Weekly Offers, 9th-15th December

Kids decorating their Christmas tree

The festive season is well and truly upon us and we’re prepping for some much-needed family time. Whether you’ve got tiny tots, toddlers or teens, there’s festive fun for everyone.

The Snowman

Transport the family into the wintery world of The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre, where you’ll be mesmerised from start to finish. Perfect for your under 5s this spellbinding show will delight the whole family and take you back to your own childhood Christmases. Get ready for the perfect festive treat while you save 39% off when you book through Kidadl.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

With an all-star cast, stunts and epic special effects, this theatre extravaganza puts a new spin on the classic panto tale, thrilling everyone aged 5 and above. Goldilocks and the Three Bears will be making an appearance for a limited 5-week run at the London Palladium, so get your tickets while you can!

Nick Cope’s Festive Family Show

At this fantastically festive family concert you’ll be singing and dancing your hearts out as Nick performs new and old songs alike. Little fans between 2-7 yers old and their parents are all invited at the Streatham Space Project for an unforgettable Christmas holiday outing.

Nick Cope's family concert poster

Mini Mojos for Dads

Head to Mini Mojos for Dads and spend some quality time with your baby in this brilliant one-off session in Crouch End. Bring in your tiniest tots and socialise with local dads while you bond with you baby.

Santa in Love at The Cockpit with free gift

Settle down for a cosy festive performance of Santa in Love and get the chance to meet him afterwards. Head at the Cockpit Theatre and get into the festive spirit with your tots aged 3 years and above as you join Father Christmas and all his friends in this family-friendly musical filled with games, giggles and loads of Christmas sing-alongs.

Irving Berlin's White Christmas

May your days be merry and bright with 63% off this all-singing, all-dancing musical based on the famous festive film. White Christmas is hitting the Dominion Theatre for a feel-good family show full off comedy, romance and festive songs that will amaze everyone aged 7 and above.

Olaf and Elsa’s Frozen Christmas Adventure with Creative Movements

Do you want to help a snowman? Work together with Olaf, Anna and Elsa as you set out to organise the best Christmas Arendelle has ever had.Your under 5s are invited to join their favourite characters at a Frozen Christmas Adventure and delve into a magical snow world through storytelling, role play, movement and music.

Kids watching Olaf and Elsa's Frozen Christmas



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