60 Unique Boy Names Beginning With X

Baby boy names with X are unusual phonetically and in appearance.

In today's society, parents often want to experiment with names for their little ones.

Often parents want to stick to traditional and popular names for their baby boy. However, many want to choose something rare or interesting.

Recently, Elon Musk named his son, X Æ A-12, to the confusion of many. However, this started a craze for many people giving their children names starting with the letter "X". As the letter X is different from other letters in the alphabet (few words are formed with X at the start), such names beginning with X sound daring and exciting. We have curated a list of baby names for boys starting with X , sorted by category which we have listed below. Baby boy names starting with X such as; Xylon which means "from the forest" or Ximen name meaning "God has heard" or Xiomar name meaning "famous in the battle" are a few examples of the strong and brilliant names you'll find on our list.

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Classic Boy Names Starting With X

Traditional baby names never disappoint. Here's a list of classic baby boy names that start with X that may be perfect for your son.

1. Xabat (Spanish origin) meaning "savior".

2. Xaidyn(American origin) meaning "versatility, enthusiasm".

3. Xander (Greek origin) meaning "defender of man" is a variation of Alexander. This got popular even more after Marlou Arizala a Filipino social media icon commonly known as Xander Ford.

4. Xandros (Hungarian, Greek origin) meaning "protector of man" is another variation used for Alexander.

5. Xanon (Greek origin) meaning "a wool carder". It is also considered as the occupational last name in Greek culture.

6. Xaviero (Latin origin) meaning "savior" is a Spanish name for Salvador.

7. Xenagus (Greek origin) meaning "the one who leads the guests".

8. Xenophanes (Greek origin) meaning "foreign-looking person" is a variation of the term Xenon.

9. Xindel (Hebrew origin) meaning "protector of humankind". This name is used in a variation as Xindl X by a Czech singer-songwriter.

10. Xing (Chinese origin) meaning "successful or thriving" also considered a variation for Zing meaning a star. It is a commonly used Chinese name by actors and singers.

11. Xing-Fu (Chinese origin) meaning "joyful happiness".

12. Xiphus (Greek origin) meaning "a swordsman".

13. Xoese (African origin) meaning "belief, faith".

Contemporary Boys' Names That Start With X

(A name that starts with an X stands out from the crowd.

Baby boy names that start with X have a unique sound and appearance, so it is no surprise they are growing in popularity. Below are a range of fantastic, contemporary baby names for your son that start with X.

14. Xadrian (American origin) meaning "the created one". This name is created by combining X and the name Adrian. It is a given term for a music artist based in India named Pavan Kumar.

15. Xathieur (Basque origin) meaning "new house". It is also considered as a variation for Xavier.

16. Xavius (Dutch origin) meaning "new house". This baby's name represents love for domestic life.

17. Xeno (Greek origin) meaning "foreign voice".

18. Xever (Spanish origin) meaning "new house, bright".

19. Xidorn (American origin) meaning "the truth-seeker".

20. Ximenes (Spanish origin) meaning "listening intently" is a Hebrew variant of Simon.

21. Ximeno (Basque origin) meaning "son".

22. Xobeen (Arabic origin) meaning "spear" is a variation of the spelling Zubeen.

23. Xola (African origin) meaning "stay in peace". It is a variation taken by Xolani Mlambo, a South African football midfielder.

Nature Related Boy Names That Start With X

Baby names that are associated with nature are attractive for many parents. Below are our favorite popular nature-related baby names starting with X.

24. Xamire (Hebrew origin) meaning "songbird" is a variation for the name Zamir with an X.

25. Xarles (French origin) meaning "manly in nature".

26. Xaviell (Spanish origin) meaning "bright".

27. Xeven (Slavonic origin) meaning "lively". It is associated with the famous beach club in Spain.

28. Xhaiden (American origin) meaning "cleansing beam of light".

29. Xiao Chen (Chinese origin) meaning "early morning".

30. Xicohtencatl (Aztec, Nahuatl origin) meaning "person from bumblebee place, angry".

31. Xihuitl (Aztec, Nahuatl origin) meaning "comet".

32. Xowie (Greek origin) meaning  "life".

33. Xu (Chinese origin) meaning "brilliant rising sun". It is a very popular first name amongst many Chinese public figures.

34. Xylon (Greek origin) meaning "from the forest".

Famous Boy Names Beginning With X

Many famous names begin with the letter X.

Boy names that start with X are common in pop culture. Here are a few of our favorites.

35. Xabiere (American origin) meaning "the chosen one".

36. Xanadu (Asian origin) meaning "Mongolian city". This is the name of a popular city in Mongolia, Asia.

37. Xanto (Italian origin) meaning "golden".

38. Xavian (Spanish origin) meaning "new house".

39. Xavi (Basque origin) meaning "new house".

40. Xenocrates(Greek origin) meaning "power, foreigner" is known after the 4th-century great philosopher.

41. Xenos (Greek origin) meaning "hospitality".

42. Xiomar (Greek origin) meaning  "famous in the battle".

43. Xorn (American origin). It is a name taken by the fictional character in the 'X-Men' series.

44. Xuri (Swahili origin) meaning "beautiful". It is a variation of the baby name Zuri taken up in the movie 'Black Panther'.

45. Xyler (English origin) meaning "carefree person", a variant of the name Tyler.

Religious Boy Names Starting With X

Religious households often choose religious names for their children. Here are a few boy names that start with the letter X, associated with religion.

46. Xach/Xackery (Hebrew origin) meaning "lord has remembered". It is a variation of the boy name "Zackery".

47. Xanthus (Greek origin) meaning "golden". The name is also associated with the God of the river.

48. Xantiago (Portuguese origin) meaning "follower of a saint". This name is usually used for the men who are followers of Saint John.

49. Xavion (Arabic origin) meaning "spiritual fighter".

50. Xavier (Basque origin) meaning "new house, home". The name is usually associated with St. Xavier.

51. Xenon (Greek origin) meaning "foreign person or stranger".

52. Xerxes (Persian origin) meaning "King of heroes". This name is derived from the name Khshayarsha which has the same meaning.

53. Xhiva (Indian origin) meaning "kind, auspicious". It is the Assamese version of Lord Shiva.

Unisex Names Beginning With X

Gender-neutral names are often interesting and uncommon. Here are a few unisex names that may be the perfect fit for your baby boy.

54. Xannon (American origin) meaning "the ancient God".

55. Xanthe (Greek origin) meaning "yellow color".

56. Xanti (Portuguese origin) meaning "flower" this is also a short form for the name "Xantiago".

57. Xi-Wang (Chinese origin) meaning "hope".

58. Xiang (Chinese origin) meaning "good luck" was earlier used as a surname amongst the Chinese population but has now been accepted as a personal name too.

59. Xio (Spanish origin) meaning "ready for battle".

60.  Xiaofan  (Chinese origin) meaning "little obedient one".

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