26 Useful Trivia Questions And Answers Everyone Should Know

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Knowing rare bits of information that everyone else doesn't is the perfect way to get ahead and impress people.

As 2020 draws to a close, the earth has been around for 4.5 billion years. There are millions of events that have taken place in these 4.5 billion years, and if you search, you'll find many different useful trivia questions available about topics and events ranging far and wide.

Trivia questions can be about anything, from useful trivia Halloween questions to serious useful trivia facts, all the way to funny trivia questions. From geography to chemistry to sports and beyond, there are trivia games available for every subject. Here, we've gathered some of the best useful trivia questions in a way to help you read, learn and have fun at the same time! We have chosen to base our useful trivia questions on the most useful and common topics to know about: science, food and world events. If you've liked our science trivia and hardest trivia questions, try this trivia game to see how many useful facts you know!

Useful Science Trivia Questions

Everything from the small lines on leaves to the working of the solar system can be explained by science.

Grade school science compasses everything: chemistry, physics, biology, geography and so much more. We share many facts about science in this section, but can you solve these useful trivia geography themed and science themed questions?

1. Question: How long is the lifespan of an average housefly?

Answer: 28 days.

2. Question: How many different kinds of chemical bonds are there?

Answer: Three.

3. Question: Greenland is one of the closest countries to the North Pole. Can you name another?

Answer: Canada.

4. Question: The stamen, pistil and petals are a part of which living thing?

Answer: Flowers.

5. Question: What do the following classifications: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species make up in biology?

Answer: They are the taxonomic rank (also known as the taxonomic hierarchy).

6. Question: An unlit match has what type of energy?

Answer: Chemical energy.

7. Question: Which planet has more moons: Jupiter, Saturn or Earth?

Answer: Jupiter.

8. Question: Which is the only animal in the world to share human fingerprints?

Answer: Koala.

9. Question: What are the four parts of the water cycle?

Answer: Evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.

Useful Yet Easy Food Trivia Questions

How much do you know about the food you eat?

Food is the heart of any culture. In 2020 with almost all countries in the world in lockdown, everyone got a chance to test their culinary skills and find out just how much they enjoyed cooking. If you've taken part in our trivia games, then you know the next section will be full of lots of food trivia useful facts! How much cooking did you learn in 2020, and do you think you can answer these brilliant food trivia and give yourself a five star review?

10. Question: Pistachios, pecans and macadamia are examples of which type of food?

Answer: Nuts.

11. Question: To cook a dish, we use vegetables, spices, meat, nuts, and more. In a recipe, what are they called?

Answer: Ingredients.

12. Question: What type of popular food is used to carve Jack-o-lanterns?

Answer: Pumpkin.

13. Question: What is the main dish for a traditional Thanksgiving?

Answer: Roast turkey.

14. Question: Which popular Italian dish is a descendent of Chinese cuisine?

Answer: Pasta.

15. Question: What is a person who eats at different restaurants and gives review in papers and magazines called?

Answer: Food critic.

16. Question: What universal root vegetable can be baked, smashed, roasted, boiled and fried?

Answer: Potatoes.

17. Question: Which Asian fruit is known as the 'King of fruits' and is known for its smell?

Answer: Durian.

Useful World Trivia

If you know all the answers so far, take part in this useful quiz full of trivia about trivia to see just how much you know about world events from 2020 and beyond. There is even some useful trivia sports fans might enjoy in here too!

18. Question: How many World Wars did Switzerland take part in?

Answer: None.

19. Question: The phrase "I'm sorry" was invented in 1533. What word did people use before that?

Answer: Apology/Apologize.

20. Question: How many wonders of the ancient world are there?

Answer: Seven.

21. Question: When was Earth formed?

Answer: 4.5 billion years ago.

22. Question: What is the capital city of England?

Answer: London.

23. Question: In 2020, which volcano was named the most active volcano?

Answer: Kilauea.

24. Question: Who won the US Presidential Election in 2020?

Answer: Joe Biden.

25. Question: Which two countries share the same flag colors of blue, yellow and red?

Answer: Chad and Romania.

26. Question: In which country did the Olympics originate?

Answer: Greece.

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