Ultimate List Of Amish Last Names With Meanings And History

Yoder is among the most common Amish and Mennonite last names.

If you are looking for a name with Swiss German and Alsatian Anabaptist origins, then keep on reading.

The Amish are the group of American Protestants, who descended from European Anabaptists after its separation from Mennonite Swiss Brethren in 1692.

This group of people came to the United States more than two centuries ago to escape persecution. Since the Amish people speak German, most of the names are of German origin. They also speak English, Swiss-German, and Pennsylvania German language. There is a huge settlement of Amish communities in the United States and Canada.

So, if you're looking for Amish last names for your books, characters, or even online games, then we can help you.

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Popular Amish Last Names

The Amish are known to be firm believers in God and The Bible.

Are you looking for good Amish names, then this list is the perfect spot for you. So if you need some inspiration for the last name of your character or you are in general interested in knowing all things about Amish, then be prepared to be amazed.

1. Beiler (Amish and German origin) means "measuring stick".

2. Bontrager (Amish and German origin) means "water carrier".

3. Burkholder (Amish and German origin) means "beech grove". Such names are very popular in the Amish community in Westphalia.

4. Fisher (Amish and German origin) means "someone who lived close to a fish weir on a river". Such Amish family names are common in Germany.

5. Gingerich (Amish and German origin) means "powerful man".

6. Graber (Amish and German origin) means "to dig or excavate".

7. Hershberger (Amish and German origin) means "deer hart".

8. Hilty (Amish and German origin) means "fight or battle".

9. Hochstetler (Amish and German origin) means "living high on a mountainside".

10. King (Amish and German origin) means "tribal leader" It is a very common surname in the Mennonite and Amish communities.

11. Lambright (Amish and German origin) means "shining land or holy land".

12. Lapp (Amish and German origin) means "cloth or patch".

13. Lehman (Amish and German origin) means "to hold land as a feudal tenant".

14. Lengacher (Amish and German origin) means "celebration".

15. Mast (Amish and German origin) means "ship's".

16. Miller (Amish and German origin) means "grain-grinder". Miller is most common in the Midwest.

17. Schlabach (Amish and German origin) means "famous".

18. Schmucker (Amish and German origin) means "to kiss".

19. Schrock (Amish and German origin) means "someone who had some fancied similarity with the bird".

20. Schwartz (Amish and German origin) means "someone with black hair". It is a common German Amish surname in the old order of the Amish population living in Allen County.

21. Stoltzfus (Amish and German origin) means "someone of haughty gait".

22. Troyer (Amish and German origin) means "someone who lived by a cattle track".

23. Weaver (German origin) means "winding stream".

24. Wittmer (German origin) means "famous".

25. Yoder (German origin) means "strong”.

26. Zook (Amish and German origin) means "beetle".

Unique Amish Last Names

Amish believes that God has a personal interest in their lives.

Here we have listed some of the unique and beautiful Amish last names. Any one of these could be perfect for your character.

27. Albrecht (Amish and German origin) means "bright or famous".

28. Bawell, a common Amish and German origin surname used by families living in Canada.

29. Brandenberger (German origin) means "someone from a place called Brandenburg".

30. Gascho, such Amish surnames ideal for people who represent the true Amish culture.

31. Jantzi (Amish and German origin) means "a pet form of Jantzen".

32. Lee (Amish and German origin) means "clearing meadow".

33. Neuenschwander (German origin) means "land cleared of the forest".

34. Ropp (German origin) means "renown".

Old Amish Last Names

The Amish live a simple life. But their last names are anything but simple. Below we have presented a list of old Amish last names that are rare yet very unique and beautiful. We hope that one of these names will be an ideal pick for you.

