116 Unique Norwegian Girls' Names

Newborn baby looking happy lying on a blanket with the Norwegian flag behind.

Choosing a name for your baby can be fun, exciting... and really, really tricky.

If you are one of the lucky few who picked their favourite name soon after they found out they were pregnant, then we're more than a little bit jealous.  

It really isn't unusual to feel completely overwhelmed when trying to pick the perfect name for your baby.  With thousands upon thousands of names to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.  There are more recorded names for girls than there are for boys, and whilst we love the fact that there are so many options,  the number of girl name choice can make it even harder to decide on a shortlist.

To make things easier, think about the types of name you like.  Maybe you like traditional girls names, or maybe you prefer more modern girl names.  Maybe you like pretty baby girl names, and maybe you like strong girls names. Maybe you like girls names that begin with a certain letter.  Maybe you like unusual girl names.

Maybe you like girls names that represent a certain heritage, culture or place. Maybe you want to give your baby girl a unique name, and maybe you want that name to represent Norwegian origins or a love of Norway.  If this is the case, then keep reading. In fact, even if it hasn't previously crossed your mind to look at Norwegian names for girls, read on.  You might just fall in love with one of the Norwegian girls names detailed below.

Traditional Norwegian Girls' Names

Newborn baby lying on a white fluffy blanket gazing at parents.

Traditional Norwegian female names tend to have their origins in Old Norse, the language that was spoken in Norway and other parts of Scandinavia between the seventh and fifteenth centuries.  There is no shortage of pretty Norwegian girls names, and many of the female Norwegian names have wonderful meanings.

Agot: Meaning "good hearted". Of Norwegian origin.

Alvilde: Meaning "to shine".  Of Old Norse origin.

Anniken: Meaning "gracious".  Of Norwegian and Hebrew origin.

Ashild:  Meaning "God fighting". Of Old Norse origin.

Aslaug: Meaning "God".  Of Old Norse origin.

Asta:  Meaning "star-like" or "love".  Of Old Norse and Greek origin.

Atla: Meaning "wild".  Of Old Norse origin.

Audhilda: Meaning "wealth" or "fortune".  Of Old Norse origin.

Bergljot: Meaning "protection" or "light". Of Old Norse origin.

Dagny: Meaning "new day started".  Of Old Norse origin.

Dagrun: Meaning "day" or "secret".  Of Old Norse origin.

Eisa: Meaning "glowing embers".  Of Old Norse origin.

Freya: Meaning "lady" or "noblewoman".  Of Old Norse origin.

Gerd: Meaning "enclosed".  Of Old Norse origin.

Groa: Meaning "gardener".  Of Old Norse origin.

Heidrun: Meaning "bright" or "clear".  Of Old Norse origin.

Hildr: Meaning "battle".  Of Old Norse origin.

Idunn: Meaning "active in love".  Of Old Norse origin.

Ingvlid:  Meaning "dedicated to ancestors" or "battle".  Of Old Norse origin.

Jorunn: Meaning “love of horses”. Of Old Norse origin.

Kine: Meaning "follower of Christ".  Of Norwegian origin.

Liss: Meaning "promise of God".  Of Norwegian origin.

Liv: Meaning "protection". Of Old Norse origin.

Magnhild: Meaning "strong". Of Old Norse origin.

Marte: Meaning "lady".   Of Norwegian origin.

Mathea: Meaning "gift from God".   Of Norwegian and Hebrew origin.

Nanna: Meaning "courageous". Of Old Norse origin.

Olaug: Meaning "ancestor". Of Old Norse origin.

Ragnhild: Meaning "advising in battle". Of Old Norse origin.

Reidun:  Meaning "lovely in the nest". Of Old Norse origin.

Runa: Meaning "secret tradition".   Of Norwegian origin.

Sigrid:  Meaning "victory". Of Old Norse origin.

Sissel:  Meaning "without sight". Of Old Norse origin.

Sol: Meaning "sun". Of Old Norse origin.

Signy: Meaning "latest victory".   Of Norwegian origin.

Solveig: Meaning "strong house" or "daughter of the sun". Of Old Norse origin.

Verdandi: Meaning "becoming" or "happening". Of Old Norse origin.

Norwegian Girl Names From Norse Mythology

Baby girl with bright blue eyes wearing a pink flower hairband.

Many Norwegian girl names date back to  Old Norse mythology, with the names of Viking Goddesses being particularly popular names in Norway.

Astrilde: Astrilde was the Norse Goddess of love. Of Old Norse origin.

Bestla: Bestla was a Norse Goddess and mother of Gods Odin, Vili, and Ve. Of Old Norse origin.

Embla: In Norse mythology, Embla was the first women.  Of Old Norse origin.

Laga: Laga was the Norse Goddess of wells and springs. Of Old Norse origin.

Saga:  Saga was the Norse Goddess of poetry and history. Of Old Norse origin.

Siv: Siv was the Norse Goddess of fertility and agriculture. Of Old Norse origin.

Norwegian Baby Girl Names From Nature

Mum holding baby in arms while looking out at the Norwegian landscape.

Norway is well known for the beauty of its natural landscape, so it stands to reason that many Norwegian girl names are derived from nature.

Erla: Meaning "wagtail bird".  Of Scandinavian origin.

Linnea: Meaning “lime tree”. Of Scandinavian origin.

Olivia: Meaning "olive".  Of Latin origin.

Viola:  Meaning "violet flower".  Of mixed origin.

