Ultimate List Of 100+ Fire Giant Names

Traditional Fire giant tales are different from the usual 'Dungeons And Dragons' tales.

Giants were also known to be enemies of the gods because of their strength and size.

Fire giants had very dark skins just like coal and their hair was either red or orange with flaming red eyes.

Fire giants were known as Ildjotunen in Norse. They were mostly master craftsmen that lived in mountainous and volcanic regions. They were very brave and wore armor made from dragon scales or steel. Just like other giants, a fire giant can see and hear things from distance farther than the average human. Some fire giants are susceptible to cold. Fire giants engaged in traditional sorcery, which they did by memorizing spells that will help them deal with intruders.

There are other type of giants like hill giants, frost giant, and cloud giants. Just like humans, fire giants names also include gender neutral names like Ruvar, and Mawlos, Dessog. Half giant names are also similar to the normal giants.

Fire giants would naturally attack their enemies with rocks and huge stones heated in lava or fire to weaken the enemy before they engage in close combat wielding a huge sword enchanted in fire. They lived in little family groups known as huslyder. All giants spoke Jotun but the dialect of the fire giant was Jotunild. They live in very hot places like volcanic environments, or dungeons which is why they earned the name d&d giants (dungeons and dragons giants).

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Norse Fire Giant Names

Fire giants are always mean looking and ready for battle.

Norse fire giant names are similar to other giants because they speak a similar language with only a few modifications. They are also similar to traditional Norse names. Below are a few Norse fire giant names.

1. Absal, (F) a name you can give your Norse fire giant.

2. Aekthos, (M) a name to depict a strong and battle-ready character.

3. Arisag, (U) a suitable Norse fire giant name for your Norse campaign.

4. Budkaos (F)

5. Cattius, (F) suitable for your wicked female fire giant character.

6. Delos, (F) super strong and fast female character.

7. Donrog, (M) "strong fire warrior".

8. Dozar, (M) a name suitable for a character who is always angry.

9. Drewmalog (M)

10. Figan (M)

11. Fforl, (M) one of the best names for giants

12. Ffuldr (M)

13. Fudmohr, (M) a name for a character that shows strong willingness.

14. Fugdious, (M) a big and scary character.

15. Gommoth, (M) a shunned cult leader who was being so minuscule.

16. Hauk, (M) "strong and fearless"

17. Hulbro, (M) "brave"

18. Kakos, (M) "great"

19. Nicas, (M) a big scary fire giant

20. Orgir, (M) a character name that can spice up your game.

21. Snarr, (M) "strong heart"

22. Sucroch, (M) "fire spirit"

23. Surt, (M) the guardian of the Muspelheim, Old Norse Múspell.

24. Tawkaros (M)

25. Wecog (M)

26. Zedhor, (M) a name for your bold character.

Female Fire Giant Names

It is often said that there is ember where a fire giant sat down

There aren't only male giants, female giants also existed. The strengths of the male giants and female giants are similar. Below are some female giant character names.

27. Bluwasg, one of the most popular names from mythology.

28. Crakaros, a name suitable for an untamed character.

29. Delkaos, a name for a beautiful character.

30. Dikaros, a fire giant character who is a villain.

31. Estelle, a cool name for a female fire giant character.

32. Emba, a name given to a character from a royal family.

33. Famous, a name you can give your character to make it more human.

34. Ffaelane, a fearless fire giant.

35. Fobar, a character name for a strong-hearted fire giant.

36. Ghenjra, an agile fire giant character

37. Goxag, one of the most common female giant names.

38. Grizas

39. Grovir, a name for a character that is bold and fierce.

40. Hefbrog, a suitable name for a character who fights fiercely.

41. Hulda, suitable character name for a rogue fire giant.

42. Lilas

43. Lukue, suitable name for a character with a passion for violence.

44. Marra, a name for a cool and calm character.

45. Mengant, wild character.

46. Nathan, a name for a tenacious character.

47. Rimir, suitable for a warrior.

48. Secmalog, suitable for a true fighter.

49. Sector, suitable for a leader of a clan.

50. Vrolka, a name for a character who is reserved.

51. Vofur

52. Vivir

Male Fire Giant Names

Male fire giants are often aggressive and always battle hungry. Below are some male names for your characters.

53. Arasar, suitable for a sword master.

54. Awor, a wild character.

55. Athens, a name given to a character that you want to represent the gods.

56. Blogorr, a handsome warrior.

57. Cadgir, a fierce warrior.

58. Cattius

59. Cirus, suitable for both fire giant and hill giants

60. Dozar, a name for a charming character.

61. Glembar

62. Glemalog, a cool name for a character.

63. Gedhor, a name suitable for a fearless character.

64. Helkaros, a name for a powerful character.

65. Iztag, a suitable name for a zealous character.

66. Kreos, suitable for a character you want to name after Kratos.

67. Oas, suitable for a courageous character.

68. Runtit, suitable for an aggressive character.

69. Slozas, fearless in battle.

70. Tudor, suitable for a leader.

71. Vrelsar, popular male giant names

72. Vufum, a vicious character.

73. Vrikbor, a name for a victorious warrior

74. Vufum, a name you can give your character to indicate royalty.

75. Wrevag

76. Wowor, a perfect name for a villain.

77. Wrarym, a name suitable for a male rouge fire giant character.

78. Warion, suitable for a stern ruler.

79. Zlickaros, a suitable name for a brave character.

Funny Fire Giant Names

Even though fire giants are fierce looking, they still have some funny names that will make you laugh. We have some funny fire names that will interest you.

80. Croog

81. Airbor

82. Angri

83. Tini

84. Bighead

85. Littleman

86. Blablabla

87. Bawling

88. Runaway

89. Cookoo

90. Frozen

91. Faraway

92. Freefal

93. Gedit

94. Kuuu

95. Klogan

96. Koftan

97. Hawayman

98. Krator

99. Vegge

100. Woog

101. Gudwridance

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