Ultimate Scary Movies Trivia For Kids: How Well Do You Know Your Horror?

Cold Halloween nights are perfect for a horror movie marathon.

Horror films may scare the daylights out of us, but one cannot help but stay glued to their screens to know just what will happen next.

From supernatural forces to chainsaws, these movies have kept us entertained for years. Home to chilling and terrifying universes such as The Conjuring Universe and the unnerving Paranormal Activity series, and Exorcist series, horror films pack the ultimate package of adrenaline.

Be it the Halloween weekend or just a family game night, people have loved and hated horror films for their jump scares, real life factors, and suspense. If you want to do something different than rewatching the Scary Movie series and are in the mood for something fun, try out this creepy trivia created for families and kids. Try out this scary movies trivia questions and answers and see if you are the real champion in the yearly Halloween movies quiz! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so try out this truly scary quiz as this horror film quiz consists of all films from Silence of the lambs to Scream and Friday the 13th. The best part is that this scary movies quiz comes with all the horror movie quiz answers so you do not have to find the answers separately! Want to prolong the crazy trivia night with another horror quiz on horror movies like 'Friday The 13th'? Try halloween movie trivia questions and answers and 'Jaws' trivia.

Scary Movies Trivia Questions Based on Actors

No matter how good the story is, it is the actors that bring it to life with their blood-curdling screams and horrifying looks. Some of these actors become unrecognizable when they are covered with makeup and don their costumes like Jack Nicholson and Jamie Lee Curtis. Though, hardcore fans can always recognize them, can you? Do you remember which actor had the dialogue "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."? Let’s test it out through this horror movie trivia. Remember this horror movie test also includes 80s horror movie trivia and scary monster movie trivia questions too! Don't forget to keep a point system for this classic horror movie game!

1.Question: Who played the character of R.J. Macready in the Thing?

Answer: Kurt Russell

2.Question: Who portrayed the character of The Creeper in Jeepers Creepers?

Answer: Jonathan Brick

3.Question: In the original Nightmare on Elm Street, who played the role of the serial killer, Freddy Krueger?

Answer: Robert Englund

4.Question: Shawnee Smith portrayed which character in the Saw franchise?

Answer: Amanda Young

5.Question: In which horror film does Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Atkins star together?

Answer: The Fog

6.Question: Reinhardt’s character in the movie Blade II was played by which actor?

Answer: Ron Perlman

7.Question: The music for the film Psycho was composed by whom?

Answer: Bernard Hermann

8.Question: Who played the role of Richard Gecko in From Dusk till Dawn?

Answer: Quentin Tarantino

9.Question: John Gavin played which character in the movie The Psycho?

Answer: Sam Loomis

10.Question: Sigourney Weaver plays the protagonist in which movie?

Answer: Aliens

11Question: The film ‘IT’ is based on whose books?

Answer: Stephen King

12.Question: Who has portrayed the role of Ellen Ripley in Halloween 1?

Answer: Laurie Strode

13.Question: Who played the role of Candyman?

Answer: Tony Todd

14.Question: Who plays the role of Dr. Isaacs in the movie Resident Evil?

Answer: Iain Glen

15.Question: Adam Brody played Nikolai Wolf in which film?

Answer: Jennifer’s Body

16.Question: Which actor played the role of Chucky in Child’s Play?

Answer: Brad Dourif

17.Question: Which character was played by Paris Hilton in the movie House of Wax?

Answer: Paige Edwards

18.Question: Which character was played by Kris Kristofferson in Blade II?

Answer: Whistler

19.Question: Who plays the role of Dr. William Weir in Event Horizon?

Answer: Sam Neill

20.Question: Who stars as Lt. Vincent D’ Agosta in The Relic?

Answer: Tom Sizemore

21.Question: Who plays the role of the antagonist in Prom Night?

Answer: Alexander “Alex” Hammond

111.Question: What was the color of Freddy Kreuger’s sweater?

