47 Unique Unicorn Names With Meaning

Unicorn names can be both magical and sweet.

Unicorns are mythical creatures which have won over the hearts of children everywhere.

More than ever, kids are looking for a great unicorn name for their beloved toy. Why not look into the world of fantasy for such a name and add a sprinkle of magic in your little one's life?

Unicorn means “one horn.” The unicorn was brought into existence by historian writer, Ctesias, who created an animal with one horn described as a white horse with a purple head. The singular horn was considered to be black, red, and white, on the horse’s head in the middle. There have been so many Unicorn Names in Mythology. Usually, Unicorn is used to imply something rare. Lady Amalthea is the most famous magical Unicorn in history.

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Famous Unicorn Names For Boys

What’s more interesting than some magical unicorn names? These are some great names inspired by unicorns.

1.Aliz (German origin ) meaning ‘sweet’

2.Bill (English origin ) meaning ‘harness with a gilded helmet'

3.Boaz  (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning  ‘strong’

4.Faye (Middle English origin) meaning ‘loyalty or belief’

5.Jasper (British origin ) meaning ‘treasure’

6.Joseph (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘one will add’. It is the name of Joseph Conrad, a popular English author

7.Minato (Japanese origin ) meaning ‘sheltered harbor'. Minato is a wonderful city in Japan

8.Miyuki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘deep snow’

9.Rohesia ( Latin origin) meaning ‘kind’

10.Yuki (Japanese origin) meaning ‘snow flower or happiness’. Prince Yuki is an anime character from Fruit Basket

Famous Unicorn Names For Girls

You can give a magical unicorn name to your baby girl too.

Here are some of the best names of unicorns for girls.

11.Agnes (Greek origin) meaning ‘holy or pure’

12.Anamika (Indian origin) meaning ‘full of grace’

13.Astra (Greek origin) meaning ‘Bright as the star’

14.Aurora (Roman origin) meaning ‘dawn’. Aurora is named after beautiful Northern lights

15.Bluebell (English origin) meaning ‘flower’

16.Calypso (Greek origin) meaning ‘hidden’

17.Caprina (Italian origin) meaning ‘whimsical’

18.Cassiopeia (Greek origin ) meaning ‘constellation’

19.Celestia ( Latin origin) meaning ‘from the stars’

20.Chiara (Italian origin) meaning ‘bright, light, famous’

21.Daffodil (Latin origin) meaning ‘it symbolizes rebirth’

22.Dandelion (French origin) meaning ‘lion’s tooth’. Dandelion is the name of Geralt's companion in the game, Witcher 3

23.Dessa (Russian origin) meaning ‘long journey’

24.Eldora (Spanish origin) meaning ‘gift of the sun’

25.Enigma (Latin origin) meaning ‘speaking in riddles’. Enigma is a superhero in Marvel Comics.

26.Gemma (Latin origin) meaning ‘gemstone’. Gemma Chan is the name of a gorgeous English Actress

27.Luna (Italian origin) and Spanish meaning ‘moon’

28.Wilda (German origin) meaning ‘the untamed’

29.Zulema (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘peace’. Zulema Zahir plays the main character role in the "Locked Up" web series

Mystical Unicorns Names

Mystical names are bound to excite your child. If you are interested in the fantasy world, then here are some of the best mystical names for unicorns.

30.Amor (Roman Origin) meaning "Love".

31.Loki (Norse Origin) meaning "Knot". Loki is an anti-hero in the Marvel series, Thor

32.NIkephoros (Greek Origin) meaning "Carrying victory"

33.Lycus (Greek Origin) meaning 'wolf'.

34.Cassandra (Greek Origin) meaning "To Excel". Cassandra Clare is an American Fantasy Writer

35.Ariadne (Greek Origin) meaning "Most Holy"

36.Juno (Roman Origin) meaning "Juno"

37.Rhea (Roman Origin) meaning "To flow"

38.Victoria (Roman Origin) meaning "Victory"

39.Odin (Norse Origin) meaning "Inspiration". Odin is the character name of Marvel Comics.

Famous Unicorn Names

Unicorns have been pretty famous in movies and books. The list below contains some funny unicorn names and even includes My Little Pony unicorn names:

40.Rosalie (French or German Origin) meaning "Rose". It was the name of the Unicorn in Princess Lillifee and the unicorn

41.Charlie (English Origin) meaning "Free Man". Name of the protagonist from Charlie the unicorn

42.Papoy (English Origin) meaning "Fun". It is linked to a character from Despicable 3

43.Buttercup (Latin Origin) meaning "Herbaceous plant". Unicorn from Toy Story 3

44.Uni (Norse Origin) meaning "A Dane". The character of Unicorn from Uni the Unicorn

45.Sparkle (English Origin) meaning "Glisten in Light". The name is from A Unicorn names Sparkle: Picture Book

46.Rainbow (Greek Origin) meaning "Iris". Name of a unicorn from Sophia and Rainbow

47.Majesty (Latin Origin) meaning "Royal Bearing". The famous unicorn from My Little Pony

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