What Mums Really Want For Mother's Day

What does your mum really want this mother's day?

After the year we’ve just had, mums everywhere deserve an extra-special Mother’s Day treat. But what? With most shops still closed and exciting experiences a non-starter, the choices are a bit limited. Even so, we can dream can’t we?

To that end, we asked the Kidadl Facebook group a question: What would REALLY make your day this Mother's Day? After a year in and out of lockdown, what would be the best thing your family could do for you?

Here’s what we found.

A Big Getaway… With Or Without The Kids

Perhaps the most popular suggestion was to just get away from it all. Even domestic holidays have been tricky, and sometimes forbidden over the past year. We’re all a little stir crazy for some holiday action. 

“Oh I would love a weekend away,” laughs @bellaandbunny_ on Instagram. “Bubbles and a change of scenery would be fantastic im going loopy”. As things stand, advice in England is to remain local, but there’s no reason not to book mum a weekend away for sometime over the summer. Kidadlr Pamela has distant dreams. “A week at the Chiva-Som spa in Thailand,” she pleads. And kid-free, to boot. Her suggestion drew many ‘likes’. “Be careful. You might have everyone in this group joining you!” replied Ariella.

The absence of children was a common theme. That might seem curious. A traditional “Mother’s Day” is usually spent celebrating the joys of being a mother, surrounded by the family. Yet many parents in England (myself included!) haven’t had a single moment away from their kids since December. Much as we love them, that can get a little exhausting. Kidadlr Georgina is one of many who could use a short break: “Not wild, not exotic.... a night away in a hotel by myself. Sleep. Quiet. Relaxation,”  she says. Daria agrees and wants “Blackout curtains too please”. Moushimi, meanwhile, just dreams of a day with “No need to look after anyone else at all the whole day long”.

Some mums want to take their kids with them, though. On Instagram, @centrallondonmum wants a “nice child friendly staycation booked in order for me to be able to enjoy the boys and maybe have a swim”. @meetthesons agrees: “A weekend away with the family, where I don't have to lift a finger would be pure bliss to me!”.

We had a range of answers, then -- some longing for personal time while others wanted a happy day spent with the family. We put the question to the polls. On Instagram, a decisive 75% of mums most craved some ‘me time’ versus 25% who preferred ‘family time’. Our Facebook poll was more equivocal, with the two options more evenly split and most people wanting some balance of the two.

Family Reunited

Other mums just asked for the simple, universal pleasure of being able to see loved ones again. Kidadlr Abi wants to spend Mother’s Day with her mum who “lives 5K miles away”, while both Mariola and Tina just want to give their mums a big hug. Not much longer now, we hope. 

The Top Gift Ideas

How would the traditional Mother’s Day gifts go down this year? We did a little Instagram poll to test the waters. If it were a choice of flowers versus chocolates, 58% of mums wanted the bouquet, with 42% preferring the sweet treat. Best bet? Get both.

Spa days were among the most popular alternative. Even if most of us can’t visit a spa just yet, it should be possible in the near future. Instagram friend @triplets_in_my_kitchen says “All I want is lots of hugs from my girls and a foot massage. A spa day would be amazing too!”. 

As well as a holiday, @wearetheasamoahs wants “new clothes (no loungewear), and money because I plan to be out daily when we are set free lol”.  Christelle suggested a subscription to a magazine (in her case, an indoor plants mag), while @mamaistheword wants “lots of wine and sleep”.

Meanwhile Melina dreams big: “A winning lottery ticket, a weekend at Soho Farmhouse and a mums' night with all my mum friends dancing to our favourite songs! Not asking for much! I'd also take a nice afternoon tea!” Weirdly, winning the lottery is the only one of those aspirations that’s actually possible at the moment!

And Finally… The Gift We All Need

The final word goes to Gabrielle who already knows what she’s getting:”I am having a Covid jab on Mother's Day. And that really will make me happy.” 

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