Ultimate List Of Lizardmen Names

Choose a cool lizardman name for your character.

Lizardmen can also be known as children of the Gods or the Cold Ones in the gaming world.

These reptilian humanoids are very ancient and each belong to their unique tribes. In the 'Warhammer' world, Lizardmen are the oldest community.

You will find some of the best Lizardmen character names on this list, categorised by tribe for gaming fans to enjoy!

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Lizardmen Characters From The Green Claw Tribe

Your character needs a name from the Green Claw Tribe.

In 'Warhammer', the Green Claw tribe played a major role in stabilizing the food source for their community. It was achieved at that time when they entered into an alliance with two other tribes and fought a war on the site. Here are some Lizardmen characters from the Green Claw Tribe.

1. Rororo: This hydra is a pet and belongs to Zaryusu Shasha.

2. Shasuryu Shasha: He fought Cocytus himself and is the brother of Zaryusu Shasha.

3. Zaryusu Shasha: He had fought in the war against Cocytus. He is a character who was resurrected from death by Aizen for the sake of the community.

Famous Names From The Dragon Tusk And Red Eye Tribes

Both these tribes maintained neutrality in the resources war. The Dragon Tusk Tribe absorbed the survivors from the tribes of sharp edge and yellow speckle from the site of war into their own. The Red Eye Tribe's chief was a known cannibal who forced his community to follow his ways. They never took guidance from any of the Slanns.

4. Zenberu Gugu: Chief of the Dragon Tusk Tribe who survived the battle against Cocytus. His name evokes awe and respect among other tribes too.

5. Crusch Lulu: The name belongs to an Albino from the Red Eye Tribe who fell in love with Zaryusu Shasha.

Chief Names From The Razor Tail Tribe And The Small Fang Tribe

The Razor Tail Tribe fought in the resource war and won the well-planned game. Unlike the Sacred Kroxigors they are well versed in using heavy armor and have 89 warriors equipped with it. The Small Fang tribe was the third member of the alliance that won in the resources war. Under the leadership of the Green Claw tribe, they fought in the war against the undead army.

6. Kyuku Zuzu: Chief of the Razor Tail Tribe. He is one of the Lizardmen heroes who survived the battle against the first army of the undead.

7. Sukyu Juju: The chief of the Small Fang Tribe and had fought against Cocytus in the total war.

Lizardmen Faction Names In Warhammer

In the 'Warhammer' fantasy world, Lizardmen are a notable presence. They are actively involved in the up keeping of the community. They have participated in many a battle game against the forces of evil. The Slanns have led the Lizardmen in many battles. Here are eight 'Warhammer' Lizardmen names

8. Chakax: He is a temple guard who earned the title of Eternal Warden. He lives in the cities of Mist and Xlanhuapec and is a Lizardmen hero.

9. Gor-Rok: The mighty warrior has won many wars during his time.

10. Kroak: This great hero and the original Relic Priest aimed to expand the master plan.

11. Kroq-Gar: A spawning from the temple city site of Xhotl.

12. Nakai: A protector of all Lizardmen who is a great traveler and participated in defending Itza.

13. Oxyotl: This last chameleon hunter who is also known as "he that hunts unseen".

14. Tehenhauin: He is the first prophet who led the citizens of Chaqua from ruin.

15. Tiktaq'to: He is the Lord of the temple city of Hexoatl and a master strategist. This name is quite unique.

Male Characters From Lizardmen Tribes

Although a few Lizardmen have names that identify with their tribes, there are many neutral names. They can be used by all tribes.

16. Esspech: Mongolian origin meaning "respect".

17. Gathan: He was a chief and was captured by the Church of Shar.

18. Griss'tok: A King who could talk only in Draconic.

19. Kossaandar: Chief of the Shadowscale tribe.

20. K'zzal: The great Lord and warrior who was entrusted with restoring the eye of the sun.

21. Panga: A mysterious serial killer.

22. Saebeohrt Rippling Death: The stealthy spy who disappeared.

23. Silark: A noble warrior who married the princess of Nagastan.

Female Characters From Lizardmen Tribes

Women like Crusch Lulu played exemplary roles in the history of Lizardmen.

Lizardmen have amazing names and personalities.

24. Ketsarra: The warrior princess of Shadowscale tribe.

25. K'ss'la: The enchantress who led the Greenlanders into victory.

26. S'ruurr: Romanian origin and can be roughly translated as "open up".

Notable Lizardmen Characters

The history of Lizardmen has many great heroes and Lords who played a major role in changing the course of their destiny. Three of the best names are given below:

27. King Gareth: The origin of this character name is Welsh and it means "gentleness".

28. Sleyvas: The Marsh of Chelimber was the place from where this shaman worked his wonders.

29. Tchazzar: This great warrior became a God.

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