Ultimate Superhero Trivia Quiz: Do You Have The Power?

Test you knowledge with this superhero quiz, hard and easy questions can be found here!

Comics are a hugely popular part of literature, with Batman even being considered by many as the 21st century's greatest literary character.

From the pages of our favorite comics to the big screens of Hollywood and beyond, superheros are hugely popular! But how much do you really know about them?

The most famous superheroes are all household names now, such as Spider Man, Captain America, Iron Man, T'Challa, Wonder Woman and Batman. Why not test your knowledge of these family favorites with this quiz on superheroes? We are sure these superhero questions about the Fantastic Four, DC Comics, Marvel and more will make you put your thinking cap on! If you enjoy this superhero quiz game, you might also like our Batman trivia and Guardians Of The Galaxy trivia too.

Superheroes DC Comics Trivia Questions

Answer this DC superheroes quiz to test your level of DC Comics knowledge, how much do you know?

1. Question: Who is the archenemy of Aquaman?

Answer: Malefic.

2. Question: Who does Dick Grayson take the name of 'Nightwing' in honor of?

Answer: Superman and Batman.

3. Question: Who originally killed Superman in the 1993 comic?

Answer: Doomsday.

4. Question: Name the second most trusted hero in the Justice League?

Answer: Dick Grayson.

5. Question: Who, in the DC universe, has a higher IQ than Batman?

Answer: Lex Luthor.

6. Question: When was Harley Quinn's first appearance in the DC universe?

Answer: September 1992 in 'Batman: Animated Series' in the episode titled 'Joker's Favour'.

7. Question: Did Wonder Woman ever get a solo comic book?

Answer: Yes.

8. Question: Which superhero is actually faster than Superman?

Answer: The Flash.

9. Question: What was The Justice League's very first comic book called?

Answer: 'Justice League Of America'.

10. Question: What creature was Starro?

Answer: A starfish.

11. Question: Name the seven official members of The Justice League?

Answer: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter.

12. Question: Who was Aquaman's sidekick?

Answer: Aqualad.

13. Question: What was Superman's real name on the planet Krypton?

Answer: Kal-El.

14. Question: What was the name of Batman's Butler?

Answer: Alfred Pennyworth.

15. Question: Name the member of The Justice League who is one of the strongest telepaths in the DC universe?

Answer: Martian Manhunter

Marvel Comic Superhero Trivia Game Questions

Superheroes are not just known for being all-powerful, they are much more than that. Answer this superhero quiz to test your Marvel knowledge!

16. Question: Who is Daredevil's arch nemesis?

Answer: Kingpin.

17. Question: Where was Natasha Romanoff born?

Answer: The Soviet Union.

18. Question: Who manipulated Bruce Banner into attacking Blonsky?

Answer: General Ross.

19. Question: Which mutant time travels in the comic 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'?

Answer: Kitty Pryde.

20. Question: Who created Captain America?

Answer: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

21. Question: Where does Iron Man 's origin story begin?

Answer: Vietnam.

22. Question: What is the name of the X-Men's plane?

Answer: X-Jet, Blackbird.

23. Question: Who said, "with great power comes great responsibility"?

Answer: Ben Parker.

Superheroes Quiz Questions About The Movies

Quiz the day away with these amazing kids superhero trivia questions!

24. Question: Who played the role of Superman in 'Superman: The Movie' (1978)?

Answer: Christopher Reeve.

25. Question: Who played the role of Blade in the 1998 film?

Answer: Wesley Snipes.

26. Question: Which character is the villain in the first Spider man movie?

Answer: The Green Goblin.

27. Question: Which producer made a cameo in 'Wonder Woman'?

Answer: Zack Snyder.

28. Question: Matt Murdock is whose secret identity?

Answer: Daredevil.

Name The Superhero Quiz

Which is your favorite superhero character?

Answer this quick set of questions and answers to find out if you really know all there is to know about superheroes! Can you get these superhero movie trivia questions and answers right? These superhero quiz questions have been crafted specifically to leave your mind boggled!

29. Question: Whose secret identity is Peter Parker?

Answer: Spider Man.

30. Question: Name the superhero who started as an Iron Man antagonist?

Answer: Black Widow.

31. Question: Which superhero is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira?

Answer: Wonder Woman.

32.Question: Who is the founder and leader of the X Men?

Answer: Professor X/Charles Xavier lead the X Men.

33. Question: Who was the first superhero ever?

Answer: The Phantom, this character debuted on 17 February 1936.

34. Question: Whose real name is Wade Wilson?

Answer: Deadpool.

35. Question: Which character is played by the late actor Chadwick Boseman?

Answer: T'Challa/Black Panther.

36. Question: Name the flammable Marvel superhero?

Answer: Human Torch.

37. Question: Which superhero gets their power from a magic ring?

Answer: Green Lantern.

38. Question: Who was the first female superhero ?

Answer: Fantomah.

Easy Superhero Trivia For Kids

Superheroes became a part of our childhood and, thanks to the increase in superhero movies, their names have now been engraved in the minds of the younger generations too. Check out this easy quiz full of superhero trivia for younger fans.

39. Question: Was Captain America born with powers?

Answer: No.

40. Question: Where does Spider Man shoot his webs from?

Answer: His wrist.

41. Question: Who is Iron Man married to?

Answer: Pepper Potts.

42. Question: Who is the leader of The Fantastic Four?

Answer: Reed Richards.

43. Question: What is Captain America's real name?

Answer: Steve Rogers.

44. Question: How many members are there in the original Avengers?

Answer: Six.

45. Question: How did Peter Parker get his special powers?

Answer: He was bitten by a radioactive spider.

46. Question: How many PhDs does Bruce Banner have?

Answer: Seven.

Hard Superhero Trivia

These superhero trivia facts will be really hard to solve, so let's see if you can answer these Marvel and DC superhero trivia questions. Who can give the best comic superhero trivia answers? Remember that this superhero quiz for kids take a lot of knowledge to win!

Captain America is a fan favorite character in the comic book industry.

47. Question: Can you name the online handle used by Bruce Wayne?

Answer: JonDoe297.

48. Question: Who was the chairman of the Avengers when 'Avengers West Coast' was sanctioned?

Answer: Vision.

49. Who is considered the light to Batman's darkness?

Answer: Robin.

50. Question: Which superhero displayed the curse of Kordax at birth?

Answer: Aquaman.

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