43 Warforged Names With Meanings For Your Characters

The Warforged are a player race in the popular fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons needs no introduction.

The most popular character in the famous video game, the Warforged, are partial robots. They are built of metal and wood, but they do have emotions.

At first, they did not use any title because they were referred to as soldiers, and were barred from expressing their emotions. They are known for their quirks and tend to just go with whatever they are surrounded by, or the nicknames they are given.  So, let’s explore the top and common Warforged names. To simplify things, we have divided the list into several sub-categories.

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Iconic Warforged Names

These names have been a part of the D&D universe for as long as we can remember. They are catchy, fun, and memorable. Let’s begin with the most iconic ones.

1 . Axton meaning "sword".

2 . Cart meaning "the one who comes from mossy places".

3 . Drow is a nickname apt for someone who has a "clever mind", good judgment, and is helpful.

4 . Graven (Anglo-Saxon origin) means the "one who lives near a ditch".

5 . Mark is derived from the old Latin word, mart-kod, which may mean "the God of War".

6 . Morg (Welsh origin) word is derived from the word Mor, which means the "protector of the sea".

7 . Oak is the meaning of Oak is the "tree" or "wood", and since soldiers used to stay in Oak trees, it one of the most popular male Warforged names.

8 . Titan is the largest moon of planet Saturn, and the word means a "powerful big man" and "strong".

9 . Victor, the name Victor means "conqueror".

10 . Walker (English origin) name means "filler of cloth" or "the one who keeps walking", no matter what.

11 . Zealot (Greek origin) name means a "zealous admirer of God".

Funny Warforged Names

Looking at the process of how they get their names, don’t be surprised if you find way too many in this category!

12 . Adamant, the word adamant comes from a Latin word that means "extremely hard".

13 . Book, the word book stands for a "bunch of blank papers put together for writing".

14 . Candle is a nickname for those who are intensely "focused".

15 . Charger meaning of this word is "a person who is life's gift".

16 . Deadman, the name means a "rigid man".

17 . Fear, in the Middle East, Fear is a common nickname for those who are "proud".

18 . Junk, this nickname is derived from the German word "juncherre", which means "a young noble man who is not a knight yet".

19 . Lizardfolk is person who is not scared of lizards or any other animal.

20 . Nameless, yep you read that right. Well, this nickname has no meaning, yet is a trendy Warforged name.

21 . Three is mentioned earlier, Warforged had no name. They were called Soldier 1, Soldier 2, and so on. And that’s why, eventually, One, Two, Three, become popular Warforged names.

Female Warforged Names

So far, you may have seen several male Warforged envoy names, but now is the time to look at some fantasy female Warforged names.

22 . Changeling, in pre-modern mythology, the meaning of the name Changeling was "the child of a fairy".

23 . Crystal (Latin origin) name stands for "clear, bright glass".

24 . Faith (Greek origin) and this feminine name means "utter confidence or belief in something".

25 . Nurse is an occupational name comes from an Old French word, which means a "foster caretaker".

26 . Petunia (English origin) word that means "the flower".

27 . Reverie, the name stands for "daydreaming, or to dream".

28 . Smite, is an old English word that means "to attack".

29 . White is a popular nickname for "anyone who has a pale complexion" in the game. It was also the name of a legendary Irish warrior.

Gender-Neutral Smart Warforged Names

Moving on from the funny section, it’s time to look at some smart Warforged titles. These are well thought-through names, and sure to add a layer of depth to your character.

30 . Agent the word originates from a French word that means "watchkeeper".

31 . Azm the word has multiple meanings, some of which include "strong belief, firmness, and resolve".

32 . Clarion has multiple meanings of the name Clarion. It could refer to a "king or trumpet".

33 . Delver has a Turkish origin, and means the "one who collects".

34 . Ivan in Hebrew, Ivan means "God is gracious".

35 . Mace (English origin) and word means "the gift of God".

36 . Prowler, the word means "the one who moves without any noise", quietly.

37 . Rune means "secret" and is of Swedish origin.

38 . Smith, the name means "to hit".

39 . Scout (American origin) name means "the very first explorer". It"s also a popular nickname from the book "To Kill a Mocking Bird". It"s most commonly used for girls.

40 . Vault, the word means a "picturesque valley". It was a common name for Warforged who lived in such valleys for months.

41 . Steel the name means "metal" and can be used wisely to depict your character's nerves of steel and iron strength.

42 . Athanasios (Greek origin) meaning "everlasting" or "immortal". This makes a very hardcore sounding Warforged soldier name.

43 . Verbatim (Latin origin) meaning "the exact words" and also having connotations of "truth".

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