Ultimate Kids Party Playlist To Groove To

Children at a birthday party ready to dance to the ultimate kids party playlist to groove to

Who doesn't love a kid's disco? All you need to get the party started is a great playlist!

The music theme can be funk, disco or soul or the repetitive ear worm "Baby Shark". Basically, anything which gets kid's feet tapping, arms moving and makes them feel happy.

Kids disco party songs vary from the old classics like; "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth Wind and Fire to more recent songs like "Roar" by Katy Perry. When planning a disco party playlist, it's good to appeal to all tastes and that way, you can guarantee you'll get everyone up on the dance floor.

Music Streaming Apps

In days gone by, you would pop along to your local record shop and pick your album. Although this is still possible, it's more likely you will be streaming your music directly on to your phone or tablet. Perfect for tailor-making your playlist from,  you can use apps such as iTunes. Amazon Music, or Spotify.  If the party is for very young kids make sure the songs are "child friendly" and not using inappropriate lyrics. Usually, "unsuitable" content, will be flagged up with a "parent advisory" warning, issued by the recording industry.

Remember, to play great music there doesn't always have to be a party. You can just bob around your living room and dance like nobody's watching!

Grab your dancing shoes and enjoy our tried and tested disco party playlist for kids:

Parent uses a turntable to play the ultimate kids party playlist to groove to

5 Party Songs For Children With Actions (Under 5s)

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Sleeping Bunnies.

If You're Happy and You Know It!

Wheels on the Bus.

Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Child doing actions to superman by black lace to the ultimate kids party playlist to groove to

10 Party Songs For Kids With Actions (Over 5s)

You may want to brush up on your dance moves before you begin.  Here are some top tunes with great actions to keep your little ones entertained at their disco party.

Superman (Black Lace)-  so many actions... brush your hair, ski and of course, superman!

Agado (Black Lace) - this involves pushing pineapples up a tree.

Do The Conga (Black Lace)

The Locomotion (Kylie)

YMCA (Village People) - a great one to teach to your children, the letter symbols of Y M C A.

Walk Like an Egyptian (The Bangles) -  The clue for the moves is in the title; walk "like an Egyptian ".

Baby Shark (Pink Fong)  - Either you love it or it drives you mad!

Side 2 Side (Coach Cody and Captain Goofy)

Macarena  (Los Del Rio)

Saturday Night (Whigfield)

Feel like you're at disneyland with songs on the ultimate kids party playlist to groove too

10 Disney Tunes For Under 5s

When it comes to parties, you just can't go wrong with a Disney film track, and there are so many wonderful movies to choose from! The tunes are catchy and easy to sing along to and if you have a princess or Frozen party, the world is your oyster. We have picked some of our favourites to inspire you.

The Bare Necessities - (The Jungle Book).

I Wanna Be Like You - (The Jungle Book).

Let it Go by Idina Menzel (Frozen) - fabulous for a princess or Frozen themed party.

Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)

Life's a Happy Song (The Muppets)

You're Welcome by Dwayne Johnson (Moana)

Hakuna Matata, (The Lion King) - Hakuna Matata, which means no worries for the rest of your life.

You've Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman (Toy Story)

Friends Like Me by Ne-Yo (Aladdin)

A Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins)

Enjoy disco party hits from the movies with the ultimate kids party playlist to groove to

10 Disco Party Hits From Movies

These tunes are guaranteed to fill any dance floor,  no matter the age of the party-goers. These are perfect kid's party songs because children will already know them from the movie!

Everything is Awesome - Tegan and Sara  (The Lego Movie)

Happy - Pharrell Williams (Despicable Me 2)

I Like to Move it - Will.i. am (Madagasca)

Firework - Katy Perry (Madagascar 3)

Can't Stop the Feeling  - Justin Timberlake (Trolls)  

Kung Fu Fighting  -CeeLo Green and Jack Black (Kung Foo Panda)

Boogie Wonderland  - Earth Wind and Fire (Happy Feet)

Men in Black - Will Smith (Men in Black)

Ghost Busters -  Ray Parker Jr (Ghost Busters)

You're The One That I Want -Olivia Newton, John Travolta (Grease)

Enjoying the vinyl music on the ultimate kids party playlist to groove to

25 Feel Good Tunes

It's almost impossible not to feel happy when you hear these uplifting songs.

Waterloo - Abba

Super Trooper - Abba

I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas

Gangnam Style -PSY

Story of my Life - One Direction

Old Town Road - Kidz Bop Kids

Don't Stop Believein' - Glee cast

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

Black Magic - Little Mix

Salute - Little Mix

Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls

Reach For The Stars - S Club 7

Counting Stars - OneRepublic

What Does the Fox Say? - Justin Fletcher

Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men

Roar - Katy Perry

Rock DJ - Robbie Williams

Troublemaker - Olly Murs

Yellow Submarine - The Beatles

I Am Your Gummy Bear - Gummibar

Barbie Girl - Aqua

Dance Monkey - Tones and I

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars

Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex

20 Oldies... But Goodies

These tunes, might be old, but they really stand the test of time.

Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder

Saturday Night Fever - The Bee Gees

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens

Staying Alive - The Bee Gees

Don't Worry About a Thing - Bob Marley

Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

Prince Charming - Adam and the Ants

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

Oops Upside Your Head - The Gap Band

Radio Ga Ga - Queen

We Will Rock You - Queen. A great hand clapping anthem!

Bohemian Rhapsody  - Queen

Wake me Up Before You Go Go - Wham

The Only Way Is Up - Yazz

Mickey - Toni Basil

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

Car Wash - Rose Royce

La Bamba - Los Lobos

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor



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