Popular Norwegian Girls' Names

Smily baby girl wearing pink looking lovingly at parents.

In 2020, the most popular baby girl names in Norway include:

Ada: Meaning "graceful and noble".  Of German origin.

Agnes: Meaning "pure" and "sacred".  Of Greek origin.

Amelia: Meaning "work" or "hard-working".  Of German origin.

Bergdis:  Meaning "spirit protection”.  Of Norwegian origin.

Celine: Meaning “heavenly”.  Of French origin.

Dina: Meaning “from the valley”. Of Greek and Hebrew origin.

Ella: Meaning "fairy maiden", "light".  Of English and Greek origins.

Ellie: Meaning "sympathy" or "compassion".  Of Greek origin.

Elyna: Meaning "light" or "torch". Of Greek and French origin.

Emma: Meaning "universal" or "whole".  Of German origin.

Emilie:  Meaning "complete" or 'ambitious".  Of Latin origin.

Felicia: Meaning "lucky" or 'happy things".  Of Latin origin.

Frida:  Meaning "peace". Of Old Norse and German origin.

Grethe: Meaning "pearl.  Of Norwegian and Danish origin

Hailee: Meaning "hero".  Of Scandinavian origin.

Hanna: Meaning "favoured". Of Scandinavian and German origin.

Ingrid: Meaning "beautiful". Of Old Norse origin.

Karina: Meaning "favoured". Of Scandinavian, Greek, and Russian origin.

Leonie: Meaning "lioness" or "brave". Of French and German origin.

Maelia:  Meaning "princess".  Of Celtic origin.

Mia: Meaning "mine".  Of Scandinavian origin.

Maya:  Meaning "water", "illusion", or "beloved". Of mixed origin.

Noelie: Meaning "born at Christmas".  Of Latin origin.

Nora: Meaning "honour".  Of mixed origin.

Ottilie: Meaning "riches".  Of German origin.

Selma: Meaning "safe".  Of German origin.

Sofie: Meaning "wisdom".  Of Greek origin.

Zara:  Meaning "radiant".  Of Arabic and Hebrew origin.

Zoe: Meaning "life".  The name is of Greek origin.

Cute Norwegian Girls' Names

Girls names in Norway cover every conceivable category, so it's no surprise to find an abundance of cute Norwegian names.

Anine: Meaning "grace: or "favoured".  Of Spanish origin.

Anja: Meaning "gracious".  Of Scandinavian origin.

Birgit: Meaning "powerful" or "strong"  Of Scandinavian and German origin.

Elin: Meaning "light" or "beautiful"  Of Scandinavian origin.

Else:  Meaning "rebellious" or "promise of God".  Of mixed origin.

Hella:  Meaning "divine woman".  Of Old Norse and Scandinavian origin.

Juni: Meaning "born in June".  Of Norwegian and Swedish origin.

Lilli: Meaning "abundance".  Of Scandinavian origin.

Solvi: Meaning “from the house of strength,”.  Of Old Norse origin.

Terese:  Meaning "harvest".  Of Scandinavian origin.

Pretty Norwegian Girl Names

Beautiful Norwegian mountain landscape.

Like Norway itself, many popular Norwegian girl names are incredibly pretty.

Abellona: Meaning "the sun Goddess".  Of Norwegian origin.

Andrine:  Meaning "brave" or "strong".  Of Greek origin.

Astrid: Meaning "divine beauty" or “godly strength”.  Of Scandinavian origin, this name has been a popular choice for  Norway’s royal family.

Benedicte:  Meaning "blessed".  Of Latin origin.

Beret: Meaning "glorious" or "bright".  Of Norwegian origin.

Bodilla: Meaning "fighting woman".  Of Old Norse origin.

Dordi: Meaning "a gift from God".  Of Old Norse origin.

Estrith: Meaning "beautiful goddess".  Of Old Norse origin.

Gimle: Meaning "new heaven".  Of Old Norse origin.

Kjellfrid:  Meaning "beautiful". Of Old Norse origin.

Lovise: Meaning "well-known fighter".   Of Norwegian origin.

Lulla: Meaning "legendary female warrior".  Of Norwegian and Danish origin.

Agnetha: Meaning "holy" or "pure". Of Scandinavian origin.

Andrea: Meaning "brave".  Of Greek origin.

Anina: Meaning "grace" or "favour".  Of German origin.

Ase: Meaning "healer". Of Hebrew origin.

Asvoria: Meaning "divine wisdom".  Of German origin.

Aundy: Meaning "new prosperity”. Of Norwegian origin.

Bertine:  Meaning “intelligent maiden” or "bright and shining". Of German origin.

Bifrost: Meaning “ bridge from earth to heaven" or "shimmering path".  Of Old Norse origin.

Cornelia: Meaning "horn".  Of Latin origin.

Erika: Meaning “ruler”. Of Old Norse origin.

Heidi: Meaning “noble” or "graceful".  Of German origin.

Inger:  Meaning "beautiful goddess".  Of Old Norse origin.

Karoline: Meaning "free woman".  Of German origin.

Malin: Meaning “high tower" or "woman of Magdela”.  Of Scandinavian, Finnish, and Swedish origin.

Mathilde: Meaning "strength" or "might in battle". Of Norwegian and German origin.

Mette: Meaning "pearl".  Of Norwegian and Scandinavian origin.

Toril: Meaning "Thor's battle" or "thunder battle".  Of Old Norse origin.

Unnr: Meaning "to love" or "to wave". Of Old Norse origin.



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