30+ Wednesday Jokes To Keep You Laughing Until The Weekend

Try sharing a few funny Wednesday puns and funny jokes to celebrate hump day.

Did you know that Hump day, an idiom meaning Wednesday, first appeared in North America in the 1960s?

Well, it was mostly a term introduced in business offices, based on the idea that the workweek is a mountain one must climb in an effort to liven up the drudgery of the workweek. And as Wednesday is the mid-day of the week, it proves to be the hump.

So how would puns about Wednesday or funny hump day jokes make the weekday better? Laughter is a dose that can take away any dreadful feelings, especially when they are related to work and school or even when classes pose as stressful events. Try sharing a witty Wednesday joke with your friends, colleagues, or family and see the Wednesday humor work its charm. Funny Wednesday jokes of the day focus so much on the mid-week and happy hump day humor, that it is impossible not to laugh at the relatability of these funniest hump day jokes. Check this list for funny Wednesday pun and jokes that you will want to share with one or two people every day or every hump day! You can even use these as one-liners on Wednesday!

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Funny Jokes About Wednesday

Laugh easily with one or two Wednesday jokes and make your friends laugh with you too.

This list will take away all the mid-week dreadfulness with funny Wednesday time jokes.

1. Wedn-es-day? It comes after the night.

2. How did the employee react when the boss yelled, "You are late for the third day in a row. What does this mean?" The employee replies, "That it is Wednesday?"

3. How do you know that weddings on a Wednesday are sad? When you see the cake is in tiers too.

4. What is it that the Wednesdays' dream to be? They only dream and wish of becoming Thursdays.

5. How do you make up for coming late to work on a Wednesday? By leaving early, perhaps?

6. What are Wednesdays like? They are just Mondays in the mid-week.

7. How does Yoda get through Wednesday? By saying, "Half over the week is now!"

8. Why did the woman cry on a Wednesday evening? Because she thought it was whine Wednesday.

9. Why did the man have an un-inviting face in office? Because it was his Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday face.

10. How does Adele greet Wednesday from a Sunday? "Hello from the other side of the week!"

11. What did the tree say to Wednesday? Please, leaf me alone.

12. How do Ash Wednesdays inspire New Years'? They help you to stay strong and give up on new year resolutions as a sacrifice.

13. What did the girl say when she had too much homework on Wednesday? This is the Monday-est Wednesday ever!

Popular Hump Day Jokes

Wednesday as a hump-y one, will never be complete without the camel humor.

Popular and good jokes can always make everyone feel happy. Check this list for happy Wednesday/ hump day vibes. Share hump humor with your family members or friends to get them to laugh at funny humps.

14. Why are Sundays stronger than Wednesdays? Because Wednesday is a week-day.

15. Why didn't 'Mean Girls' wear black on Wednesday? Because they say, "We wear pink on Wednesdays".

16. What are Wednesdays with no rain called? Parched hump days.

17. What ruins a Wednesday night? The fact that it is still a hump day!

18. What is it that will help get over the hump? A smile with an extra cup of coffee!

19. What is hump day like for the working parents? A Wednesday that never leaves them alone with never-ending work.

20. Why did the employee get a camel in the office building? Because the boss said, 'Bring in the hump day'.

21. What do you call a camel with no hump on a Wednesday? Hum-phrey!

22. What did the man, eating pickles, say to two of his friends who were cribbing about Wednesday? - You two have got to dill with this hump today!

23. How do all the animals react to Hump day? They try to avoid the camel all day long.

24. What did the teacher say when the kid brought a humped animal to the school on Monday? Child, it is Wednesday, take that camel away and go back to studying.

Funny Wednesday Time Jokes

Make the most out of Wednesday with good jokes to crack amongst your work colleagues or class friends.

25. Why are Superman's powers useless on Wednesday evenings? Because he goes to his weekly Bitcoin meeting and it's his crypto-night.

26. How do people motivate themselves on Wednesdays? They say, "Only two more days for the weekend. Keep it up!".

27. Why are Wednesdays boring for the first half of the week? Because they bring smiles only for the second half of the week.  

28. Why do Wednesdays feel unhappy? Because they are as close to the weekend as they are to Mondays.

29. What is the only thing employees are certain about on Wednesday? That there soon will come Friday!

30. Why did the man call it a weekend on a Wednesday? Because he said, "After two days it will be Friday, which makes tomorrow a pre-Friday, hence, it is a weekend on Wednesday".

31. Why was the man happy about Ash Wednesday? Because he wished to give up his work for lent.

32. What is the good and bad thing about Wednesday? It is not Monday!

33. What is even worse than a long week? Realizing that it is just Wednesday.

34. How did the man react when his boss exclaimed, "What a week full of work, right?" He looked in disbelief saying, "It's only Wednesday".

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