11 Unique Kid-Friendly Afternoon Teas in London

Afternoon tea laid out on a table.

The age-old afternoon tea tradition makes for the perfect Mother's Day treat and there are now so many in London that not only welcome kids, but whose teas are creatively tailored towards them. From afternoon teas-on-the-go,  classic children's tale themes, and even some that will skyrocket you to the moon, these unique afternoon teas are the perfect way to delight your little ones and spoil yourself this Mother's Day... you deserve it!

B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

b bakery unique afternoon tea

B Bakery's Bus Tour has become one of the most sought-out afternoon tea experiences in London. Experience a two-in-one afternoon tea and London tour like no other as you take in the city's rich culture whilst enjoying one of its oldest traditions. Atop a retro Routemaster red bus, you’ll drive through some of London's most amazing sights including landmarks like Big Ben, Hyde Park and Nelson’s Column all while indulging in an exquisite array of delightful finger sandwiches and the prettiest pink cakes. Brigit's Bakery maintain the adorable aesthetic and delicious standards of their Covent Garden cafe whilst adapting to a meal on-the-go - tea is served in a chic keep cup so there's no chance of spillage which you even get to keep as a souvenir! It doesn't get more quintessentially British than this.

Where is it? Meet at Victoria Coach Station, London SW1W 9TN

How much to budget for: With our current 25% Kidadl discount code, tickets start at £33.75 per child and £41.25 per adult on weekdays.

Nearest Tube: Victoria

Is it buggy friendly? No, but their permanent cafe is!

Kidadler Alex says: "The food was amazing and such generous portions - they give you takeaway boxes if you can't finish it all (though of course we did!)"

B Bakery Thames Cruise + Afternoon Tea

If you loved B Bakery's Bus Tour, then get ready to take to the Thames with their new afternoon tea boat cruise! See the sights from a whole new perspective as you escape the hustle and bustle of the city and step aboard this vintage, private motor yacht complete with a uniformed captain. As you glide down the River Thames you'll take in some of London’s best landmarks whilst enjoying B Bakery's famous afternoon tea. This quaint Elizabethan boat offers stunning views of Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and the London Eye from its open upper deck, then sit down and relax downstairs to enjoy your traditional afternoon tea complete with Brigit's pink cupcakes, pretzel sandwiches and famous lemon meringues. Setting sail in July, the early bird catches the worm with this one - or, um, cake...

Where is it? Meet at Butler's Wharf Pier, London SE1 2YE

How much to budget for: With our early bird discount code, ticket start from £55.25 per child and £63.75 per adult.

Nearest Tube: London Bridge or Tower Hill

Is it buggy friendly? No, but their permanent cafe is!

Kidadlers say: The boat hasn't set sail yet, but we can't wait to take a ride!

Afternoon Tea at the Painted Hall

family afternoon tea at the painted hall

Enjoy an afternoon tea fit for royalty at the stunning Old Royal Naval College! This historic Greenwich landmark - birthplace of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I! - offers sumptuous sweet and savoury treats and unlimited tea under the recently renovated Painted Hall. After a charming traditional tea of clotted cream scones, mini cakes and finger sandwiches you'll get to marvel at the exquisite Painted Hall in all its 18th-century glory. Your little historians and painters-in-making will be fascinated by this elaborate masterpiece, learning how artist Thornhill accomplished the Painted Hall and meeting the array ancient gods adorning its ceiling.

Where is it? Royal Naval College, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 9NN

How much to budget for: Kids tickets for their simple cream tea are just £5.40, or £18 for the full afternoon tea. Includes unlimited re-entry to the Painted Hall for a whole year!

Nearest Tube: North Greenwich or Greenwich DLR

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadler Helena says: "Wonderful and very filling afternoon tea!"

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea

wonderland unique afternoon tea

Tumble down the rabbit hole and experience the Mad Hatter's afternoon tea for yourself!  Kids will delight in this Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party where menus are disguised as vintage books and everything you tuck into comes straight from Lewis Carroll's famous tale. Enjoy the King of Hearts parmesan croque-monsieur stack, Tweedle Dee’s lemon curd financier, the Mad March Hare’s pocket-watch macaroon and a mocha chessboard gateau all washed down with Queen of Hearts teapots and “Drink Me” potions. Just be careful not to lose your head in this wacky world of Wonderland!

Where is it? The Sanderson Hotel, 50 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NG

How much to budget for: From £40 per person

Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus or Goodge Street

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadler Alina says: "Delicious tea and food... little one enjoyed the themed cakes!"

A Right Royale Tea: The Comedy Afternoon Tea Experience

family friendly afternoon tea

Get your headdress on - you're invited to an afternoon of 1920s frivolity with Right Royale Tea's themed extravaganza. Hosted by Lord Marmaduke and Lady Right themselves, this immersive theatre-slash-dining experience takes 'dinner and a show' to a whole new level as you tuck into tea and throw yourself into theatre at the same time. This is the perfect un-pompous afternoon tea for families who don't take themselves too seriously... with mischievous maids, a tipsy Lady and boisterous butlers, what could possibly go wrong?! Right Royale Tea are also available for private hire parties if you haven't had your fill of silliness!