35. Augsburger (Amish and German origin) means "Roman emperor Augustus".

36. Bachman (Amish and German origin) means "dwelling near a brook".

37. Beachy (Amish and German origin) means "beech tree".

38. Bechler (Amish and German origin) means "stream".

39. Belsley, is an Amish last name used in the Amish family in Germany.

40. Bender (Amish and German origin) means "to bend".

41. Berkey (Burki) (Amish and German origin) means "unexplained".

42. Blauch (Amish and German origin) means "a variant of Blech".

43. Brenneman (Amish and German origin) means "raven".

44. Camp (Kemp) (Amish and German origin) means "the field".

45. Christner (Amish and German origin) means "derived from a geographical locality".

46. Chupp (Amish and German origin) means "wood chips".

47. Coblentz (German origin) means "confluent rivers".

48. Coffman (German origin) means "to lend".

49. Conrad (Amish and German origin) means "bold counsel".

50. DeLong (German origin) means "long".

51. Donnermeyer, such Amish family names are common in Indiana.

52. Egli (German origin) means "slope".

53. Eicher (Amish and German origin) means "oak tree".

54. Esch (Eash) (German origin) means "seeded field".

55. Fahrney (Amish and German origin) means "clearing in a forest".

56. Flickinger (German origin) means "to patch".

57. Funk (Amish and German origin) means "spark".

58. Gerig (German origin) means "ancestor of the bearer".

59. Glick, such Amish names are common in Amish person living in County Ohio.

60. Gunden (Gundy), such common Amish last names are used in Amish family in Pennsylvania.

61. Guth (German origin) means "good or capable".

62. Hartzler (Hertzler) (German origin) means "resin".

63. Heiser (Amish and German origin) means "hoarse".

64. Helmuth (German origin) means "healthy".

65. Herr (German origin) means "master".

66. Hooley (German origin) means "hollow".

67. Imhoff (German origin) means "farmstead.

68. Kanagy (Gnaegi) (German origin) means "in the field".

69. Kasdorf, such common Amish surnames are very popular among Old Order Amish in Pennsylvania.

70. Kauffman (German origin) means "merchant".

71. Keim (German origin) means "sprout".

72. Kennel (German origin) means "signature". Such last names are very common in Amish groups living in the United States and Canada.

73. Kinisger, such last name is common among Amish family.

74. Klopfenstein (German origin) means "strike the stone".

75. Knepp, such common Amish surnames are very popular among Old Order Amish in Pennsylvania.

76. Kraybill (German origin) means "crow".

77. Lantz (German origin) means "land".

78. Lewis (German origin) means "famous warrior".

79. Litwiller (German origin) means "a habitational".

80. Martin (German origin) means "of Mars".

81. Mullet (German origin) means "fisherman or seller of these fish".

82. Nafziger (Noffsinger) (German origin) means "to take a nap".

83. Nissley (German origin) means "nut".

84. Oesch (Esch), such an Amish surname is common in Amish from Indiana.

85. Otto (German origin) means "wealth".

86. Oyer (Auer) (German origin) means "goose".

87. Petershwim, a common Amish name in Amish living in Ohio.

88. Rocke (Roggi) (German origin) means "Rock".

89. Roth (German origin) means "red".

90. Ruvenacht, such common Amish surnames are very popular among Amish in Germany.

91. Scott (German origin) means "person From Scotland".

92. Shetler, is a German origin surname that is very popular in the traditional Amish families living in County Ohio.

93. Smith (German origin) means "one who works with metal".

94. Sommer (German origin) means "summer".

95. Springer (German origin) means "to jump or leap".

96. Stutzman (German origin) means "a cliff".

97. Sutter (German origin) means "cobbler". Such a last name is common in Amish and Mennonite families living in Pennsylvania.

98. Swartzendruber (Schwartzentruber) (German origin) means "grape".

99. Sweitzer (German origin) means "someone who is from Swiss".

100. Umble, is a German origin surname that is very popular in the Pennsylvania Amish families.

101. Verkler, is a German origin surname that is very popular in the Swiss Amish families living in Holmes County.

102. Wagler, is a German origin surname that is very popular in the Pennsylvania Amish families.

103. Wyse (Amish and German origin) means "wise or knowledgeable".

104. York (German origin) means "boar settlement".

105. Yutzi (Jutzi), is a German origin surname that is very popular in the Amish families living in Holmes County.

106. Zehr (Amish and German origin) means "splurge".

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