Weekly Offers, 14th-20th October

Girls dressed up for creating Halloween decorations.

Not sorted your half-term yet? Don’t panic! With massive deals on treasure hunts, spooky dance parties and museum madness, we’ve got you covered.

50% off: London Stories Picture Quest

Round up everyone aged 8 and above and save 50% on this picturesque problem-solving quest across London. You'll start your adventure in the legendary Leicester Square and then using your detective skills solve image-based puzzles and clues which will be set to you phone. Thinking caps required!

12% off Raving and Misbehaving Halloween Special

Save 12% on a frightfully fun Halloween dance party where you can boogie with your little ones aged 2 and above. Head at Under the Bridge this Halloween for an un-boo-lievable rave hosted by the spooktacular Sharky and George.

Roll Up! Planet Circus is coming to Clapham Common

Roll up, the circus is back in town! Planet Circus has put together a show with something in it for everyone aged 5 and above! Featuring all the classic circus acts and more, you don’t want to miss Planet Circus when they hit Clapham Common this half-term.

image from audience looking at a show at Planet Circus

Thames Rockets Ultimate London Experience

Head to London Eye and strap in with your little ones aged 6 and above for the fastest sightseeing tour in London. See all the iconic sights on a Thames Rockets speedboat ride that’ll get your adrenaline pumping with crazy twists and turns at 35mph.

24% off Spooky Cats at London Museum of Water & Steam

Save 24% at the London Museum of Water &...Scream?Head to the London Museum of Water & Steam this Halloween with your little ones aged 3 and above where you’ll learn the mysterious story of the museum’s feline friends…

kids at the museum Water and Steam listening to a man telling stories

Hampton Court Palace

Meet the ghosts of Hampton Court Palace’s past! All ages will enjoy going on a haunted jaunt around Henry VIII’s old stomping grounds this half-term, and learn the secrets of times gone by.

More Treat Than Trick Halloween at Drayton Manor

Take a trip to Drayton Manor this Halloween for something a lot more fang-tastic than trick-or-treating in your neighbourhood. You will find something for everyone at this fantastic family-friendly theme park from hair-raising roller coasters for the mini Evel Knievels in the family; to a brilliant 15-acre zoo for animal-mad tots; a super toddler-friendly Thomas Land, and lots more in between.

parents with their kids at a roller coster



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