Ultimate List Of All Sailor Moon Names

Naoko Takeuchi's popular manga, 'Sailor Moon' is full of complex characters.

The Japanese manga series, 'Sailor Moon' was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.

Adaptation of the manga into an anime series was done by Toei Animation and broadcast between 1992 and 1997 in Japan. A television special, three short films, and three animated feature films based on the manga were also developed by Toei Animation.

The popular manga series was also licensed for release in the English language in 1992. It's known for its sense of humor and its artistic depiction, as well as its fantastic characterization. There are several 'Sailor Moon' anime characters with the series taking place in Tokyo, Japan. 10 magical girls make up the group of Sailor Guardians, who are responsible for fighting antagonists trying to take over the earth, solar system, and the Milky Way.  

There are 10 sailors in the team of Sailor Guardians, with Sailor Moon being their leader and main protagonist. The other nine are named after the planets of the solar system and possess superhuman strength. There are five Sailor Scouts names: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus.    

Apart from this, there are also several 'Sailor Moon' characters with names, including extra-terrestrial life forms and anthropomorphic animals. We've put together a names list of 'Sailor Moon' characters for your easy reference.

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Main Characters In 'Sailor Moon'

The Sailor Guardians who fight against the antagonists are the 'Sailor Moon' main characters. They have Japanese names as in the original as well as 'Sailor Moon' English names. Check out the names of the main characters from the 'Sailor Moon' team on this list.    

1. Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon's name is Usagi Tsukino or Serena Tsukino in the English dubbed version. She is the series' main protagonist and the Sailor Guardians' leader. She is the Guardian of love and justice.

2. Sailor Mercury: Called Ami Mizuno or Amy Anderson in the English dubbed version. She is the Guardian of Water and Wisdom, with an IQ rumored to be 300. She is the practical guardian in the group.    

3. Sailor Mars: Called Rei Hino or Raye Hino in the English dubbed version. She is a 14-year-old shrine maiden who is the Guardian of fire and passion. She has the power to dispel evil through the use of ofuda scrolls.  

4. Sailor Jupiter: Called Makoto Kino. Lita Kino is the English dubbed version of the Sailor Jupiter name. She is the Guardian of thunder and courage and is a pro when it comes to hand to hand combat.  

5. Sailor Venus: Called Minako Aino or Mina Aino in the English dubbed version. She is the Guardian of love and beauty. She leads the four inner guardians and also serves as a decoy and bodyguard for Sailor Moon because they look identical.  

6. Sailor Chibi Moon: Called Chibiusa or Rini in the English dubbed version. She is the future daughter of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity from the 30th century. Sailor Chibi Moon is referred to as Sailor Mini Moon in the English version and is one of the strong 'Sailor Moon' girls.  

7. Sailor Uranus: Called Haruka Tenoh or Amara Tenoh in the English dubbed version. Sailor Uranus is the Guardian of sky and flight who dresses and speaks like a man. Her talisman is the Space Sword which helps her fight better.  

8. Sailor Saturn: A 'Sailor Moon' girl character called Hotaru Tomoe. Sailor Saturn is the Guardian of silence, destruction and rebirth. She has the ability to heal others.  

9. Sailor Neptune: Called Michiru Kaioh or Michelle Kaioh in the English dubbed version. She is the Guardian of ocean and embrace as well as the lover of Haruka Tenoh. Her talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror helps her unveil cloaked evil.  

10. Sailor Pluto: Called Setsuna Meioh or Trista Meioh in the English dubbed version. She is the Guardian of spacetime and change. She guards the Space Time Door and doesn't have many 'Sailor Moon' friends apart from Chibiusa.  

11. Tuxedo Mask: Called Mamoru Chiba. Darien Shields is his 'Sailor Moon' English name. He is one of the 'Sailor Moon' male characters who shares a psychic connection with Usagi and fights along with the Sailor Guardians. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask eventually fall in love.  

Recurring Characters

There are several minor characters that appear repeatedly in the 'Sailor Moon' series.

There are also several recurring characters in 'Sailor Moon'. Here's a handy list of the recurring 'Sailor Moon' characters' names.

12. Ail: One of the Hell Tree humanoid aliens who transfers to Usagi's school. Called Seijuro Ginga or Alan Granger.

13. Ann: One of the Hell Tree humanoid aliens who transfers to Usagi's school. Called Natsumi Ginga or Ann Granger.

14. Artemis/Arutemisu: One of the cats' names in 'Sailor Moon'. Artemis is the 'Sailor Moon' white cat to Minako Aino.

15. Berthier: A Black Moon Clan member and second youngest among the Spectre Sisters. She is also the second one who confronted the Sailor Senshi.

