What’s On At The Chickenshed This Summer - From Toddlers To Tweens

Child playing

Best for Under Fives

Big Stories from the Little Box is an all-time favourite for kids under five. The puppets hosting these interactive kids shows and workshops know how to get children’s creative energy flowing through movement, music and captivating storytelling. With an innovative, changeable set, Big Stories from the Little Box can quickly transform from a fairytale backdrop to an adventurous jungle setting, keeping kids on their toes, and immersed in this imaginative world. These Chickenshed productions will be performed in different children centres around London in July.

For an afternoon of interactive toddler fun, sign up for Planet Play, Chickenshed’s magical playtime sessions focused on encouraging play and early communication development through sensory learning, music, dance and games. These 45-minute sessions take place every Friday from 26 April to 14 June. They also offer the perfect opportunity for parents to chill out in Chickenshed’s baby and toddler-friendly café.

Open to newborns to great-grandparents, the Baby Broadway Family Concert will bring you a musical morning of bubbles, dance and puppetry on 20 June. Some of the best West End singers will perform all your favourite musical numbers for an audience spanning all ages. Give your baby their first taste for musicals and who knows – a few years from now you might be watching them on the Chickenshed stage!

Best for seven-12’s

This summer, children from seven to 12-year-olds, will be able to enjoy the moving and funny musical adaptation of David Walliam’s best-selling book, Mr. Stink. Following the story of 12-year old Chloe, who invites the homeless Mr. Stink and his dog to live in her family’s garden shed without her parents’ knowing, children will be left with a positive message: everyone deserves to be loved and accepted. This Chickenshed production will be running across different London venues throughout the month of August and features guest appearances by broadcaster Jeremy Vine.

If you’re living with the next Steven Spielberg in-the-making, don’t miss out on the POPCORN Film and Theatre Workshops that will run every Sunday from 10:30am – 12:30pm from 28 April to 7 July. This 10-week course will see the children create their own sketches, songs and adverts and will end with a private screening in a local cinema. Sign them up now and start preparing for a future of red-carpet events.

In Tales from the Shed kids can join a range of much-loved animal characters, from Can-Can the beautiful bird to chilled-out Lion Down and more, as they tell their own stories throughout the performance. Expect loads of noise, fun, colourful puppets and sing-alongs.

Best for + 12’s

Introduce your tweens to the world of comedy by ways of Adam Long’s new show, My Superpowers. Your kids will recognise Long’s voice as that of Mr. Small on Cartoon Network’s popular animation series, The Amazing World of Gumball. In My Superpowers, Long lets us in on his newly identified powers – but he’s still not entirely sure if they can be classified as super. Featuring Spongebob Squarepants and The Broadway Musical as the heroes in Long’s odyssey, this promises to be a weird and wonderful show with proceeds going to support The Motor Neurone Disease Association.



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