5 Reasons To Head To The Chickenshed Theatre London

The Chickenshed Theatre putting on a show

Looking for a fun, educative and inspired day out with the kids? Trust in Kidadl’s top tip for the summer holidays and book your seats for an inclusive show at the Chickenshed, London.

The Chickenshed in London has been going strong for 45 years and continues to thrive on its vision to create a space where everyone is welcome to express their artistic talents and tell their stories through mesmerising theatrical shows. With a growing network of “sheds” across the UK and two in Russia, Chickenshed continues to prove that their mission to change lives through theatre has been successful.

Surprise the kids with a theatrical night to remember by visiting one of the many beautiful performances hosted by  Chickenshed. Here are five reasons why your family will be super grateful for this immersive theatre experience!

Performances for Every Taste

Offering more than 250 performances a year,  there will be something to suit every member of the clan. Whether you’re looking for kids' theatre shows or something more urban and upbeat for your super-cool teens, you’ll find the right thing for every taste in one of London’s greatest theatre venues.

Chickenshed Live Performances

Exciting Workshops for All Ages

Keep the children entertained during weekends and school holidays by signing them up to a fun, educational and creative workshop. Whether you’re the parent of a budding actor or just looking for some new pals in the area, the Chickenshed offers a variety of workshops throughout the year.

The best part? While you’re kids are off exploring their own creativity, you can do the same by signing up to the adult workshops, which are on offer, too.

Support a Great Cause

By attending Chickenshed theatre performances or workshops, you are supporting a fantastic cause – an organisation that is focused on developing the creative energy of more than 800 young people through their children’s and youth theatres. On top of that, you will be contributing to the initiatives’ continuous community outreach projects and Further and Higher Educational programmes.

“A beautiful organisation that is focused on developing the creative energy of more than 800 young people”
Henrietta Richman

Pay What You Want

Chickenshed believes in making theatre accessible to everyone, therefore their Youth Company performances operate on a “pay what you want” scheme. You can choose to pay anywhere from £3 to £100 per ticket, without judgement. This community understands that finances play a big role when it comes to enjoying a day out with the family and wants to facilitate this experience by ways of an inclusive payment system.

Become a Part of their Community

Once you’ve experienced Chickenshed, there’s a good chance your kids will want to become an ongoing part of this exciting community. The programmes are open to everyone under the age of 21 and are designed to broaden kids' horizons through theatrical performances, play and community spirit.



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