87 Unique Girls' Names Beginning With J

Girls' names beginning with J could be good for this baby wearing a floral headband.

Congratulations - you're having a baby girl! Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, there's a lot to think about.

And between baby brain, names of old schoolmates you want to avoid and all your friends throwing their girls' name ideas into the mix, choosing the perfect name for your newborn can be tricky. So Kidadl is here to help you out, and bring some impartial baby name inspiration from around the world for your baby girl.

It's important to choose a name that you love, you'll be saying it a lot. So whether you have Scottish heritage or are a lover of the sea, try choosing a theme you connect with.  We've collected as many girl names that start with the letter J as we can find and broken them down into 9 different areas of inspiration. If you're looking for baby girls' names that start with J, we have the definitive list right here.

Popular Girls' Names Beginning With J

Whilst it can be nice to have a baby girl name that is a bit different, some parents don't want a name which stands out too much. So, if you're on the search for slightly more traditional baby girl names starting with J, then this is the list for you.

Baby's feet out while held by parent.

Jacqueline (French origin) meaning 'He Who Supplants.

Jaime (Spanish origin, feminine form of James) meaning 'He Who Supplants'

Jenna (English origin, diminutive of Jennifer) meaning 'Fair Phantom' or 'White and Smooth'

Jennifer (English origin) meaning 'The Fair One'

Jessica (Hebrew origin) meaning 'He Sees'

Jillian (Latin origin) meaning 'Youthful'

Jodie (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Praised' or 'A Woman From Judea'

Josie (English origin, diminutive of Josephine) meaning 'Jehovah Increases'

Josephine (French origin) meaning 'God Will Increase'

Julia, Julie (Latin origin) meaning 'Youthful'

Juliet (English origin)  meaning 'Youthful'

Celebrity Inspired Girls Names Beginning with J

If you're on the search for baby girl names starting with J that are just a little bit different, you can always rely on the wacky world of celebrity to bring some inspiration to your search.

James (Hebrew origin) meaning 'That Supplants'. Usually a boys name, James has became a more popular baby girl name since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's named their first little girl James.

Jada (Hebrew origin) meaning 'He Knows.' Jada Pinkett Smith helped this variant of Jade rise in popularity as a baby name for girls.

Jagger (English origin) meaning 'Carter.' Made famous by Rolling Stones legend Mick, Jagger became a baby girl name when actress Soleil Moon Frye chose the unusual moniker for her little girl.

Jolene (modern, feminine form of Joseph) meaning  'God Will Increase.' Made famous as a baby girl name by the classic Dolly Parton hit.

Jolie (French origin) meaning 'Pretty' has become a popular baby girl name due to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

Judy (Hebrew origin) meaning 'He Will Be Praised,' Judy Garland made this variant of Judith a more popular baby girl name.

Female Names for John

If you're having a baby girl, but have a male relative you'd like to honour, here are some lovely baby girl names beginning with J that are derived from the male 'John' that you could use instead.    

Baby laughing in a ball pit

Jane (English origin, feminine form of John) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Janice (English origin, feminine form of John) 'God is Gracious'

Jean (English origin, feminine form of John) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Jeanne (French origin, feminine form of John ) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Jeanette, Jeannette, Jeanetta (French origin, feminine form of John) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Joanna, Johanna (Latin origin, feminine form of John) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Juana, Juanita (Hebrew and Spanish origin, feminine form of John) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Goodness Inspired Girls Names Beginning with J

If you're on the search for baby names beginning with J for girls that say virtue and innocence, this is the list for you.

Jaffa (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Beautiful'

Jaganmata (Hindi origin) meaning 'Mother Of The World'

Jamila (Arabic origin) meaning 'Lovely'

Janoah (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘Quiet and Calm'

Jendayi (African origin) meaning 'Grateful' or 'Thankful'

Junko (Japanese origin) meaning 'Obedient' or 'Pure'

Justice (French/Latin origin) meaning 'Just behaviour or Treatment'

Justine (Latin origin) meaning 'Fair and Righteous'

Happiness Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With J

Girl kissing mum's pregnant belly

More than anything children bring us happiness, so it makes sense to search for baby girl names that reflect that. If you're looking for baby girl names beginning with J that also say happiness, this is the girls' names list for you.  

