100 Unusual Middle Names

unusual middle names for babies

We've put together a list of some of the most obscure, surprising and cute names for your new little baby.

Names change and evolve with each generation that comes, and there are so many more unusual ones coming into name-fashion now. We're all becoming a whole lot more adventurous, especially when it comes to middle names, there are so many unique baby names to choose from, like unique girl names beginning with J and unique boy names with the letter K.  

So, for expectant parents who are struggling for inspiration for good middle names for girls or for boys, look no further - as we've put together a long list of intriguing choices for your baby.

Girl Middle Names

These unique middle names for girls are perfect for a child with an individual spirit!

1) Adelia - (British origin) with a vintage twist.

2) Alessia - (Latin origin) because we can't call a baby 'Alexa' anymore, can we?

3) Darcy - (British origin) Jane Austen fans will love this.

4) Elva - (Irish origin) spelt 'Ailbhe' - now Anglicised.

5) Ivo - (Dutch origin) nature-themed.

6) Jacinta - (Spanish origin) with botanical hints.

7) Jessamy - (British origin) a spin on 'Jessica'.

8) Millicent - (Old-fashioned British origin) that is easily shortened.

9) Lucinda - (Old-fashioned British origin) similar to the above, this is an old-fashioned version of 'Lucy'.

10) Maia - (Arabic origin) more interesting spelling of the original 'Maya'.

11) Milana - (Italian origin) a perfect name for those who love Milan.

12) Olympia - (Greek origin) an impressive little sounding name.

13) Petra - (British origin) the female version of 'Peter'.

14) Renata - (Latin origin) this operatic sounding name that literally means 'rebirth'.

15) Serafina - (Spanish origin) a twist on a classical name.

16) Tansy -(British origin) a cute and flowery sounding name with a serious meaning: 'immortality'.

middle names for babies

17) True - (American origin) a spiritual and pure sounding name that is perfect for the middle.

18) Vida - (Spanish origin) this adorable little sounding name means 'life'.

19) Zora - (Greek origin) a simple tributary name to an old literary heroine.

20) Zahra - (Arabic origin) like the popular 'Sarah' but with a twist.

21) Winslow - (British origin) also similar to 'Willow'.

22) Afia - (Arabic origin) this literally means ‘a child born on Friday’. You may also know it from Eastenders!

23) Shalia - (Arabic origin) easy to spell and also very unique.

24) Jelena - (Russian variation of the Greek name Helen) - exotic and perfect for the middle name.

25) Persephone - (Greek origin) from 'pertho' meaning 'to destroy', but the full meaning is unknown.

26) Ellery - (English origin) a unique surname that can also be a first-name, meaning 'island with elder trees'.

27) Finola - (Irish origin) cute for girls, meaning 'white shoulders'.

28) Zilpah - (Hebrew origin) from 'Zilp' - also a very uncommon name.

29) Indigo - (Greek origin) this name meaning 'Indian dye'.

30) Pilar - (Spanish and Latin American origin), a cute baby name.

31) Blythe - (English origin) that means 'happy'.

32) Adelaide - (Australian city) and like 'noble' in German.

33) Annabelle - (French origin) meaning 'grace' and 'beauty'.

Boys Unique Middle Names

These are some beautiful unique middle names with a twist, that everyone is bound to like.

34) Magnus - (Scandinavian origin) a baby name with an impressive historical past.

35) Malachy - (Irish Biblical origin) ends with a friendly 'y' sound.

36) Marlow - (British origin) originally a last name.

37) Massimo - (Italian origin) meaning 'Max'.

38) Rafferty - (Irish origin) surname turned first-name.

39) Roscoe - (Nordic origin) popular in the 19th century.

40) Seth - (Biblical origin) a name perfect for a little gentleman.

41) Teddy - (British origin) this has become quite a popular little name in recent times as a first name too.

42) Teo - (Greek origin) a more exotic twist on the stylish and common name of 'Theo'.

43) Thorin - (Scandinavian origin) like the historical name of Thor'.

44) Urban - (Ancient pope origin) rightly brought back.

45) Ziggy - (British origin) an adorable name that has been around for centuries.

46) Casper - (British origin) this ancient name meaning 'treasurer' - you may know it in relation to the ghost!

