143 Unique Nordic Girl Names With Meanings

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Looking for a bold name for your little girl?

Or perhaps something simple and pretty? Nordic culture provides an array of sweet, strong and distinctive names to choose from.

If you're looking for something truly bold, where better to take inspiration from than from the Vikings?  These fierce Scandinavian warriors were known for their great voyages and militaristic prowess. From Estrid to Inga, we've collected together some of the best female Viking names for you to peruse.

Or, perhaps, you'd like to take inspiration from the Valkyries, the mythological spirit maidens that served Odin, God of war, and that crop up time and again in Old Norse folklore? These wild female warriors allegedly flew over battlefields to select the most courageous of the fallen soldiers and take them to Odin's 'hall of slain warriors'. They have become a legendary emblem of female strength and determination, making their names an excellent choice for parents looking for girl names that are dynamic and powerful. From Radgrid to Mist, Gondul to Hildr there are so many here for you to choose from.

Whatever you're looking for, we've got tons of Norse names for you to muse over. Scroll through our list of female names and find your favourite!

Popular Nordic Girls' Names

Some of the best-loved Nordic names for girls, these female names are common in either Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Iceland.

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1) Aada - this Finnish name means ‘noble type’.

2) Aino - this Finnish name means 'the only one'.

3) Alma - this Swedish girls' name means 'loving'.

4) Annika - means 'grace' or 'favour'.

5) Ansa - this Finnish name means 'virtue'.

6) Asa - (pronounced aw-suh) means 'goddess'.

7) Bergdis - this Norwegian name means 'spirit protection'.

8) Birgit - means 'strong' or 'powerful'.

9) Birgitta - (pronounced b-eer-jee-tah) means 'strength'.

10) Ebba - this popular Swedish girls' name means 'queen of riches'.

11) Eevi - the Finnish version of the British 'Evie' means 'living'.

12) Elea - this well-loved Finnish name means 'strange'; it was the top name for girls in Finland in 2019!

13) Elin - a sweet name for your baby girl meaning 'light'.

14) Elsa - a popular name in Sweden, Elsa means 'noble'.

15) Filippa - means 'lover/friend of horses'.

16) Inger - meaning 'hero's daughter'.

17) Karin - meaning 'pure'.

18) Kerstin - (pronounced key-ear-stin) is the Scandinavian form of 'Christine', and it means 'Christian woman'.

19) Linnea - (pronounced lin-nay-ah) means 'twinflower'.

20) Maja -(m-eye-ah) means 'pearl'.

21) Margareta - means 'pearl'.

22) Mia - means 'mine'.

23) Noora - means 'light'.

24) Stina - means 'Christian woman'.

25) Tyra - (pronounced tee-rah) means 'God of battle'.

26) Ulla - (pronounced eu-la) means 'determination'.

27) Wilma - means 'resolute protection'.

Pretty Nordic Names For Girls

These lovely Nordic female names would make a great choice for your new baby.

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28) Abellona - this Norwegian name means 'the sun Goddess'.

29) Agneta - (pronounced ang-nyeta) means 'pure' or 'sacred'.

30) Agnetha - means  'pure' or 'holy'.

31) Anja - (pronounced an-yah) means 'merciful' or 'gracious'.

32) Annalina - this sweet Swedish baby name means 'graceful light'.

33) Atalie - means 'pure'.

34) Carin - meaning 'pure'.

35) Carita - means 'love' or 'affection'.

36) Carola - means 'free woman'.

37) Cilla - (pronounced sill-uh) means 'blind' or 'ancient'.

38) Eira - (pronounced eh-ee-rah) means 'merciful'.

39) Elise - (pronounced eh-leese) means 'promise of God'.

40) Else - Means 'promise of God' or 'rebellious'.

41) Embla - means 'elm'.

42) Evelina -  means 'light'.

43) Juni - this Norwegian name means 'born in June'.

44) Kajsa - (pronounced kye-sah) means 'pure'.

45) Karina - a common name in several European countries meaning 'pure'.

46) Katri - means 'pure'.

47) Katrin - means 'purity'.

48) Klara - means 'clear'.

49) Krista - means 'believer'.

50) Lena - (pronounced leah-nah) means 'tender'.

51) Lif - means 'life' or 'to exist'.

52) Lili - means 'abundance'.

53) Lindy - means 'lime tree'.

54) Lotta - this pretty name actually means 'man' or 'masculine'!

55) Lovisa - (pronounced loo-vee-sah) means 'warrior' or 'fighter'.

56) Lovise - this Norwegian name means 'renowned warrior'.

57) Lulla - this Danish and Norwegian name means 'female warrior'.

58) Lycka - (pronounced lee-kah) means 'happiness'.

59) Malena - means 'from the tower'.

60) Mari - means 'berry'.

61) Marna - a lovely Swedish baby name meaning 'of the sea'.

62) Mikaela - (pronounced mih-kay-eh-lah) means 'God-like'.

63) Moa - this elegant name means 'she is mother'.

64) Monika - means 'advisor'.

65) Pernilla - this girls name means 'rock'.

66) Petra - means 'stone'.

67) Rebecka - the Nordic form of a well-known classic, Rebecka means 'to tie'.

68) Runa - means 'secret love' or 'secret tradition'.

69) Sanna - is the shortened Swedish form of 'Susanna', which means 'lily'.

70) Sassa - means 'divine beauty'.

71) Selma - means 'safe' or 'peace'.

72) Siri -(pronounced see-ree) meaning 'beautiful' or 'victory'.

73) Svea - (pronounced sve-ah) this Scandinavian name means 'of the Swedes'.

