What To Expect From A Day At The London Museum Of Water and Steam

Train engine at the museum.

Water you waiting for? With Kidadl’s 43% off discount, tickets to The London Museum Of Water and Steam cost as little as £4.00! You and your little adventurers can go on an aquatic and steamy journey through London’s watery history and soak up everything there is to know about London's water supply history, to the first steam engines and everything in between. This unique museum truly is a hidden gem - complete with a splash zone, enormous engines, beautiful picnic gardens, an opportunity to ride round the museum on a steam-powered train and loads more steamy fun, it’s a great day out for all the family. Here’s a little taster of what to expect from a day at the museum - whether you’re a train fanatic or not, you’re bound to full steam impressed after visiting this spectacular museum!

1. Expect to make a huge saving

One thing's for sure, you can expect to make a huge saving. With tickets from as little as £4, you can experience all the steam and all of the fun for a fraction of the price! Bring the whole family along and take advantage of this mega discount. And with October half-term on the horizon, what better way to kick off the holidays with a ride on a real-life steam train? We can't think of a much cooler way...

2. Expect to be pumped full of knowledge, quirky facts and stories from history

This isn’t your average museum, nor is it your average history lesson - The London Museum of Water and Steam is a masterclass in the history and science of all things steamy. As you and your family chug your way around the fascinating floors filled with enormous engines dating back over 100 years and the impressive gallery that traces the history of water in London right back to the start, get completely lost in a world of locomotives and learn about everything from real-life heroes of the industrial revolution to what it takes to drive a steam train and more. With help from the interactive elements dotted around the museum, you won’t even realise you’re learning!

3. Expect to spot a few furry creatures

Well, technically speaking, no… There aren’t actually any real furry friends. However, there is an awesome, interactive Splash Cat trail that helps younger explorers find their way around the museum and make the most out of their visit. Splash hides fun, quirky facts all around the museum, creating an exciting trail that families can follow and therefore discover new bits of the museum - just look out for the paws! Kidadl loves the Splash Cat trail and we would definitely recommend this if you’re first time visitors as it helps you get to grips with the layout and you also learn a few bonus facts along the way - win win!

4. Expect to hop on-board a real life steam train

Full steam ahead! If your kids are loco for locomotives, this is something you simply can’t miss. You'll get to enjoy a steam-powered trip around the museum on one of the vehicles that was used to shuttle coal around the waterworks many years ago, so you'll feel like you've stepped back in time. The ride is included in your admission ticket so you definitely can make the most of your time there! And with Kidadl’s 43% off entrance tickets; there’s no time like the present - all aboard!

steam train ride at london museum of water and steam

5. Expect to be spooked

Boo! As Halloween is almost upon us, our pals at the London Museum of Water and Steam are putting on something a little spooky, and Kidadl’s got 24% off, making tickets less than a fiver! According to legend, once upon a time 8 mysterious cats lived at the London Museum of Water & Steam, and this half term their story is being brought to life. The best part? Kids in costume can get in for free! Book now and have a spooktacular time.



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