Answer: Red and Green

23.Question: Who was the actor who portrayed Nancy’s boyfriend in A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Answer: Johnny Depp

Scary Movies Trivia Questions Based On Directors

The directors make the horror come alive with their skills. Whether it is the scene of running through a forest when a slasher is running behind you with a chainsaw or the scene when you turn to look behind you and find your nightmare standing with a smile, the horror radiated through these scenes is only because of the director’s timing. How many famous directors can you guess? Let’s find out by answering this horror movie quiz.

24.Question: Who was the director of the movie 'Suspiria'?

Answer: Dario Argento

25.Question: Who was the director of the movie 'Night of the Living Dead'?

Answer: Tom Savini

26.Question: Who is the director of the movie, 'The Prince Of Darkness'?

Answer: John Carpenter

27.Question: Who is the director of the movie 'The Land Of The Dead'?

Answer: George A Romera

28.Question: The 1978 horror film 'Halloween' is directed by whom?

Answer: John Carpenter

29.Question: Who was the director of the 1981 movie 'The Evil Dead'?

Answer: Sam Raimi

30.Question: Darren Lynn Bousman directed which parts of the Saw series?

Answer: He directed Saw II, III, and IV.

Scary Movies Trivia Based on Series

Horror films are best in the cinema.

Various horror movies have been a part of our nightmares with their chilling sequels. From the gory and bloody Saw series to the intense and twisting historical series of the Conjuring Universe, there are tons of sequels that can make you squeal with horror and surprise. How many slasher movie trivia do you know about? Play the Halloween movie trivia game to test your knowledge.

31.Question: How many movies have been made on Friday the 13th?

Answer: Twelve

32.Question: What is the name of the third PumpkinHead Movie?

Answer: 'Ashes to Ashes'

33.Question: Which movie is the most recent addition to the Conjuring Universe?

Answer: 'Anabelle Comes Home'

34.Question: 'The Rage' is the sequel of which movie?

Answer: 'Carrie.'

35.Question: What is the name of the fifth movie addition to the Conjuring franchise?

Answer: 'The Nun'

36.Question: Which part of the Halloween franchise has the lowest IMDb ratings?

Answer: 'Halloween: Resurrection'

Scary Movies Trivia Questions Based On Deaths

The trope of using a mysterious murder or disappearance at the beginning of the movie is an all-time favorite because it never gets old. It strikes questions and fear without losing any time. Can you remember the deaths of these horror movie characters? Try out this ultimate horror movie quiz and see if you can answer all these scary trivia questions, consider it a scary movie trivia challenge!

37.Question: What was the age of Jason Voorhees when he drowned in Lake Camp Crystal?

Answer: Eleven

38.Question: Which movie features the scene of five people waking up in a room with collars attached to their necks?

Answer: Saw V.

39.Question: How were Pluto and Mercury in the movie 'The Hills Have Eyes' killed?

Answer: By the dog named Beast.

40.Question: Who shot Rhodes in the horror film ‘Day of the Dead’?

Answer: Zombie named Bub.

41.Question: How was Freddy defeated in the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master?

Answer: Alice defeats Freddy by making him look in the mirror.

42.Question: Who was the first victim of Ghostface?

Answer: Maureen Prescott

43.Question: How was Pennywise defeated in ‘It Chapter 1’?

Answer: With silver earrings

44.Question: Which character dies first in 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer'?

Answer: Dave

45.Question: In the first Saw movie, Dr. Gordon finally cuts off his foot. Which foot was it?

Answer: Right

46.Question: In which movie the character was thrown down the stairs after being possessed by a demon?

Answer: The Exorcist.

41.Question: Which horror movie features someone dying when an alien rises from exploding their chest?

Answer: Alien

42.Question: In which scary movie does the child die when he looks inside the sewer gutter?

Answer: It

43.Question: Who was murdered in the movie The Last House in the Left?

Answer: Mari Collingwood

44.Question: In which movie is a person killed by forcing them to eat too much?

