30+ Viola Jokes That Are Hilarious For Violists And Violinists

Hilarious viola jokes will make you say voila!

What is the difference between a violin and a viola?

Violas have a lower and deeper sound and are slightly larger than violins. Whereas, a violin is a wooden chordophone, also known as a fiddle, and is said to be the highest-pitched instrument because of their smaller size.

The Viola is called 'alto' in French and 'Bratsche' in German. It is played with a bow and is a string instrument. A viola's strings arranged from low to high are tuned to C3, G3, D4, and A4, thus making 'C' the lowest note on a viola. Viola is the full name of the instrument, but in Medical Science, Viola is short for 'Visual Input/Output Locator Algorithm'.

Musicians say that playing the viola is easier for beginners. If a person can play the violin, they can easily play the viola. These viola facts will help you understand more about how the jokes on playing the viola started around the 18th century and became so popular. It was very common for a violist to play relatively easy accompaniment parts at that time, so violists and violas were not preferred as solo performers. As a result, viola players were paid low salaries, and that is how viola jokes started. Nowadays, an experienced viola player earns a starting salary of $25,000 – $65,000.

Individuals like Niccolò Paganini, Kim Kashkashian, Paul Hindemith, William Primrose, Carl Stamitz, Tabea Zimmermann, Nobuko Imai, Lawrence Power, Yuri Bashmet are known to be some of the best viola players in the world. Many believe that Lionel Tertis was the best viola player in the world during the 17th century.

Playing the viola and violin perfectly is all about long practice hours, which can be very tiring and hectic. Here in our viola section, we have prepared a list of viola jokes for violists. This viola joke list will surely tickle your funny bone, refresh your mind, and help you play in tune.

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Funny Violin And Viola Jokes

Amusing jokes about the viola and violin will make you burst out laughing. This list of jokes will surely make violists laugh. Here are some funny jokes related to the viola and violins that will surely tug at your strings.

1. Why was the violist arrested for slapping his wife? On charges of domestic violins.

2. Did you know why Stephen Hawking was a master of the violin? Because of his adept understanding of string theory.

3. What was the violin's reaction when it played the music perfectly? Voila.

4. Can you tell me how many first violinists are required to screw a light bulb? Just one who will hold it in place while the world revolves around them.

5. Why do violists never race their violin strings? They end up in a tie.

6. Who's the world's most famous Cuban fiddle? Fiddle Castro.

7. Did you know about the musical where a horse plays the violin? It's called the 'Fiddler on the hoof'.

8. What is the best way of ensuring that your violin doesn't get stolen? Put it in a viola case.

9. Why would someone confuse a violin and a British museum? They both have scrolls.

10. A store was selling silent violins; what did the signboard say? Silent Violins, no strings attached.

Best Viola Jokes

Here is a great viola joke to make you laugh and play in tune.

Funny viola jokes will make you laugh out loud. Here we have prepared a list of viola player jokes.

11. How did the violist learn to play the viola? She started fiddling with it.

12. What is a similarity between viola players' fingers and lightning? Both are too fast and never hit the same spot twice.

13. Why do violists often flunk out at kindergarten? They have a problem figuring out how to count past four.

14. Why are viola jokes often so short? So that the violinists can understand them.

15. What is the difference between a violist and a puppy? The puppy knows when to stop scratching.

16. What is the difference between a viola and a fiddle? Fiddles don't have an element of surprise in their name.

17. What is the main commonality between rivers and violas? Both have bridges.

18. What would you get when you cross a violin with a pig? Hamstrings.

19. What is one difference between a viola and a lawsuit? Everyone gets sad when the viola case is closed.

20. Do you know, how many second violinists are required to screw in a light bulb? It does not matter. They can not get up that high.

21. What is the difference between a viola and a pirate? One carries a peg leg, and the other owns a pegbox.

Corny Viola And Violin Player Jokes

Humorous viola jokes will tickle your funny bone.

It takes a lot of time to master the viola. In comparison to some other orchestra musical instruments, it is a very complex instrument. Here is a list of viola jokes and competitive jokes inspired by viola puns and violist jokes for viola players.

22. Why are fish violists always playing scales? They are unable to remember the tuna.

23. How many violists will it take to teach someone how to hold a viola properly? Ten. One to lead and nine to talk about how they could have done it in a faster manner.

24. What would you call a cow that plays the viola? A moo-sician.

25. Ever heard of a cow playing the violin? They named it Moo-zart.

26. What do violins do when they feel cranky? They Graun.

27. How will a baker describe the difference between the first and last desk of the viola section? About half a chocolate bar.

28. What's the difference between a viola and a violin? One doesn't hit the high notes.

29. What was the violist's reaction when someone offended him? He felt viola-ted.

30. What did the orchestra conductor point out? The violin section made A-minor error.

31.What do you call an event where more than two violists end up meeting each other? A violin competition.

32. What is the difference between a violist and a vacuum cleaner? You have to plug the vacuum cleaner in before it sucks.

33. What is that one thing a violin player can do better than a viola player? Playing viola.

34. Why was the violinist not invited to the orchestra's after-party? Because he only brings treble.

35. Why do I not want to tell anyone my joke about the two violinists? The joke might fall flat.

36. When asked about his views on bows and violins, what did the violinist say? The only drawback is the string.

37. What do you think is the one perfect piece of music for a spiritual violinist? 'Meditation from Thais'.

38. What did one violin teacher say when a student wanted some help with bowing? We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

39. How can you manage to get two violists to play in tune with each other? Make one of them leave.

40. What is the difference between a viola and a trampoline? You take your shoes off in order to jump on a trampoline.

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