30+ Violin Jokes That Will Have You Bowing With Laughter

Violin is a difficult and fun instrument to learn.

Make your violin lessons even more fun by reading out loud our violin humor and funny violin puns!

These funny orchestra jokes and puns about music are just what you need between your violin practice breaks. So, keep your instruments ready, folks, play your favorite tunes as we bring the best music jokes to you.

Are you a talented musician? Or a newbie trying your hand at strings? If so, then the following musical instrument jokes and string jokes are sure to keep you engaged in good humor for a long time and make you fall in love with your music even more. From kids' music jokes to bow puns, from funny instrument jokes to violin one-liners, these specially curated jokes will surely make your music sessions more entertaining.

So, read these jokes out loud to your fellow musicians and as you tune in your instrument, recollect these funny fiddle jokes and viola jokes and laugh out loud! And if you are a beginner violinist trying to explore the world of violins and music, while we cannot help you to stop scratching, we can surely make you laugh at yourself and be more comfortable in your own shoes.

So, have a hilariously punny musical session and laugh your heart out as you get into your favorite pieces of music. Have a happy read, people!

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Funniest Violin Jokes

Humor on violins is hilarious to read.

Let these funny violin jokes tickle your funny bone as you play along with your favorite musical pieces. If you've been looking for the best string instrument puns and violin and viola jokes and second violin jokes, then your search ends right here. So, have a hilarious musical journey with our musician puns and jokes and make your string talks more memorable and much bigger!

1. What's the difference between a cat and an amateur violinist? The cat can be taught to stop scratching.

2. Which musicians are said to be the most religious? Violinists, for they all think that they are Gods.

3. Why are viola jokes so short? For violinists to understand them because their head is so much into music!

4. What's different between fiddles and violins? Fiddles are fun to listen to.

5. What's different between a violinist and a dog? Dogs can hear high pitches.

6. What's the difference between a violin and a viola? There's practically no difference, the violin just appears to be smaller in comparison to the big head of the owner.

7. How many second violinists can change a light bulb at a time? None, because they cannot get that high!

8. How are you supposed to tell if a violin is out of tune? When the bow is moving.

9. How many first violinists can change a light bulb at a time? One, they just hold it in place and the world revolves around them.

10. How many violinists does it take to change a bulb? One to change it and 9 others to sit and discuss how the bulb could have been changed in a better way.

Best Violin Jokes Of The Day

These bow jokes and fiddle puns are sure to make you burst out in a hoot of laughter. Read them out loud to your fellow musicians and friends and family and have them tag along in this hilarious laughter ride. And if you're just starting to learn the violin and a fiddle, then nothing can make you identify more with your present state than the following jokes. So roar with laughter and have a good time reading our best violin jokes of the day while you keep your violin close to yourself. These jokes can also be used as funny violin quotes!

11. What's the difference between a violinist and pizzas? Pizzas can feed a family of four.

12. What's common between a bolt of lightning and a violinist's fingers? Both are super fast and none touch the same spot twice.

13. Why do violinists top in pre-school but drop out of kindergarten? Because they can't count past four.

14. What is a violinist called, who shows up on time during rehearsals? Exceptional!

15. How can you shut up a violinist? You can't.

16. Why don't violinists have get-together conventions but all others do? They do as well. Just that they call them competitions.

17. Why do violinists play the scale? Because they cannot remember the tune.

18. How can two violinists be made to play in unison? Tell one to leave.

19. What's the difference between a violinist and fiddlers? Violinists are employed.

20. What's the best part of a violin? The mute.

Laugh Out Loud Violin Jokes

Violinists have a lot of jokes about them.

Laugh out loud at our violin jokes. Dedicate them to music lovers just like you and laugh in unison even if you cannot play in unison. Make wonderful memories as you strum on your favorite strings and open your heart out to this wonderful world of music and laughter. These funny violin jokes can also be used as hilarious violin puns!

21. What's similar between violins and rivers? Both of them have bridges.

22. What's similar between the British Museum and violins? Both of them have scrolls.

23. What's common between programming and playing a violin? It looks easy until you try it.

24. How do you prevent a violin theft? By keeping the violin in the viola case.

25. How do you make a million dollars by being a violinist? You need to start with 5 million dollars for that.

26. Why won't you ever see violinists playing hide and seek? That's because no one will ever look for them.

27. How do you keep your valuables from being stolen? By keeping it inside a violin case.

28. What's the distinction between God and violinists? The very fact that God doesn't think that he's a violinist.

29. Whom can you call a successful violinist? The musician whose partner has 3 jobs.

30. What's a violinist with a mortgage called? An optimist.

31. Why don't violinists go trekking? Because if they get lost, no one will come looking for them.

32. If you cross a violin and a pig, what do you get? Hamstrings!

33. How can a violin sound like a viola? By playing wrong notes in a low register.

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