74) Terese - means 'harvest'.

75) Ulva - means 'wolf'.

Strong Norse Names for Girls

These strong girl names are a great choice if you're looking for a Nordic name that packs a punch.  

76) Beret - a Norwegian name that means 'bright' or 'glorious'.  

77) Gisla - means 'pledge' or 'hostage'.

78) Gitty - means 'high or 'mighty'.

79) Gun - means 'fight' or 'battle'.

80) Hedda - means 'fight' or 'war'.

81) Helka - this name comes from the old Norse word 'helgi' and means 'holy' or 'blessed'.

82) Kelda - means 'fountain'.

83) Kindra - this Old Norse name means 'greatest champion'.

84) Madlen - means 'a town with a tower'.

85) Magnhild - this Old Norse name means 'strong'.

86) Ragna - this Norse name means 'warrior' or 'goddess'.

87) Thora - means 'thunder goddess'.

88) Toril - means 'temper'.

89) Viveka - means 'war'.

Vikings' Names Names For Girls

The names of Vikings are bold and beautiful, and we've got many for you to choose from. Picking a name with such powerful connotations is sure to give your daughter a great start in life!

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90) Astra - means 'beautiful as a god'.

91) Bodil - means 'fight' or 'penance'

92) Estrid - means 'beautiful' and 'god'.

93) Frida - one of our favourite Viking names, Frida means 'peace'.

94) Gertrud - means 'spear of strength'.

95) Hertha - means 'powerful woman'.

96) Hulta - an old Norse name that means 'gracious' or 'devoted'.

97) Inga - means 'of the god Inge'; Inge was the daughter of the Nordic god of peace and fertility.

98) Inka - the Finnish variant of the name Inga, meaning 'Ing's protection'.

99) Liv - the recognisable nickname of a modern-day classic, Liv also happens to be one of our top Viking names for girls. It means 'of life'.

100) Revna - means 'raven'.

102) Solveig - (pronounced soul-vay) means 'daughter of the sun'.

103) Thyra - means 'thunder goddess'.

104) Tove - one of the Viking names on this list that is still prevalent in modern-day Nordic culture, Tove means 'dove' or beautiful'.

105) Yrsa - means 'she-bear'.

Old Norse Female Names

These old Norse names make for a great choice. Why not choose a name with historic Nordic significance for your new baby?

106) Berit - this nordic name means 'intelligent'.

107) Bodilla - this Old Norse name means 'fighting woman'.

108) Dordi - an Old Norse name meaning 'a gift of God'.

109) Estrith - means 'beautiful goddess'.

110) Freja - (pronounced fray-ya) an Old Norse name that has become one of the most popular names in Scandinavia, Freja means 'noblewoman' or 'lady'.

111) Gimle - an Old Norse name meaning 'new heaven'.

112) Gunnhildr - an Old Norse name that means 'battle'.

113) Helga - this Old Norse name meaning 'divine woman'.

114) Hella - a derivative of Helga, Hella means 'divine woman', 'blessed' or 'holy'.

115) Kjellfrid - an Old Norse name meaning 'beautiful'.

116) Solvi - this Old Norse name means 'from the house of strength'.

Girl Names Inspired By The Valykries

These Nordic female names are those given to the iconic Valkyries of Scandinavian mythology.

117) Geirahod - means 'spear fight'.

118) Geirskogul - (pronounced g-air-skoo-gool) means 'spear bearer'.

119) Goll - means 'tumult'.

120) Gondul -  (pronounced gon-dool) means 'wand-wielder'.

121) Gunnr - is a name that means 'battle', and its modern derivatives, Gun and Gunn, are still in use in modern-day Scandinavia.

122) Herfjotur - (pronounced hair-few-tour) means 'fetter of the army'.

123) Hildr - (pronounced heel-dur) also means 'battle'.

124) Hlokk - means 'sound of battle'.

125) Hrist - means 'shaker' or 'woman'.

126) Mist - means 'cloud'.

127) Olrun - (pronounced ole-run) is thought to mean 'secret rune'.

128) Radgrid - means 'council truce'.

129) Randgrid - means 'shield truce'.

130) Reginleif - means 'daughter of the Gods' or 'power truce'.

131) Sigrun - (pronounced see-grun) means 'secret victory'.

132) Skeggjold - means 'axe-age'.

133) Skogul - means 'shaker', though is sometimes taken to mean 'high-towering'.

134) Skuld - means 'debt'.

135) Thrudr - means 'power' or 'strength'. Thrudr is the daughter of the Thor, the god of thunder.

Female Names From Norse Mythology

If you're looking for Nordic names with links to Norse mythology, there are many to choose from. We've collected some of our favourite girl names from these great, ancient tales here.

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136) Alfhild - this Swedish name means 'battle of elves'.

137) Astrilde - a name of Old Norse origin, Astrilde refers to the Norse Goddess of love.

138) Bestla - this Old Norse name refers to the Norse Goddess Bestla, who was the mother of Gods Odin, Vili, and Ve.

139) Borghild - means 'defence in battle'.  Borghild was the wife of the hero Sigmund in Norse mythology.

140) Embla - Embla was the first women in Old Norse Mythology.

141) Laga -  One of our favourite Norse names, Laga was the Norse Goddess of wells and springs.

142) Saga - this Old Norse name means ‘seeing one’ and was the name of the Norse goddess of history and poetry - what a great association for your baby girl!

143) Siv - an Old Norse name that means 'bride’. Siv was the wife of Thor, the god of thunder and lightening, in Norse Mythology.


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