9 Ways to Celebrate a Milestone Occasion Virtually


With most of us used to going above and beyond to celebrate a milestone occasion such as pre-booking unique venues, organising a guest list and not to mention planning all the decorations and food, it would seem that under the current circumstances we all find ourselves in, this level of celebration is near impossible to recreate. For those kids and teens who were looking forward to celebrating milestones with their friends, like birthdays or the end of the school year, it is now more important than ever to continue the fun and connect with each other by using other means.

Now is the time to get creative and embrace all the fun and excitement of a virtual party, an online way of getting in the party spirit that everyone will be sure to enjoy. There is certainly no reason why you and your kids can't still have an amazing and special day at home during lockdown by just using the imagination and thinking outside the box. Take a read below at some of the new and thoughtful ways in which you can have a virtual celebration and get all your friends and family members to join in the fun remotely. It is guaranteed that no one will miss out on the party. So don't cancel the celebrations, but embrace an online gathering and stay in whilst staying connected with those you love most.

Send Out Digital Invitations

No party can start without the invites being sent. Sending out virtual invites is a way to get everyone in the party mood and stir up some excitement before the big event. Paperless Post does some amazing and free virtual party invites and flyers whatever the occasion, with interactive gifs and fun animations to make everyone who receives one excited to be sharing the celebration. Once you've decided how you're all going to meet up virtually, make sure to put the location and time of the party on the flyer and include the video link so guests can join the social platform you're going to use to host it.

Children writing invitations

Have A Zoom Party

One of these online platforms is Zoom, a great and effective way to host your virtual party. Setting up a meeting on Zoom and inviting all your friends and family for a virtual celebration couldn't be easier, and something the kids will enjoy to make the day magical and memorable. Zoom works through making group video calls, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the quality of the video, it really does seem like everyone is in the room with you. Just download the app and create a free account, and with an invite list of up to 100 people allowed, you can be sure that no one will miss out on this social delight. Fun emoji options and background creations can inject some creative excitement into the day and bring everyone together. It's perfect for all ages and any occasion you have planned to celebrate.

Excited children

Get Connected With House Party

Much like Zoom, House Party works in the same way by allowing you to host video group calls with all your friends and family and is perfect for all ages. However as a bonus, with House Party, you can actually play party games with each other online. Just download the app for free to spend time with the people you care about during any occasion. To make the day extra special, one idea is to get all the guests to log on to the chat before your kids do, and when they enter the chat get everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to them. It is sure to cause a surprise and bring a smile to their faces.


Use Netflix Party For Themed Film Nights

If you and your family are movie lovers, what better way than to celebrate an occasion by hosting a themed film night. Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch any film at the same time as all of your friends and family. On top of this, it includes a group chat option so that you can all choose an icon picking from a selection of well-known characters and share your movie commentary without interrupting the film. Dress up as your favourite characters from the movie you select to watch, and maybe when the film is over you can use a video chat app to have a competition with your guests to see who has the best costume. FaceTime is an especially fun option for this with face filters that will give your costume that extra edge. Set up is so simple too as it only requires one person to install it, making it a great choice for virtual parties with older relatives who perhaps aren't as tech-savvy as our younger ones.

Popcorn for a film night

Try Out Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is an incredible option for birthday parties that will allow you to kick back and relax whilst all the fun is taken care of by some of their amazing entertainers. As a children's entertainment company, Captain Fantastic in light of recent times has launched online interactive parties so that no one's celebratory fun is to be delayed or postponed. Using online platforms such as Zoom and Skype, your kids and all their friends will be sure to have the time of their lives with exciting games, puppets, music and even magic tricks. They even take care of the invitations, sending out e-cards to all your kids' friends so that everyone can come to the party from the safety of their own homes. Different themes can be chosen too, including superhero, scientist and princess, guaranteeing that all of your children will be happy and excited about the party. Ideal for birthday parties and perfect for ages 2-7, the stress of party planning is taken care of so all the family can have a memorable and wholesome time together. It is an experience not to be missed.

Child princess for birthday

Set The Scene With Decorations

If you prefer the more hands-on approach, and getting completely stuck into all the intricate details of party planning and organising, then making a themed backdrop for your virtual party is to be sure to add some fun into any social occasion. If the idea of using platforms like Zoom or House Party has taken your fancy, then what better way to make it a really exciting event than to include a theme to the party and make your own decorations to hang behind your while you connect with your guests. This is something you and your kids can do together by spending the day getting creative and making colourful bunting, signs or maybe even hanging some fairy lights to make it feel extra special.  Getting your guests involved by making their own themed scenes for the video call is another lovely way to bring everyone together and share in the celebrations.

Birthday party decorations

Send A Dessert

Food is always a big part of any party, and even though we're in lockdown it doesn't mean you have to compromise on the tasty goodies your kids get to enjoy on the day. Many local bakeries and patisseries are now offering an online delivery service, so you can select your kids favourite treats and get it sent to them on their special day. It's also a great way to support our local businesses during these difficult times. With many beautiful deserts to choose from, sending a sweet treat such as a cake, cookies or muffins to your kid will be a lovely surprise for them to delight in. Check out bakeries that offer personalised options too, so you can write a special message to your loved one on the baked goods you decide to send to them.

Birthday food

Make It Memorable With An Album

Despite being a virtual party, it will still be a party that you won't want to forget, so be sure to get out your camera and start snapping. If you have an Instax camera you could even create an album as you go along, and sending the finished pictures to all the guests at the end is a great way to make any occasion feel significant and remembered.

Excited birthday child

Get A Celebrity Shoutout!

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, Father's Day or graduation or anything in between, an amazing gift idea is a Cameo shoutout! Cameo is a website and app filled with actors, YouTube celebrities, comedians, sports stars, musicians and more who offer personalised video shoutouts from £8. Usually the bigger the star, the higher the price (some can be £200 or more per shoutout!) but most of them are super affordable. This unique present can take up to 7 days to get back to you so make sure you've left enough time!



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