Weekly Offers, 7th-13th October

Boys playing in a forest.

The rain’s falling, the mercury’s dropping, but your autumn is looking up! We’ve got loads of exclusive deals for you - whether you’re looking to book a festive family day out, plan a luxury birthday surprise or try out a new skill, we’ve got you sorted. Who needs sunshine when you’ve got Kidadl offers that’ll brighten your day?

20% off Panoramic Afternoon Tea Bus Tour of London

20% off: it's time for tea. Hop on a Golden Tours afternoon tea bus tour and experience the best of London's history and culture while you indulge in sweet treats with your little ones aged 5 and above.

20% off Express Workshop at Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory

Embrace your inner Willy Wonka. Grab your little ones aged 4 and above and head to Dr Choc’s Chocolate Factory in Windsor for an express chocolate-making workshop. You’ll be a chocolatier in no time!

Christmas Shopping Tour

‘Tis the season for Christmas shopping with London Shopping Tours. Bring your mini shoppers aged 8 and above for the ultimate shopping experience around the city where you will visit all the iconic shops and best-hidden gems within your budget.

parents with their little boy looking at a window shop during Christmas

40% off London African Drumming

Get 40% off a family ticket to London African Drumming. Grab your little musicians aged 8 and above and head at The Vatican Studios  for a drumming session full of singing, chanting, dancing and clapping at this brilliant workshop.

Chamber Tots: Into Space

Bring your littlest humans aged under 2 to Chamber Tots: Into Space! Delve into outer space and go on a mini, musical adventure with your toddlers at the iconic Wigmore Hall - it’ll be out of this world.

Hubble 3D at The Science Museum

Houston, we have a problem! Head at the Science Museum with your mini scientists aged 6 and above and be amazed by the Hubble 3D screening where you’ll see the universe from the perspective of a real astronaut, narrated by A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio.

Astronaut into space

Free entry to the Royal Observatory with London Pass

Reach for the stars at the Royal Observatory. Gather your mini astrologists and space cadets aged 5 and above and prepare for the ultimate fun day out in Greenwich, with free entry when you visit using your London Pass.



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