20+ Twister Quotes From The Ultimate Tornado Movie

Famous quotes from 'Twister' The Ultimate Tornado Movie.

'Twister' movie was released in the year 1996.

Many movies came up with the genre of tornadoes. However, 'Twister' is considered the ultimate tornado movie in recent times.

More than twenty-four years down the line, it still makes an interesting watch. While many directors tried their hand at this genre, 'Twister' directed by Jan de Bont is appreciated for its cliched execution.  The cinematography, chemistry between lead actors Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, plot, screenplay, and supporting actors added enough substance to make it a watchable movie. In this article, we bring to you a few amazing 'Twister' quotes that still are familiar with many other storm movies. If you’re looking for more classic quotes, take a look at our articles on '80s movie quotes and for quotes about similar topics, storm quotes.

'Twister' is an adventure film focussed on an epic disaster - the fiercest tornado. The screenplay was written by Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin. The movie stars include Bill Paxton playing William (Bill) Harding and Helen Hunt playing Dr. Jo Harding. All the supporting actors including Aunt Greene played by Lois Smith, Dr. Melissa Reeves played by Jami Gertz, Allan Sanders played by Sean Whalen, gave fantastic support to the lead actors of 'Twister' - Bill and Jo.

'Twister'starts with an F5 level tornado that leaves a family devastated. A little girl, Jo, watches her father succumb to the tornado that hits Oklahoma and destroys it. As Jo grows up, she is determined to find a solution to measure the intensity of tornadoes. She along with her husband Bill Harding builds a sensory device that can study what actually happens inside a tornado. First few minutes into the movie 'Twister', Jo Harding is seen fixing her machines. When Dr. Jo Harding says "She's here" the audience presume 'she' is the daughter of Bill and Jo. But surprisingly 'she' is a weather device - Dorothy, that Bill Harding had designed with his years of experience following the tornadoes. In 'Twister' movie, Dorothy carries sensors, which when sucked up into the tornado can give data to the scientists to predict future tornadoes. The entire movie revolves around the lead pair, trying to get their invention into the tornado and test it. Do they really achieve the feat? Are they heading for divorce? What happens to Dorothy? Will they become successful with their invention? All these questions keep the audience hooked to the screens as the plot slowly unfolds.  

Here are some of the iconic movie's quotes for you to enjoy.

Amazing Quotes From 'Twister'

The movie begins with a family watching the news on their TV.  The newsreader reads the warning that a tornado is going to hit Oklahoma State.

1. "It's coming straight for us! It's already here! Everybody underground now!"

-Mr. Thornton

Famous 'Twister' Movie Quotes From Introductory Scenes

The Drive in Scene from 'Twister' movie is remarkable.

Bill Paxton 'Twister' quotes from the first 30 minutes into the movie along with some other 'Twister' movie lines are key quotes. Here are some Bill Harding 'Twister' quotes from early on in the movie. As the crew begin to chase their first tornado of the day, we hear the famous 'Twister' Dusty song played in the background too.

2. "If I know Jo, she's already dragged her entire department into the field."

- Bill Harding to Melissa

3. "She forgets everything except her work."

- Bill Harding to Melissa

4. "Yeah, she's, uh...she's really talking."

- Bill Harding to Jo Harding

5. "It's the biggest series of storms in 12 years."

- Jo Harding to Bill Harding

6. "You missed a page."

- Bill Harding to Jo Harding

7. "I don't have a problem being a weatherman."

- Bill Harding

8. "Dorothy? What about her?"

- Bill Harding

9. "Does she work?"

- Bill Harding

10. "These sensors go up the funnel and radio back information about the internal structure,  wind velocities, flow, asymmetries."

- Bill Harding

11. "We can learn more in 30 seconds than they have in the past 30 years, get a profile of a tornado for the first time."

- Bill Harding

12. "If we knew how a tornado really worked, we could design an advance warning system."

- Bill Harding

13. "Give people a chance to get to safety. At least, that's what these guys are trying to do."

- Bill Harding

14. "I can't believe you actually did it."

- Bill Harding

15. "Jonas Miller. He's a nightcrawler."

- Bill Harding.  [Trivia: In the movie 'Twister', Jonas Miller is an antagonist played by Cary Elwes.]

16. "Get this loser off me!"

- Jonas Miller

17. "You want to take credit for my design."

- Jonas Miller

18. "We'll see who gets there first, pal."

- Jonas Miller

19. "It's the suck zone"

- Dustin Davis 'Twister' quote

20. "Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if we're gonna...chase this tornado, or you just want to catch the next one."

- Tim Beltzer Lewis

Twister Quotes From The Iconic Drive-In Scene

21."It's already here."

- Bill Harding from 'Twister' drive-in scene.

Funny Quotes From 'Twister' Food Scene

Food scene in 'Twister' movie is an iconic scene.

Jo Harding and Bill Harding, while chasing the tornadoes end up at Wakita, where Aunt Meg lives. The entire team loves Aunt Meg Greene and visits her home in Wakita. The iconic food scene from the movie 'Twister' adds some good laughs with funny narrations. Here are a few funny quotes from this scene.

22. "Tasty cow, Aunt Meg."

- Dusty Davis

23. "Jo, things go wrong. You can't explain it. You can't predict it. Killing yourself won't bring your dad back. I'm sorry he died, but it was a long time ago. You got to move on."

- Bill Harding

24. Aunt Meg Greene: "He didn't keep his part of the bargain."

     Jo: "Which part?"

    Aunt Meg Greene: "To spend his life pining for you and die miserable and alone."

    Jo: "Is that so much to ask?"

25. "I got to go, Julia. We got cows."

- Dr. Melissa Reeves

26. "So, Jo's yelling at him to get out of the way, right? He just...He strolls up to the twister, and he says, 'Have a drink.' And he chucks the bottle into the twister, and it never hits the ground. Twister caught it and sucked it right up."

-Dusty Davis

Storm Quotes From 'Twister' Movie

In the 'Twister' movie scene in the fields, cows are seen flying due to a severe tornado. This is yet another remarkable picturization in the movie. Here is a conversation snippet from the 'Twister' cow scene.

27. Jo: "Cow."

      Jo: "Another cow."

     Bill: "Actually, I think that was the same one."

Famous Quote From 'Twister' Finger Of God Scene

This is another powerful quote from a scene featuring Melissa, Bill, Jason and others, discussing tornados the characters have previously witnessed.

28. Melissa: "Is there an F-5? What would that be like?"

      Jason Preacher Rowe: "The finger of God."

The 'Twister' Final Scene Quotes

Wakita falls in the path of the tornado. Everyone from Jo's team is worried about Aunt Meg Greene. Jo and Bill search for her in the partially collapsed home. They find her injured under the debris in the basement. Jo worries about what happened at Wakita, leading to some inspiring moments.

29. Aunt Meg Greene:  "Jo...it's going to happen to somebody else. You...You go stop it."

     Jo: "I don't know how."

    Aunt Meg Greene: "Well, I think you do. You've been...chasing these things since you were a little kid. It's what you do. Go. Do it."

30. Jo: "We did it."

Bill: "Yeah, we did. Dorothy really flew."

Jo: "It was a good idea."

Bill: "Yeah."

In the final scenes where a level 5 tornado arrives, it gives a final opportunity to put Dorothy in the path of the tornado. In the movie 'Twister', the extreme scene is how Bill and Jo succeed in their mission.  

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