40+ Video Game Puns That You Won't Fallout Over

Playstation just released their PS5 this winter and it's off the shelves.

Video games are all the rage globally and there are a ton of young players that pursue it as a full-time profession.

Video games first got inducted into youngsters and crept into teenagers as early as the mid-50s. Slowly this video game industry started to boom and really took off, making millions.

The early games were really analog-ish and slowly it merged into one whole digital platform where people came together globally and could play role-based games in a multiplayer format.

Through the '60s and '70s, games changed drastically and evolved into a more user-engaging atmosphere. The gaming community exploded during the '90s and soon regular players turned into professionals, with Multi-Player-Online-Based-Action games taking League of Legends and Dota-2 making 19-year-old Middle Eastern players millionaires. In the 21st century, however, games have evolved into more VR based concept that allows players to be more engulfed by the edge of the seat graphics that have taken over the realm of Gaia.

Looking back at the decade we see the ridiculous amount of people that got online and together to play games and build or end dynasties together! So, let's talk about some puns about games now. We have here assorted categories filled witty video games puns that will surely set the mood for some digital detox and upgrade your gaming humor. If you like our article on Video games humor you are surely going to love our other articles on Videos Game Jokes and Minecraft Jokes.

Funny Gamer Sayings And Video Game Funnies To Boot Your System

These funny video game title puns and normal puns will really get your adrenaline flowing. We know that one of these could be your favorite.

1. I had to break up with my old video game console. You see I can now call it my Ex-Box.

2. We were building a video game last year where the person could travel backward in time and locate and kill Adam and Eve. We thought it best to call it a First Person Shooter.

3. After playing several Assassin's Creed games, the gamer wanted to be an assassin. But he could never take the leap of faith.

4. Old Pirate games do not like new games and their ideologies since they are really hard to port.

5. The other day my friend was really upset because he couldn't decide which video game system he should get. Literally no one could console him.

6. All the fishermen people flocked to buy COD when it was released.

7. Everybody heard the French Man say Wii when he was asked if he played video games.

8. He talked too much about video games so his girlfriend dumped him. What a trivial thing to Fallout 4.

9. If Beyblade was ever made into a video game then the final boss would be a garbage disposal.

11. The video game designer was thirsty and couldn't draw. All he needed was some sprite.

12. The game designer wanted to talk about jumping in video games in the conference but there was no platforming.

13. The dog could not play his favorite video game. The pause kept interrupting him.

14. Those supermarket assistants are really exceptional at Fortnite. They know their tagging.

15. Shakespeare was always really fond of playing video games. But his only favorite was Sonnet the Hedgehog.

Arcade Game Puns That Will Bring Out The Kid In You

Arcade games are fun to play and many are easy to carry around although some are not.

Back when there was no website like steam to download or play cutting edge games people flocked to arcade houses and spent all their money. Categories were in abundance and there was something for everyone! Many still like to play arcade games even now.

16. The guitarists' favorite arcade game was De-Fender.

17. The Avocado walked into the arcade hall and went straight for a game of Guac-A-Mole.

18. Viruses can score a lot of points in arcade games because they are quite the Space Invaders.

19. Every day the players leaving the arcade are like "Catch you later, Simulator!" to each other.

20. I met a girl once whose favorite game was Galaga. All she ever wanted was to smash watermelons.

Fortnite Puns That Are Funny And Corny

Enough puns about playing games! Let's make some on a leading contender of top video games.

21. The common gamer humor in Axel after rubber banding made him scream  Oh Snap!

22. Fortnite rose to such international levels because since its release it has taken the world by storm!

23. Worms really hate Fornite. They dislike being baited all the time.

24. The trashiest things on Fortnite are skeletons. They have literally no skins.

25. Fortnite Gamers gamers have the best teeth in the industry because they never forget Floss.

26. The only dinosaur that plays Fortnite is a Flossiraptor.

27. During a poll all Fortnite players unanimously declared they love the decade of  The '90s.

28. They made a Fortnite game especially for cows and named it cattle royale.

29. Legend has it that it takes 2 weeks to finish a game on Fortnite.

30. You are either searching for snipers or hunting rifles. It's the same.

31. Fortnite was the most popular during Halloween among many other video games because all its hills were haunted.

Watch Out For Some Overwatch Game Puns

Overwatch has been one among the top fun games to play which is popular among boys and girls. Check out an Overwatch game pun or two in this list.

32. If Bastion were ever to be a butler he would be named Sebastion.

33. "Hanzoff My Man!" screamed Hanzo's insecure girlfriend.

34. I just found out McCree has a female version and she is stun-ning.

35. The currency that Zenyatta uses is called Har-mony.

36. When Genji is disappointed he is called a sigh-borg.

Video Game Puns For Kids And Gaming Puns

There are certain game puns that you can convert and make into video game jokes for kids. The following would work well as jokes too.

37. The only console a Frenchman prefers is a Nintendo-Oui.

38. If you need to get squirtles on a bus you have to poke-em-on.

39. Rudy did not want to get out and have a life because he had plenty on his console.

40. Tomb Raider always brought Croft Macaroni and Cheese for lunch.

41. Ronald did not want to play on his Xbox but wanted a PS4. His parents understood that he needed a Switch.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for video game jokes then why not take a look at chess jokes, or computer jokes.


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