47)  Wilder - (British origin) a free and wild named, literally defined as 'to lose one's way'.

unusual middle name ideas

48) Jax - (American origin) using an 'x' or a 'z' has always been an effective way to set your baby apart from other newborn girls.

49)  Otis - (British or American origin) - a vintage grandpa's name.

50) Jett - (American origin) for those who love flying perhaps.

51) Titus - (Latin origin) a rather majestic and unique sounding name meaning 'title of honour'.

52) Miller - (British origin) from the 20th century.

53) Kit - (British origin) although it is traditionally a shortened name for Christopher, it sounds lovely on its own too.

54) Nuno - (Portuguese origin) a name that sounds adorable in English.

55) Kauai - (Hawaiian origin) inspired by the destination, it is adorable but perhaps tricky to spell, which is why it's great for a middle name.

56) Earlonne - (Norwegian origin) this unusual name is a variation of 'Erland' meaning 'foreigner'.

57) Aramis - (French origin) a historical literary name, with a lovely 'ee' sounding ending.

58) Kasem - (English origin) spelling and variation of the popular Arabic name of 'Qasim'.

59) Linus - (German origin) you may recognise the name from the Peanuts cartoon.

60) Pim - (Dutch origin) originally a nickname for William.

61) Garian - (Libyan origin) a unique variation of Gharyan, which is a city in northwest Libya.

62) Archie - (British origin) famously the name of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son.

63) Benji - (British origin) originally a nickname given to Benjamin Franklin.

64) Jasper - (Persian and Biblical origin) quite common nowadays.

65) Noah - (Biblical origin) turned fashionable name in recent years.

66) Atticus - (British origin) this is the main character from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

Unisex names

Unisex names are becoming ever more popular and we can see why, with this amazing list of names! Whether you use these unique middle names for girls or boys, there is sure to be only one of these in the class!

67) Nola - (British origin) a short and cute name for either gender based on 'Nova' or 'Noah'.

68) November - (British origin) an uncommon and unique month name.

69) Xen - (British origin) a spiritual sounding name for either gender, less cliche than 'Zen'.

70) Gentry - (British origin) meaning 'aristocracy'.

71) Tayari - (Latin origin) this ever-so unique name means 'ready' in Kiswahili.

72) Sun - (Korean origin) meaning 'obedient'.

73) Berkley - (American origin) a unique and not-so-obvious place name.

74) Addison - (British origin) meaning 'child of Adam'.

75) Ainsley - (Scottish origin) that means ‘one's own meadow’.

76) Ali - (Arabic origin) a first name meaning ‘exalted' or 'noble’.

77) Amory - (German origin) meaning 'brave' or 'power’.

78) Andie - (British origin) a unisex variant of the boys' first name 'Andy'.

79) Ari - (Hebrew and Scandinavian origin) meaning ‘lion' or 'eagle’.

80) Ash - (British origin) a shortened version of the first names for 'Ashley' or 'Ashton'.

81) Aspen - (British origin) from the tree.

82) Avis - (Latin origin) meaning ‘bird’.

83) Bailey - (British origin) meaning ‘berry clearing’.

84) Baker - (British origin) old English name ‘baecere,’ meaning ‘baker' the occupation. Commonly now a surname.

unusual middle names for babies

85) Jean - (Hebrew origin) a variant of John/Jane.

86) Haven - (British origin) meaning ‘place of safety’.

87) Flynn - (Irish and Gaelic origin) meaning ‘reddish or ruddy’.

88) Francis - (Latin origin) meaning ‘Frenchman’.

89) Genesis (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘birth’, also the first book of the Bible.

90) Grey - (British origin) from the colour.

91) Payton - (British origin) a place - Payton in Devon.

92) Poet - (British origin) as in the writer.

93) Rio - (Spanish origin) meaning ‘river’.

94) Roan (British origin) a unique version of Rowan.

95) London - (British origin) the much-loved city.

96) Maddox - (Anglo-Welsh origin) meaning ‘benefactor'.

97) Marley - (British origin) meaning ‘marshy meadow’.

98) Nikita - (Greek origin) meaning ‘unconquered’!

99) Nolan - (Irish and Gaelic origin) meaning ‘champion’ for either gender.

100) Storm - (British origin) from the word about the weather.

If you enjoyed reading these unusual baby names, why not check out our excellent  girl names beginning with the letter X and our best boy names beginning with the letter U? We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful these unusual names are and how many you'll be inspired by.



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