Why You'll Love B Bakery's Family-Friendly Afternoon Tea

B Bakery's Family-Friendly Afternoon Tea

B Bakery's unique afternoon teas are some of the best-loved in London. Read on to find out why we think you'll love it too, and see if you'll be tempted by an afternoon tea treat!

Brigit’s Bakery has been serving up some of the loveliest, most Instagrammable and family-friendly afternoon teas in London since 2010. Their baby pink, rose-tinted tea parties have become a famous pick for your perfect girls-day-out, birthday treat or tourist bucket list. As well as the adorable aesthetic, you’ll fall in love with the delicious abundance of sweet and savoury delights alongside perfectly brewed tea or coffee, or even a cheeky glass of prosecco for the Mums! You'll get to tuck into freshly made cakes, quintessential British scones and adorable mini cupcakes, plus freshly-cut savoury treats such as cucumber finger sandwiches, pastrami burgers and smoked salmon pretzels - all made by the expert chefs on site. My favourites were the fresh fruity scones and picturesque lemon meringue tart that was (almost!) too pretty to eat. 

Not only is this iconic afternoon tea on a huge offer with Kidadl at the moment, but it’s also exclusively available as a voucher - meaning you don’t have to commit to a date just yet, and making B Bakery the perfect birthday gift for your luckiest loved ones! All you need to do is buy your voucher through Kidadl and then contact B Bakery to choose your time and date. Pick one of their two fabulous experiences below (or book in for both - we won’t judge!).

b bakery

The Cafe

On a corner just off the Strand amongst the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, the Brigit’s Bakery cafe is an adorable little oasis to forget the world for a while and enjoy a delightful cuppa and cake. This lovely French-style salon with the prettiest decor and most impressive array of cakes in their elaborate patisserie counter is the perfect setting for an indulgent girls treat amidst a day of shopping, sight-seeing and show-stopping theatre trips. Enjoy a traditional British afternoon tea of cupcakes, scones and finger-sandwiches all served on delicate cake stands with twinkling china. For those that might be carrying Veganuary through they also have an amazing vegan afternoon tea on offer as well as tonnes of gluten-free options. This delightful cafe is the perfect place to enjoy one of the prettiest family-friendly afternoon teas in London.

b bakery

The Bus Tour

If you fancy something a bit different and want to impress your kids or London visitors even more, then why not try this afternoon tea with a twist at B Bakery’s infamous afternoon tea bus tour. On this quirky, double-whammy day out you can see London’s most iconic sights whilst indulging in an exquisite array of delightful drinks, sandwiches, pastries and cakes. An awesome vintage double-decker bus will take you on an ultimate London tour like no other, taking in some of the city’s most famous sights including Big Ben, St James’ Park, Nelson’s Column and many more. If you want a double dose of quintessential British culture then make the kids’ first afternoon tea experience one to remember with this unique and treat-filled tour. 

Both B Bakery’s cafe and bus tour afternoon teas are on a lowest-price-guarantee offer on Kidadl at the moment with a huge 25% off until the end of February, so you’d be mad not to book in a winter pick-me-up while you can!



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