What's Happening This Weekend? 12th - 13th October

Children enjoying the weekend

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36% off magical fun in Shadwell

Can you escape this spellbinding escape room in Shadwell?

You’ve been locked in an escape room and it’s up to you to get out and retrieve your wand before you lose your magic forever. Book now from £66.

Singin' in the Rain for one night only

One night only: Singin' in the Rain

As part of the 48-Hour Musical Challenge, the cast and crew are up against the clock to pull off this all-singing, all-dancing production. Book now from £34.50.

54% off The Comedy About A Bank Rbbery

It'd be criminal to miss this hilarious heist

At The Comedy About A Bank Robbery you’ll be taken on a rip-roaring chase through thrilling sets, endless jokes and silly songs. Book now from £11.50.

Lots of laughter at the Silent Disco Adventure

Are you feeling the disco fever?

Grab a headset, practice your belting and show off your moves at this Silent Disco Adventure around London. Book now from £10.

Have you seen this?

Check out our latest blog post 11 Fantastic October Half-Term Deals to Book Now

Planning ahead? Head to the Streatham Space Project this half-term to catch the classic nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle, live on stage.



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