Where is it? The Amba Hotel, Strand, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5HX

How much to budget for: From £35 per person

Nearest Tube: Charing Cross

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadler Emma says: "A fun experience for all the family!"

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea

chocolate afternoon tea

Step into the world of pure imagination and indulge in a Willy Wonka-inspired afternoon tea! If there was ever a children's story we wanted to tuck into it was certainly this one, and now all your chocolate factory dreams can come true. From chocolate milkshakes whizzed by waterfall to elaborate chocolate eggs and (have you guessed it?) chocolate flavoured tea, One Aldwych recreates Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’s wonderland full of Roald Dahl-esque delights that will wow kids and adults alike! With dress-up optional, this is one afternoon tea your little ones are sure to love. Grab your golden ticket now...

Where is it? One Aldwych Hotel, West End, London WC2B 4BZ

How much to budget for: From £47 per person

Nearest Tube: Temple or Covent Garden

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadler Sarah says: "We were like kids in a candy shop!"

Little Prince and Princess Afternoon Tea

Historic luxury hotel The Rubens at the Palace believe that your little prince and princess deserve to indulge in tea-time traditions too. Overlooking Buckingham Palace itself, enjoy an afternoon tea fit for royalty with children's versions of all the quintessential classics as well as their choice of milkshake, hot chocolate or soft drink!

Where is it? The Rubens at The Palace, 39 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0PS

How much to budget for: Kids from £15, adults from £45

Nearest Tube: Victoria

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadler Sharon says: "Go hungry! I was treated like royalty"

Miffy Afternoon Tea

The adorable Miffy franchise has teamed up with global family members' club Maggie & Rose in a double celebration of Miffy's 65th anniversary and Mother's Day 2020! The collab launches just in time for Mothering Sunday this 22nd March at the newly opened public Maggie & Rose cafe in Islington. Enjoy kitsch Miffy cookies, orange macarons and every bunny's favourite carrot cake as well as your healthy dose of veggies with a Kensington-esque carrot shot (it is Maggie & Rose after all...) all surrounded by Dick Bruna's iconic Miffy illustrations.

Where is it? Maggie & Rose, 116 Upper Street, London N1 1AB

How much to budget for: From £12 per adult and just £5 per child

Nearest Tube: Highbury & Islington or Angel

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadlers say: Miffy's tea hasn't launched just yet, but we can't wait to tuck in from Sunday 22nd March for Mother's Day!

Kids' Sci-Fi Afternoon Tea

All set to launch upon a rocket-shaped cake stand, The Ampersand Hotel's explosive afternoon tea is tailored to young and old mad scientists alike. Standard sandwiches and clotted cream scones are SO 2019... Ampersand's inventive tea menu instead features a 'spaceman' hot chocolate, edible fossils, rocket cheese straws and curious petri-dish jelly in this light-years-ahead afternoon tea. Soar for the stars and get experimental with the kids' tastiest science lesson!

Where is it? The Ampersand, 10 Harrington Road, London, SW7 3ER

How much to budget for: From £29.50

Nearest Tube: South Kensington

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadler Paulina says: "I loved every minute of it!"

The Peter Rabbit™ Afternoon Tea

unique afternoon tea london

The Terrace On Piccadilly have created an award-winning Peter Rabbit themed afternoon tea that would definitely make Beatrix Potter proud. With delightful 'vegetable patch' serving boards tailored to both kids and adults, you'll feel like the mischievous bunny himself rummaging amongst mini meringue toad-stalls, edible flower pots complete with chocolate soil and 'Flopsy's Strawberry Surprise' that children and nostalgic parents will be charmed by.

Where is it? The Terrace on Piccadilly, 21 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BH

How much to budget for: From £25

Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadler Sandra says: "Everything fitted the theme perfectly!"

Fruit & Vegetable Patch Afternoon Tea

London family afternoon tea.

The famous Dominique Ansel Bakery have just launched the perfect springtime tea celebrating all the fresh, seasonal produce from their garden terrace. Get the little ones excited about their fruits and veggies with this playful afternoon tea full of 'Peas in a Pod', teeny edible bees and sweet strawberry cubes, washed down with hot chocolate or fresh herbal teas and all as beautiful as you'd expect from this Instagrammable London staple.

Where is it? 17-21 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9RP

How much to budget for: From £39

Nearest Tube: Victoria

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Kidadlers say: This Fruit & Veg Patch Tea has only just launched, so be the first to send us a review @kidadl!

For more afternoon teas and perfect Mother's Day experiences, head to Kidadl.com.



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