50 Who Am I Riddles For Kids That Want A Challenge

A mystery person's feet standing by a large question mark.

Need to think of something to keep the kids occupied?

Try your hand at our 50 'who am I' riddles with answers to have a bit of fun with all the family and test your general knowledge. See who can get the most answers correct! If your kids love working their brains, check out these 50 kid-friendly riddles, or 30+ long riddles that are bound to keep children entertained.

Cartoon Characters

Put your TV knowledge to the test and have a guess at these riddles.

1. I like to play with all my friends and splash around in muddy puddles. Who am I? Answer: Peppa Pig

2. I have a pet snail called Gary and live in a pineapple. Who am I? Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants

3. My best friend and I love to eat snacks. The rest of our gang love to solve mysteries and travel in our groovy van. Who am I? Answer: Scooby Doo

4. I love exploring and helping new friends. My best friend is called Boots and we both know a very sneaky fox! Who am I? Answer: Dora the Explorer

5. I come from Peru and love eating Marmalade - especially in sandwiches! Who am I? Answer: Paddington Bear

6. I'm a detective who travels around the kingdom of Jalpur to solve cases and mysteries with my mongoose sidekicks. Who am I?  Answer: Mira, Royal Detective

7. I am a racoon, my best friend is a grey cat and my class teacher is a fox. We all love learning and have a great time at school. Who am I? Answer: Timothy from Timothy Goes To School

8. We are the famous Cat and Mouse duo! I like to play tricks on him and he always chases me around! Who am I? Answer: Jerry from Tom and Jerry

Book Characters

Do you love reading? Take a look at these Who am I riddles to see who can guess the most answers correctly!

9. I used to live in a place called the Dumping Ground and I have a foster mum called Cam. Who am I? Answer: Tracy Beaker

10. My chocolates are known and eaten by people from all over the world. I have lots of lovely friends who love to sing and dance. Who am I? Answer: Willy Wonka

11. Sometimes my hair can just have a mind of its own! My dad helps me to style it and keep it naturally beautiful! I come from a book based on an Oscar-winning short film - have you seen it? Who am I? Answer: Zuri from Hair Love

12. I used to be an international jewel thief and planned to have one last go at stealing the Crown Jewels with some help from my grandson. Who am I? Answer: Gangsta Granny

13. I love wearing my blue jacket and having fun with my sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. I also love eating vegetables! Who am I? Answer: Peter Rabbit

14. My adopted sister and I are trying to uncover secrets relating to our Indian grandmother. We're trying our best to solve the mystery so that the spirits are freed. Who am I?  Answer: Usha from When Secrets Set Sail

Singers And Their Songs

Can you guess the pop singer from their song lyrics?  Two points up for grabs if you can also name the song! You'll never get them all, right?

15. They say "Oh my god I see the way you shine. Take your hand, my dear, and place them both in mine..." Who am I? Answer: Tones and I

16. Baby, baby, baby ooooohhhhhh Baby, baby, baby nooooooo Who am I? Answer: Justin Bieber

17. Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who am I? Answer: Beyonce

18. I got this feeling inside my bones. It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on. All through my city, all through my home...Who am I? Answer: Justin Timberlake

19. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof...Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Who am I? Answer: Pharrell

20. Op Op Op Op Oppan Gangnam Style. Who am I? Answer: PSY

21. We will, we will rock you... Hint: Our band name is just one word and means a female ruler Who am I? Answer: Queen  

Disney Characters

Are you a Disney fan? Try to answer a riddle or two below - who can get the most answers correct?

22. My sister has the power to create and control snow and ice. We grew up together in the palace. Who am I? Answer: Anna from Frozen

23. I am __________ , your personal healthcare companion. I like to help people and will always be there for you if you are in danger. Who am I? Answer: Baymax from Big Hero 6

24. I have a pet cricket and a red dragon guardian who is always there to help. I love sword-fighting and horse riding. Who am I? Answer: Mulan

25. My nose grows longer and longer if I tell a lie. Who am I? Answer: Pinocchio

26. I love to eat and bugs are one of my favourite foods. My best friends are a small yellow meerkat and a loyal King lion! Who am I? Answer: Pumba from the Lion King

27. I really don't like tick tocking noises, especially clocks. I also sail the seven seas. Who am I? Answer: Captain Hook

28. I dream of running my own restaurant. When I kissed a frog, I also turned into one! Who am I? Answer: Princess Tiana

A young boy is wearing a red blindfold as he and his family play 'Who am I? riddles.

Famous People Now And Then

Who's in the lead? Never mind as you can try to get more riddles correct in this round of Famous People from the past to the modern day.

29. In 2009, I set the world record in the 100-meter sprint and became known as one of the fastest runners. Who am I? Answer: Usain Bolt

30. I'm an Indian YouTuber from Canada. I'm also the creator of Unicorn Island. Who am I? Answer: Lilly Singh

31. I love the environment and campaign against climate change. I also travel by boat to reduce my carbon footprint. Who am I? Answer: Greta Thunberg

32. I am an activist who fought for civil rights in America in the 1950s and 1960s. I'm known for my famous 'I Have a Dream' speech. Who am I? Answer: Martin Luther King Jr

33. I am known for painting the Mona Lisa. I was also a famous inventor and mathematician. Who am I? Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci

34. In 2016, I was the first British astronaut to ever walk in space. Who am I? Answer: Tim Peake

35. I am a famous actor known for doing my own stunts and martial arts in my movies. I starred in the film 'The Spy Next Door'. Who am I? Answer: Jackie Chan


Test your superhero knowledge with these riddles, who will know the most answers?

36. I swing from webs and can shoot them from my hands. Who am I? Answer: Spiderman

37. I can make the weather change in an instant. You might also guess who some of my team are from the other riddles. Who am I? Answer: Storm

38. My name comes from Norse mythology and I fight for justice using a heavy hammer with the Avengers. Who am I? Answer: Thor

39. I have a red cape and wear an 'S' on my chest.  I fly around the world to save people using my powers. Who am I? Answer: Superman

40. I can read people's thoughts and understand their feelings. I also set up a school for other gifted mutants like me. Who am I? Answer: Professor X

41. I am the king of Wakanda and use my superhuman strength and speed to help fight against evil. Who am I? Answer: Black Panther

42. I cannot see like others do yet my laser eyes gives me an ability that others do not have. Who am I? Answer: Cyclops

43. I'm the first Muslim character to have their very own Marvel comic! Who am I? Answer: Ms. Marvel - Kamala Khan                                                                

Kings And Queens From England

Here are some Royal Riddles to test your history knowledge.

44. I had six wives and am well known for having a big appetite. Who am I? Answer: Henry VIII

45. I won the battle of 1066 and travelled over the sea from France to become England's King. Who am I? Answer: William the Conqueror

46. I became King of England and Scotland after the end of the Tudor Period. Who am I? Answer: James VI of Scotland and I of England

47. I bravely fought against the invading Roman Empire along with my tribesmen. Who am I? Answer: Queen Boudicca

48. I became Queen in 1953 and I am one of two queens to have the same name. Who Am I? Answer: Queen Elizabeth II

49. I was the last Plantagenet king. You might have heard of me as William Shakespeare wrote a play about me. Who am I? Answer: Richard III

50. I am known as the "the Nine Days' Queen". My cousin fell ill and I took his place yet I was seen as a threat to a crown I never wanted. Who am I? Answer: Lady Jane Grey



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