40+ Vedalken Names With Meanings For Your Characters

The tall and blue Vedalkens are the members of the Ravnica plane.

Vedalken names are melodic and range from short to long. They regularly contain milder sounds also, and are generally pleasant and interesting.  

Female names will, in general, be more melodic than male names, this is to some degree because of the inclination for female names to end in a vowel, and they additionally do not have a portion of the harsher sounds found in male names.

Their bald skin comes in shades of blue. Their eyes are hazier shades of blue or violet. They have outer ears, their noses are broad and fiat and they are mostly land and water capable. They are intelligent, bold, adventurous, and wise.

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Vedalken Names For Girls

Vedalken names for girls can be fantasy human names, they are considered as cool Vedalken names.

The Vedalken are one of the numerous races who are at home on the turbulent plane of Alara. Initially local to Esper, some relocated to Naya after the Shards of Alara realigned. Here are some Vedalken names in 'Dungeons And Dragons.'

1.  Azi is a name for female Vedalken depicting the character of youthfulness.  

2.  Brazia is a  sweet Vedalken name for girls depicting valor.    

3.  Direll is a name that describes the girls strong emotions.  

4.  Fainn as a name depicts happiness.

5.  Griya is a name for a girl referring to her joy for a life.

6.  Hallia as a Vedalken name refers to "etymology".

7.  Katrille is a name depicting magic.

8. Kovel as a Vedalken name means "gracious".  

9.  Lilla as a name means "the lily flower" from the Vedalken races.

10.  Mirela is a  name depicting the female Vedalkens' intelligence.

11.  Morai is the name meaning "fate".

12.  Nedress is one of the female names meaning fearlessness.

13.  Ossya is a female Vedalken name depicting her bravery.  

14.  Pierenn is the female fantasy name referring to wisdom.

15.  Roya as a Vedalken name means "fantasy".  

Vedalken Names For Boys

Vedalken develop at a similar rate people do, and most are required to settle down into a grown-up life by around age 40. However, unlike humans, they can live 350 to very nearly 500 years.

A few of the examples of Vedalken fantasy names include Aglar, Bellin, and Dallid. Vedalken pathfinders have magic and are popular in gaming history.

16. Aglar as the male Vedalken name refers to "passionate".

17. Bellin is a fantasy character from the game 'Dungeons and Dragons' meaning "charisma".

18.  Dallid is a name referring to ferocity.

19.  Firellan as the male Vedalken name means "powerful".

20.  Kavin as a Vedalken name and means "calmness".

21.  Koplony as the name depicts the character of the 'Ravnica' vedalken.

22.  Lomar as a Vedalken name refers to the quality of fear.

23.  Mathvan is a name representing the character of strength.

24.  Modar the name reflects the character of cleverness.

25.  Nebun as a name refers to madness.

26.  Nhillosh is one of the popular characters from the game 'Dungeons and Dragons'.

27.  Nitt is a famous character in the game.

28.  Otrovac as a name means "poisonous".

29.  Ovlan refers to the penchant for adventure.

30.  Pelener as a name depicts a character with intelligence.  

Gender Neutral Vedalken Names

Vedalken names need not necessarily be categorized into male and female. Here's a list of gender neutral Vedalekn names you can pick for your character.

31.  Arianton is one of the badass Vedalken names for both girls and boys.  

32.  Briar as the name represents magic.  

33.  Dornik as one of the unisex names, describes the character of ability and skill.

34.  Drakmir is one of the most famous characters of the game.

35.  Finix as a name refers to the 'Magic The Gathering.'

36.  Harad refers to charming.

37.  Loyaah is one of the main characters of the game.

38.  Merritt as a name refers to "splendid".

39.  Mordak as a name depicts full of life.

40.  Sylqen as a name refers to "perfection".

41.  Sza-Heen is one of the fearless characters of the game.

42.  Trym is one of the joyful unisex Vedalken names.

43.  Verna as a name refers to "spring".

44.  Voradox is one of the boldest gender-neutral names.

45.  Yuka-lele  as a name means "daredevil".  

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