16. Calaveras: A Black Moon Clan member and second eldest among the Spectre Sisters. She is the loyal minion of Rubeus.

17. Deimos/Dimosu: Rei Hino's pet crow who can sense evil and serves as her Power Guardian.

18. Diana/Daiana: One of the 'Sailor Moon' cat names. She is the future daughter of Artemis and Luna.

19. Gurio Umino: He is called Melvin Butlers in the English dubbed version. He is Usagi's classmate and is infatuated with her.

20. Haruna Sakurada: Known by the name Patricia Haruna in the English dubbed version. She is Usagi's teacher in junior high school who is always lecturing her about how lazy she is.

21. Ikuko Tsukino: Sailor Moon's mother who is close to her and gives her advice.

22. Ittou Asanuma: Makoto's friend who is interested in science fiction, paranormal activity and UFOs.

23. Jadeite: Sailor Mars' former lover, Prince Endymion's Knight, and Knight of patience and harmony in his earlier life. The Dark Kingdom makes him bad and he joins the Shitennou.  

24. Kaolinite: A Death Busters member acting as Mugen Academy's Principal. She serves Master Pharaoh 90 and can appear in human or daimon form.  

25. Kenji Tsukino: Sailor Moon's father who is a magazine reporter.

26. King Endymion: Future Crystal Tokyo's king.

27. Koan: A Black Moon Clan member and youngest of the Spectre Sisters working for Rubeus.  

28. Kotono Sarashina: A TA Academy for Girls student and the Supernatural Research Club president.

29. Kunzite: The Shitennou leader who was the Knight of Purity and Affection in his previous life. He used to be Sailor Venus' lover.

30. Kuri: An eighth grade student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School.

31. Kyusuke Sarashina: Kotono's younger brother who attends school with Momoko and Chibiusa.

32. Luna: Among the cat names in 'Sailor Moon' for the black cat from 'Sailor Moon', who serves Princess Serenity and advises her mother, Queen Serenity.

33. Mayumi Osaka: Naru's mother who is left in her jewelry shop basement when Morga takes her form.  

34. Mio Kuroki: Minako Aino's rival and shadow to Queen Beryl on earth to spy on the Sailor Senshi.

35. Momoko Momohara: Chibiusa's friend and an elementary school student.

36. Morga: A Youma disguised as Naru's mother sent to gather human energy for the revival of Queen Metaria.  One of the dark 'Sailor Moon' characters.

37. Motoki Furuhata: Called Andrew Hansford in the English dubbed version. He works at the Crown Game Center, Crown Fruit Parlor, and is a student of KO University.

38. Naru Osaka: Called Molly Baker in the English dubbed version. She is the school mate and best friend of Usagi.  

39. Nephrite: Sailor Jupiter's former lover and Knight of intelligence and comfort in his previous life. He turns over to the dark side and becomes a Shitennou member.  

40. Petz: A Black Moon Clan member and eldest of the Spectre Sisters who works for Rubeus.

41. Pharaoh 90: The Death Busters head and entity from the Tau Star System.

42. Phobos: Rei Hino's pet crow who can sense evil and serves as her Power Guardian.

43. Prince Demande: Black Moon Clan leader and the one heading the 30th century attack on Crystal Tokyo.

44. Princess D: Princess of the Diamond Kingdom.

45. Princess Serenity: The Moon Kingdom princess during the Silver Millennium. One of the 'Sailor Moon' characters representing Sailor Moon's past self.

46. Queen Serenity: Mother of Sailor Moon in her past life, when she was Princess Serenity. She was known as the Moon Goddess by ancient earth civilizations.  

47. Reika Nishimura: Called Rita Blake in the English dubbed version. She is the girlfriend of Motoki Furuhata and a student of KO University.