Answer: Se7en

45.Question: The character is killed after being strangled with a clothesline in the shower. Which movie is this?

Answer: Final Destination.

46.Question: Who is murdered for the sin of pride in the movie Se7en alongside Brad Pitt?

Answer: A model.

47.Question: How is Brian killed in Final Destination 2?

Answer: Brian dies at the end of the Final Destination 2 from an exploding grill.

48.Question: Which movie has the scene where a woman is being decapitated in a car?

Answer: Urban Legend.

Scary Movie Trivia Questions Based On Storyline

Dress up like ghosts and try out this trivia!

Were you able to sit through the whole Paranormal Activity? Then you must know how the antagonist was defeated in the end with all blood and glory. Or not. Though, everyone knows that no true antagonist or demon remains dead for long, both in a horror film and real life. They will come back; the questions are when and how. Try your knowledge of the storyline by answering these classic horror movie trivia questions and answers. Let's see if you can answer all these horror trivia without getting scared.

49.Question: What is the name of the rescue ship in 'Event Horizon'?

Answer: Lewis and Clark

50.Question: Which movie features the antagonist attacking high school kids through their dreams?

Answer: 'Nightmare on Elm Street.'

51.Question: What is the name of the demon that terrified you in ‘Children of the Corn’?

Answer: He Who Walks Behind the Rows

52.Question: In which town is the Elm Street of ‘Nightmare at Elm Street’ located?

Answer: Springwood

53.Question: Who were the protagonists of the movies 'When a Stranger Calls' and 'When a Stranger Calls Back'?

Answer: Carol Cane and Charles Durning

54.Question: In whose blood is Carrie covered in after being voted as the Prom Queen?

Answer: Pig’s blood.

55.Question: Which horror movie made it into the Guinness Book of Work Record for Budget and Box Office Ratio?

Answer: 'The Blair Witch Project.'

56.Question: In the movie 'The Cabin in the Woods', which archetype of character must survive or die at the end to complete the ritual?

Answer: Virgin

57.Question: What was the name of Freddy Krueger’s mother?

Answer: Amanda

58.Question: Who is the archenemy of Dracula?

Answer: Professor Abraham Van Helsing

59.Question: Who is the main protagonist of the movie 'The Evil Dead'?

Answer: Ash Williams

60.Question: Paul Grogan is the protagonist of which scary movie?

Answer: Piranha

61.Question: In which movie does the character Leatherface appear?

Answer: 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.'

62.Question: What is The Stuff?

Answer: Ice cream

63.Question: When was the movie ‘The Army of Darkness’ released?

Answer: In 1992

64.Question: In the movie, 'The Ring', how can the curse on Samara’s tape be broken?

Answer: By creating a copy of the tape and showing it to someone else.

65.Question: Herbert West is the main character of which movie?

Answer: 'Re-animator.'

66.Question: Who is the main character of the Nightmare on the Elm Street series?

Answer: Nancy Thompson

67.Question: How does Ash Williams call his shotgun?


68.Question: Which movie features the dialogue, “David, if you kill him, he will win.”?

Answer: Se7en.

69.Question: At the beginning of 'Saw V', under which trap does Seth find himself?

Answer: Pendulum Trap.

70.Question: In which city was Dr. Lecter imprisoned in the movie 'The Silence of the Lambs'?

Answer: Baltimore

71.Question: Six months after an incident with a videotape, a new evil is upon the characters. Can you name the movie?

Answer: The Ring Two.

72.Question: Which California town was attacked by the birds in the movie 'The Birds'?

Answer: Bodega Bay

73.Question: Who among the Friends cast features in the movie 'Scream'?

Answer: Monica

74.Question: Which is the signature weapon of Leatherface?

Answer: A chainsaw

75.Question: Kayako is the main character of which franchise?

Answer: 'The Grudge.'

76.Question: How many Oscars were bagged by the movie 'The Exorcist'?

