8 Virtual Cooking And Baking Classes For Kids

Virtual cooking and baking classes making food.

Many of us have spent a lot of lockdown in the kitchen, but if you've taught the kids all of your culinary skills, why not learn something new and have a go at some online cooking classes.

An online cooking class is a great way to learn a few new kitchen skills and cook some different recipes, especially if you've already made our favourite step-by-step bakes and had a look at the rest of our cooking content. We've found our favourite free virtual cooking classes for you and the family to try at home.

Brigit's Bakery

Brigit's Bakery is normally one of our favourite spots for afternoon tea so we've definitely missed popping in for a sweet treat and cup of tea. However, we love that they're sharing some of their most popular recipes through cooking classes on their Instagram page. They're posting ingredient lists on Thursdays and then going live on Fridays at 5 pm to show viewers the method. Last week we loved their savoury cupcakes and we're looking forward to the vegan chocolate and mango mousse, a perfect weekend treat to enjoy in the sun!

Scran School

Part-Italian but Yorkshire-born, chef Joe Hurd has launched Scran School during lockdown to teach parents and kids all of the best Italian recipes in a safe and fuss-free way. As well as sharing the recipes on their Instagram, Joe also posts the ingredients list and some general knowledge about the food you're making. It's a great way for the kids to learn a bit more about what they're cooking and ask questions they might have. The Parmiagana recipe was definitely one of our favourite lockdown classes.

8 Virtual Cooking And Baking Classes For Kids


If your kids have more of a savoury than a sweet tooth then you should definitely have a look at Wagamama's Wok From Home series on their Instagram page. They're releasing some of their most popular recipes each week so you can get creative with noodles and Asian flavours while learning a few new skills. Executive Chef Steve goes through the recipes step by step and the videos are then saved to the page for you to refer back to. Their Katsu Curry is a great one to make for everyone, get the kids to add a bit less curry powder so it's mild enough for them to enjoy too.

What's Up Moms

The What's Up Moms YouTube channel has lots of great helpful videos but we really love their cooking lessons. The kids do the teaching which means they're really easy to follow and perfect if your child wants to try and cook on their own. We love the breakfast ideas and the school snacks are nice easy options if your kids want to be able to make things quickly without any fuss.


Delish always share quick easy to follow recipe videos but since lockdown started, they've launched free kid and parent cooking classes on their Instagram page. They go live at 6 pm every weekday so they're just in time for dinner! Delish is known for getting really creative and the food they're making and their live videos are no different, get ready for french toast fries and grilled cheese hot dogs. They share the week's recipe ingredients every Sunday and although they're not the healthiest, they're definitely some of the most fun to make.

Nadiya's Time To Eat

The lovely winner of The Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain, has some of her favourite recipes on the BBC's YouTube channel. There is a whole playlist of video recipes from her Time To Eat series with a good mix of sweet and savoury options. Our favourite is obviously the giant chocolate chip smartie cookie but the yeast-free soda bread is really great if you're just jumping on the bread bandwagon. Her enthusiasm is infectious and the food she makes is delicious, she is the ultimate star baker after all!

8 Virtual Cooking And Baking Classes For Kids

Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead is a brilliant London bakery based in Borough Market. Their doughnuts are delicious, their sourdough is scrumptious and their brioche is brilliant. As well as their Instagram live tutorials, they've gone one step further and come out with a Family Baking Ebook that you can download and use at home with your kids. They're going live every day at 2 pm so there are plenty of chances for you and the kids to bake a whole range of things. Have a look at their schedule so you can get your ingredients ready in time, we'll definitely be tuning in for the milk chocolate and banana cookies as well as the herb and cheese scones!

Kids Cook With Theo

Masterchef finalist Theo Michaels is using his Instagram page to host kids online cooking classes three times a week. Tune in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4pm and check out his website for the week's ingredients. He makes sure to use just a few ingredients so kids can really master the skills of cooking fresh homemade food. Theo has shared a real range of recipes from vegan burgers to kids paella and greek meatballs and they all look mouth-wateringly tasty.

8 Virtual Cooking And Baking Classes For Kids

Gordon Ramsay

The famous chef is uploading cooking videos to his YouTube channel but, don't worry, he hasn't got that fiery temper in his home kitchen. The videos are great for slightly older kids who have a bit of experience in the kitchen, Gordon talks you through the dishes in a passionate and enthusiastic way. His kids also make a couple of candid appearances in some of the videos so it's nice to see a bit of family banter. We loved the easy butternut squash curry! If you'd prefer to cook along with him, the videos also go live on his Instagram page but, be warned, he moves through the steps pretty quickly!

There are plenty of online cooking classes to give you and your kids a hand in the kitchen. Whether you're looking to master a few new bakes, get creative with combinations or make a meal for the family to enjoy, there is definitely something you can have a go at. Once you've cooked up a storm, why not share your food with your family at a DIY lockdown restaurant, it's a great way to make dinner time feel a bit more like a special occasion.



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