germanic origin) one of the best female names meaning "the one who is best at everything".

23.Dhodryn, a melodic name for female Triton characters.

24.Emlehyn (Welsh origin) meaning "to strive, excel, or rival".

25.Loglyn (Scottish origin) meaning "lake land".

26.Megrahyn (Greek origin) meaning "grudge".

27.Nadden, this is a rare Triton first name but it is popular surname.

Unique Triton Names For Boys

If you are looking for unique names for your fictional Triton character, here are some ideas.

28.Corzos (Glacian and Spanish origin) meaning "timid".

29.Dhoros (Greek origin) meaning "fierce". A  two syllable male name, it is pronounced Dor-ohs.

30.Dizis, is a cute name for males in Triton culture, perfect for a happy-go-lucky character.

31.Kerves (Anglo-Norman French origin) meaning "to cut out or carve".

32.Molzos (Male Triton name) meaning "born of water".

33.Nalzas (Nalza origin) meaning "extraordinary, creativity, forgiveness".

34.Zennes, this male triton name means "the strength of Jupiter".

Unique Gender Neutral Triton Names

Gender neutral names for Tritons can be unique and rare in order to portray the character traits of the beholder. Here are some ideas.

35.Caglas (Turkish origin) meaning "the way the river flows in the water".

36.Dalmas, a popular name for characters meaning "strong determination, imaginative power, and enhanced memory".

37.Johnos (English origin) a unique name for those looking at naming Triton characters.

38.Kilis (Hawaiian origin) derived from the word Kili, meaning "chief".

39.Nurnus (Armenian origin) a rare Triton name that has a melodic rhythm to it. It is a toponymic name.

40.Vahnas (Sanskrit origin) derived from Vahana, is a Triton name meaning "the deity's mount".

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