Jocelyn (German origin) meaning 'Cheerful'

Joie (French origin) meaning 'Joy'

Jovita (Latin origin) meaning 'Made Glad'

Joy (English origin) meaning 'Happiness'

Joyce (English origin) meaning 'Joyous' or 'Merry'

Jyotis (Hindi origin) meaning 'Light of the Sun'

Nature Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With J

Baby girl crawling through

From flora and fauna to the changing seasons, the world is brimming with colour and beauty, making nature the perfect place to look for baby name inspirations, especially for girls. Any nature lover is sure to find what they're looking for in these baby names that start with J for girls.      

Jacinda (Spanish origin) meaning 'Hyacinth'

Jade (Spanish origin) meaning 'Stone Of The Side,' and referring to the famous green gemstone

Jael (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘Mountain Goat’

Jarita (Hindi/Sanskrit origin) meaning 'Famous Bird'

Jasmine (Persian origin) meaning 'Gift From God,' and referring to the flower

Jemma (English origin) meaning 'Precious Stone’

Jemima (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Dove'

Jessamine, Jessamyn (French origin) named after the jasmine flower

Jessamy (Persian Origin) meaning 'Jasmine Flower’

Jewel (English origin) meaning 'Precious Stone'

Jubilee (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘Horn Of A Ram'

Juniper (Latin origin) meaning 'Young' and referring to the small evergreen shrub

Mythology Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With J

Dad kissing newborn baby girl

Some of best baby names come from Greek and Roman mythology - who wouldn't want to name their baby girl after an all-powerful God or Goddess? So if you're on the search for girls names starting with J that are as grand as your own little girl, this is the list for you.

January (Latin origin) derived from Janus, Roman God of Doorways

Jocasta (Greek origin), the daughter of the King of Thebes and Mother of Oedipus

June (Latin origin) derived from Juno, the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth. Can also simply mean 'Born In June'

Junelle, Junette (Latin origin) derived from Juno, the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth

Juno (Latin origin) named for the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth

Jupiter (Latin origin) meaning 'Father Zeus,' Jupiter was a God in Roman mythology

Spiritual Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With J

Baby sleeping in wicker basket

Many of our oldest baby girls names have their origins in religious texts. And more recently, as we've started to experiment with names a little more, many of our newer baby girl names have also found their inspiration in different kinds of spirituality. So if you're looking for girl names starting with J that also reflect your spiritual side, have a search in this list.  

Janet (French origin) meaning 'the Lord is Gracious'

Janine (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Gift from God'

Janka (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Gift from God'

Jeovana, Jeovanna (English origin, feminine form of Giovanni) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Jenesis (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Origin' or 'Birth'

Jenica (Romanian origin) meaning 'God is Gracious'

Joelle (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Jehovah is the Lord'

Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Flowing Down,' originally used for children baptised in holy water from the river Jordan

Journey (English origin), literally meaning a voyage

Judah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Praised'

Judith (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Jewish'

Unusual Girls' Names Beginning With J

If you're on the search for baby girl names that are really special and don't feel too overused, you're sure to find some baby name inspiration here. From ancient names to modern ones, these girl names starting with J will set your baby apart from the crowd.

Jaamini (Sanskrit origin) meaning 'Night' or 'Evening'

Jacoba (Hebrew origin, feminine form of Jacob) meaning 'That Supplants' or 'Seizing By The Heel'

Jadrian (English origin), a modern combination of the names Jay or Jade and Adrian

Jadwiga (Polish origin) meaning 'War Battle'

Jala (Arabic origin) meaning 'High', 'Great', 'Imposing' or 'Illustrious'

Jasperine (Persian origin) meaning 'Keeper of Treasure'

Jenevieve, Jennavieve (English origin) Modern phonetic variant of Genevieve

Jerilyn, Jerelyn (English origin) meaning 'Rules By The Spear'

Jerusha (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Married'

Jesara (English origin) meaning 'Rich' or 'God Beholds'

Jimena (Spanish origin) meaning 'Heard'

Jiselle (English origin) modern phonetic spelling of Giselle

Jorja (Modern origin), phonetic variant of Georgia

Jørgina (Dutch origin) meaning 'Farmer'

Juliana (Latin origin, feminine form of Julian) meaning 'Youthful'

Juliska (Hungarian origin) meaning 'Youthful'

July (Latin and English origin) meaning 'Down-Bearded Youth' or simply 'Born In July'

Junia (Latin origin) meaning 'Young'

Jyl, Jyll, Jyllina (English origin, variant of Jillian or Gillian) meaning 'Jove's Child'



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