48. Rei no Ojisan: Rei Hino's grandfather and a Shinto priest who lives in Hikawa Shrine.

49. Sailor Star Fighter: Leader of the Sailor Starlights called Kou Seiya.

50. Sailor Star Maker: The most intellectual one of the Sailor Starlights called Kou Taiki.

51. Sailor Star Healer: The most spiritual one of the Sailor Starlights called Kou Yaten.

52. Sailor V: Minako Aino's Sailor Senshi identity. She used her Sailor Senshi identity to trick the Dark Kingdom.

53. Shingo Tsukino: A 'Sailor Moon' boy and Usagi's brother. He is called Sammy Tsukino in the English version.

54. Unazuki Furuhata: Younger sister of Motoki Furuhata who is called Elizabeth Hansford in the English dubbed version.

55. Wiseman: The Black Moon Clan adviser.

56. Yuichiro Kumada: Called Chad Kumada in the English version. He provides assistance at Hikawa Shrine and falls in love with Rei Hino.

57. Zoisite: Sailor Mercury's former lover and Knight of healing and purification in his past life. Now a Shitennou member.

One Off Characters

Cats play an important role in the 'Sailor Moon' series.)

Some characters in the series are just one off characters. This list is a compilation of such characters.  

58. Chibi Chibi: She appears in Act 44 (manga) and episode 182 (anime). Her name means "small child" or "small person".  

59. Cyprine: A Witches 5 member working for the Death Busters.

60. Dr. Isono: Zoisite's disguise for the TV broadcast program.

61. Endou: Best friend to Motoki Furuhata.

62. Esmeraude: Black Moon Clan member.

63. Eudial: The Witches 5 leader working for the Death Busters and the first one to attack the Sailor Senshi.

64. Helios or Saiji Eriosu: Elysion's guardian and priest.

65. Jupiter Clone: A droid and minor character who tries to strangle Sailor Jupiter to try and defeat the Sailor Senshi.

66. Keiko Tomoe: Souichi Tomoe's late wife and Hotaru Tomoe's mother. She died in a fire when Hotaru was four.

67. Mii: A primary school student abducted by the Dark Kingdom's Jadeite.

68. Mimete: A Witches 5 member working for the Death Busters.

69. Mistress 9: An evil daimon serving Pharaoh 90.

70. Nachogi: Student of Juuban Municipal Junior High School.

71. Pegasus: The spirit form of Helios sent out by him when he's seeking help during the Dead Moon Circus invasion.

72. Princess Kakyuu or Kakyu Purinsesu: The Kinmoku princess who is protected by the Sailor Starlights. Kinmoku is the 'Sailor Moon' name for a fictional planet outside the solar system.    

73. Ptilol: A Witches 5 member working for the Death Busters.

74. Queen Badiane: An otherworldly evil Queen.

75. Queen Beryl: The Dark Kingdom Commander, among the evil characters.

76. Queen Metaria: Leader of the Dark Kingdom and source of Queen Beryl's power.

77. Queen Nehelenia: The Dead Moon Circus leader.

78. Risa Hino: Rei Hino's mother.

79. Rubeus: A Black Moon Clan member who is loyal to Prince Demande.

80. Ryo Urawa: One of the minor 'Sailor Moon' characters with psychic powers.  

81. Saeko Mizuno: Ami's mother and a successful doctor.

82. Sailor Astarte: Among the Sailor Senshi characters from the musicals.

83. Sailor Ceres: Oldest of the Senshi characters from the Sailor Quartet.

84. Sailor Chi: Loyal minion to Sailor Galaxia.

85. Sailor Coronis: Guardian of the Coronis planet.

86. Sailor Cosmos: Sailor Moon's ultimate future form who returns to the past as Chibi Chibi. She wants Sailor Moon to overthrow Chaos in the series' final battle.

87. Sailor Galaxia: One of the most important antagonist characters in the series.

88. Sailor Juno: One of the Senshi characters from the Sailor Quartet.

89. Sailor Lethe: The Sailor Senshi from Planet Lethe.

90. Sailor Mau: The Sailor Senshi from Planet Mau.

91. Sailor Pallas: One of the Senshi characters from the Sailor Quartet.

92. Sailor Phi: Loyal minion to Sailor Galaxia.

93. Sailor Theta: A Senshi from the 'Sailor Moon' musicals.

94. Sailor Vesta: One of the Senshi characters from the Sailor Quartet.

95. Saphir: Black Moon Clan member and Prince Demande's younger brother.

96. Souichi Tomoe: Hotaru Tomoe's father.

97. Soul Shadow: A kind of Youma that Nephrite uses.

98. Takashi Hino: Rei Hino's father.

99. Tellu: A Witches 5 member working for the Death Busters.

100. Viluy: A Witches 5 member working for the Death Busters.

101. Yumiko: A student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School.

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