Answer: Two Oscars, one for Best Adapted Screenplay and won for Best Sound Mixing.

77.Question: What is the name of the priest in the movie 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'?

Answer: Father Richard Moore.

78.Question: In the movie 'The Host', which chemical was dumped in the river?

Answer: Formaldehyde

79.Question: What was going to be the name of the movie 'Scream'?

Answer: Scary Movie.

80.Question: At first, who, according to Charlie Brewster, is the vampire in 'Fright Night'?

Answer: Jerry Dandrige, his next-door neighbor.

81.Question: Who is assumed to be the devil’s son in the film 'The Omen'?

Answer: Damien Thorn

82.Question: In the movie 'Drag Me to Hell', where does Christine Brown work?

Answer: She is a bank loan officer.

83.Question: The movie 'From Hell' is based on which serial killer?

Answer: Jack the Ripper

84.Question: In 'Phantasm', what is the name of the antagonist, who is also known as the Tall Man?

Answer: Jebediah Morningside.

85.Question: What was one of the most important rules of horror films to be followed in 'Scream'?

Answer: Never say that I’ll be right back.

86.Question: What was the name of the ship carrying the gold in 'Ghost Ship'?

Answer: Antonia Graza

87.Question: When was 'Night of the Living Dead' released?

Answer: In 1968

88.Question: What kind of monster is the Pumpkinhead?

Answer: Revenge Demon

89.Question: Dr. Samuel Loomis has featured in how many Halloween movies?

Answer: Seven Halloween films out of eleven.

90.Question: Who has directed the 1976 film 'The Omen'?

Answer: Richard Donner.

91.Question: Who is the archenemy of Chucky in the Child’s Play franchise?

Answer: Andy Barclay.

92.Question: What does the Candyman have in place of his hand?

Answer: A hook.

93.Question: 'The Evil Dead' franchise features which book?

Answer: Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (The Book of the Dead or Naturom Demento)

94.Question: What is Christine?

Answer: Plymouth Fury, a possessed car in the movie Christine.

95.Question: Who plays the role of Sidney in the 1996 movie Scream?

Answer: Neve Campbell

96.Question: What is the name of the antagonist of the Hitcher movie?

Answer: John Ryder

97.Question: In the movie House of Wax, professor Henry Jarrod is obsessed with which thing?

Answer: Wax sculptors

98.Question: On whose face was the Halloween mask based?

Answer: Captain Kirk mask.

99.Question: Who asked Carrie to the prom in the movie 'Carrie'?

Answer: Thomas Everett Ross

100.Question: What was the name of the priest in the movie 'The Exorcist'?

Answer: Father Damien Karras

101.Question: What is the name of the killer in the 1980’s movie 'Friday the 13th'?

Answer: Pamela Sue Voorhees

102.Question: By what name does the killer in the movie 'Black Christmas' call his victim?

Answer: Agnes

103.Question: Who is the famous couple paranormal investigator in the Conjuring Universe?

Answer: Edward and Lorraine Warren.

104.Question: What does Countess Dracula use to bathe in?

Answer: In the blood of the servant girls.

111.Question: Which horror movie features the famous dialogue “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.”?

Answer: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

106.Question: What is the name of the protagonist of Night of Living Dead?

Answer: Ben

107.Question: Where do the events of Resident Evil take place?

Answer: Raccoon City

108.Question: Which was the first found-footage horror movie?

Answer: 'The Blair Witch Project'

109.Question: Which of Stephen King’s book's adaptations failed to make an impression, according to the author himself?

Answer: 'The Shining.'

110.Question: For which horror movie did the actress sleep in bloody clothes for three days to make sure she looks right for the gory scenes?

Answer: 'Carrie'

Here at Kidadl, we have curated lists of various trivia questions based on horror movies that have kept us up all night. If you liked this, why not go through our other movie-based trivia such as 80s movies trivia questions and 'Harry Potter' movie trivia.


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