Weekly Offers, 23rd-29th September

Happy kids running around in a field.

It’s half term next month! We’ve got you covered with huge West End deals, muddy outdoor adventures and loads of spooky Halloween shenanigans.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is back, and she’s practically perfect in every way! The magical story of the world’s favourite nanny is back at Prince Edward Theatre in an incredible award-winning production suitable for kids aged 7 and above.

a blue umbrella in the sky

BIG The Musical

Get 52% off this massive West End show at Dominion Theatre. Bring your little ones aged 5 and above to this fantastic adaptation of the iconic Tom Hanks smash-hit BIG when it debuts this autumn.

44% off Plonk Golf at the Horniman Museum

Save 44% and put your crazy golf skills to the test. Kids aged 4 and above and grown-ups alike will have a blast playing a few rounds of golf at Plonk’s tropical Horniman Museum paradise.

Zog Adventure: Dragon Academy with Sally's Adventure Club (Highgate Wood)

Calling all Julia Donaldson fans aged 2 and above! Head to Sally’s Adventure Club in Highgate Wood for an outdoor storytelling adventure session based on Julia Donaldson’s Zog.

little boy in dinosaur suit running in the fields

Peppa's Pumpkin Party at The Happy Crafters Club

You’re invited to Peppa’s Halloween party at The Happy Crafters Club. Join Peppa, George and all their friends in a crafty immersive retelling of this spectacularly spooky Peppa Pig story, suitable for tots aged under 8 years old.

Raver Tots London Halloween Party 2019

Make some noise at the Raver Tots Halloween party in Hoxton. Bring your mini ravers under 12 years old, grab your glow sticks and don your most ghoulish garb for this family rave extravaganza.

The Nightmare Before Christmas at Kids' Kino Club

Boo!Join the Pumpkin King at Regent Street Cinema this Halloween. Come along to Kids’ Kino Club this October for a spooky screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas, suitable for kids aged 6 and above.

scene from the movie the nightmare before Christmas


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