Ultimate Anime Trivia Quiz: 30+ Toughest Questions for True Anime Fans

Anime makes us think of our childhoods.

Anime is a Japanese form of animation, known for its vibrant colors, intense character, and hand-drawn drawings.

The stories that feature in most anime have always had a significant difference that makes them stand out from western animation. From action-packed Dragon Ball series to nostalgic to the 90’s kids Pokémon, anime ruled our TV when we were kids.

This name the anime quiz will prove whether you are a real fan. Designed especially for the real fans, these anime trivia game come with a list of anime trivia questions and answers. Let's test you and your fan experience with this anime knowledge quiz. Feel free to gather your loved ones to have a couple of rounds of these anime trivia games! We assure you these are fun anime quizzes for everyone in your family. If you enjoyed our suggestions for Black panther trivia and Avengers trivia then try out our cool anime quizzes ranging from characters like Levi to Naruto!

Anime Trivia Questions Based On Characters

The characters that featured in some of our favorite stories left us with not just a shot of adrenaline and laughs but also some of the most important life lessons. Let’s discover how many of these characters you can recall, play the ultimate anime quiz about Naruto and Sailor Moon.

1.Question: In the anime ‘Claymore’, who was the most powerful of the ‘Awakened Beings’?

Answer: Priscilla.

2.Question: An outcast prince takes over the revolution by controlling the mind of others. Who is he?

Answer: Lelouch Lanperouge.

3.Question: Who sells his soul to a demon in search of protection and revenge against his parents’ death?

Answer: Ciel Phantomihive.

4.Question: Which members of ‘Suzaku 7’ in ‘Fushigi Yugi’ are never killed?

Answer: Tusuki and Chichiri.

5.Question: Which boy became the youngest State Alchemist at the age of twelve?

Answer: Edward Elric

6.Question: Vegeta married a sharp-minded scientist. Who was she?

Answer: Bulma

7.Question: Lover of sweets and mysteries, which genius is a world-famous detective?

Answer: L.

8. Question: As prophesied, Goku transformed into the Super Saiyan form in ‘Dragon Ball Z’. Where did this transformation take place?

Answer: Planet Namek.

9.Question: This pink-haired girl is completely obsessed with her love for Yuki, which she professes in her ‘Yukiteru diary’. Who is she?

Answer: Yuno Gasai.

10.Question: The Shinigami in love with apples. Can you recall his name?

Answer: Ryuk.

11.Question: Who is known as the ‘One Punch Man’?

Answer: Saitama.

Anime Trivia Questions Based On Writers, Voice Actors, And Directors

Now that you have warmed up your engines with pretty easy questions based on characters, we will now make this more fun with hard anime questions based on the creators of these compelling stories. Any otaku knows that anime is truly enjoyed only in the original audio. Can you name the Japanese voice actors who play these famous characters? We applaud you if you can get even one of these right!

Anime is popular globally with people of all ages.

12.Question: Do you know who voiced our metallic Alchemist, Alphonse Elric from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’?

Answer: Rie Kugimiya

13.Question: No true fan liked the ‘Death Note’ 2017 Movie. Though, can you name the director of it?

Answer: Adam Wingard.

14.Question: Name the voice actor behind the catching pika-pika of Pikachu from ‘Pokemon’.

Answer: Ikue Otani.

15.Question: This voice actress has the range from Haruhi in ‘Ouran HighSchool Host Club’ to Ciel of ‘Black Butler’. Can you recognize her?

Answer: Maaya Sakamoto.

16.Question: Who was the creator of the heart-touching movie ‘Spirited Away’ (2001)?

Answer: Hayao Miyazaki.

17.Question: Hayato Date is the director of which mega-hit anime series?

Answer: Naruto.

18.Question: Who wrote and illustrated the manga on which ‘One Piece’ is based?

Answer: Eiichiro Oda.

Anime Trivia Questions Based On Plots And Stories

The strong suit of anime has always been compelling stories that keep you on edge every minute. There are anime that can pump your spirit in minutes, while others can make you bawl like a baby. If you like showing off your Anime knowledge to all your friends, try out these questions consisting of Naruto and Spirited Away plot scenes! Let’s find out how well you remember the little things hidden in the plot and the stories of the most famous anime in the world. Try answering this anime plot quiz.

19.Question: How many characters do Goku kill in the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ series?

Answer: Two, Yakon and Buu.

20.Question: What is the greatest taboo for the alchemists in ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’?

Answer: Human transmutation.

21.Question: The corgi named Einstein appears in this anime. Can you name it?

Answer: Cowboy Bepop.

22.Question: Who was the first character in ‘Dragon Ball Z’ who achieved the Super Saiyan 2?

Answer: Gohan.

23.Question: In the anime ‘Hunter X Hunter’, which family is famous for being assassins?

Answer: Killua’s family.

38.Question: Which thing is used to restore a Z fighter to his full health after being severely wounded?

Answer: Senzu Bean.

25.Question: Ciel Phantomhive has been engaged to marry which character?

Answer: Elizabeth Midford.

26.Question: Name the character in ‘Ouran HighSchool Host Club’ to recognize Haruhi Fujiko as a girl?

Answer: Ritsu Kasanoda.

27.Question: Who was the first member of the First Levi Squad to die in ‘Attack on Titan’?

Answer: Gunther.

28.Question: What is the name of the supernatural ability that Lelouch gains from C.C. that lets him control others?

Answer: Geass.

29.Question: Who was the first-ever anime character to be identified and termed as tsundere, that is, someone who is tough from outside and soft from inside?

Answer: Lum Invader.

30.Question: In ‘One Piece’, one of the priests in the Skypiea era is Ohm. What is his dog’s name?

Answer: Holy.

31.Question: Who was the zombie, Ryuuma, in ‘One Piece’, who possessed Brooke’s shadow in the Thriller Bark Arc?

Answer: A Samurai.

32.Question: Whose Zanpakuto is Wabisuke in ‘Bleach’ and had a crush on Hinamori Momo?

Answer: Kira Izuru.

33.Question: What is the name of the first Shinigami that Ichigo met in ‘Bleach’?

Answer: His dad.

34.Question: Ghouls cannot eat human food as it tastes bad to them and makes them sick. There is an exception to this. Which human food they can consume without any reactions?

Answer: Coffee.

35.Question: Kaneki was tortured for ten days. Even his hair turned white from black, and his fingers and toes were cut off. Who did this to him?

Answer: Yamori.

36.Question: In ‘Clannad’, when Sanae first met Okazaki, which kind of bread does she offer to him?

Answer: Sweet Bean Bread.

37.Question: Which is the first song used as an opening for ‘Naruto’?

Answer: ‘Rocks’ by Hound Dog.

Here at Kidadl, we have accumulated questions for lots of exciting and family-friendly trivia that everyone can enjoy! If you liked the popular anime quizzes and suggestions for anime trivia questions and answers for hardcore fans, then check out our Simpsons trivia and Cartoon trivia.



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