Why Preschoolers Will Love Amanda's Action Club

Amanda's action club

Amanda's Action Club is a wonderfully energetic parent-child activity, where fun, fitness and funky music collide in an explosive celebration of family-focused play that will please little ones and adults alike. Take your babies and children from 3 months to 3 years along to these wonderful classes using music and action to help kids learn and get active through play! With regular events across London, Amanda is sure to be running a class near you.

Amanda's Action Club is always filled with a range of activities and feel-good fun for your baby and children to enjoy. Your mini movers and groovers will love listening and singing along to modern nursery rhymes, and even the grown-ups won't be able to resist a boogie - in fact Amanda encourages it! Using unique props tailored to various baby months and toddler years, Amanda's Action Club brings interactive activities to a whole new level. With music and movement combined into an educational mini workout, Amanda promotes the importance of being active and healthy from an early age in a way that your younger children can understand. There's no other club in London quite like these dynamic, energetic and fiercely fun classes, where babies and children under 3 years will fall in love with Amanda's infectious activities. Wear your comfiest play clothes and head to one of Amanda's current classes, running at two family-friendly locations...

amanda playing at amandas action club

The Parent Hood

This kid-friendly coffee shop is minutes away from Turnham Green rail station and Stamford Brook Tube station, and there is parking at Euro Car Parks Chiswick Common - just a 7 minute walk away. The cafe has a great menu with loads of tasty and healthy snacks (and amazing coffee!), including porridge, stuffed avocado cups and soups. Their Little Bites for Little Fingers menu includes loads of tasty options to rejuvenate those little ones too! Just note that The Parent Hood is card only.

St. Dionis Church Parsons Green

The beautiful St. Dionis Church is a few minutes walk from Parsons Green Tube station, with parking available at Fullham Broadway Retail Centre car park. There are loads of great family-friendly pubs around Parsons Green - we recommend the gorgeous gastropub The White Horse, which is just a 2 minute walk away!

Amanda's Action Club always provides a fun-filled day out all the family can enjoy, so keep an eye out for where she'll be popping up next...

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