Why Your Family Will Love Plonk Crazy Golf

Plonk crazy golf

Plonk Crazy Golf is a bright and beautiful mini golf London experience with an array of indoor and outdoor courses across the capital, where every venue is equally bonkers in the best possible way! With Kidadl's tee-rific discount code for 17% off you'd be wacky to miss out on this crazy good golf deal. Whether you're south London Battersea-based, in quirky Camden north of the river or the edgy east of Shoreditch, you'll be sure to find a Plonk Golf experience near you. Taking this classic game to whole new heights, here's why we think your family will love Plonk Crazy Golf in London. Grab your club, use those cues and let's get golfing!

A Mesmerising Game of Magic

Not only will the kids have a whale of a time playing crazy golf, but they'll be able to completely immerse themselves in the experience where all the different holes are themed to perfection. Plonk's astounding attention to detail comes into play no matter which course you choose, with everything from UV lights and smoke machines, to giant pinball machines and balance beams. It'll feel like you've stepped into a world of the future!

Awesomely Active and Age-Inclusive

Playing mini golf in London can now be done whatever the weather with Plonk Golf's indoor and outdoor courses, providing an easy and fun way for the family to stay active even in winter! It's the perfect sport for those not-so-sporty types, and with super simple rules (as well as lots of luck!) crazy golf is a great game for kids of all ages. Designed to be fun even if you’re not quite at the top of the leader board yet, this is a great game to make use of your competitive streak where everyone can feel like they're in with a chance of winning!

Hackney Plonk Crazy Golf

Courses With Character

Each crazy golf London course is completely different, whether it's in the eccentric haven of Camden Market or amidst the hustle and bustle of Holloway Road. Plonk Golf's partner venues provide a unique backdrop to each course, from museums for some extra culture, beer gardens for the parents to wind-down or even London Zoo for an ultimate family day out! Make the best use of your Plonk visit by combining it with attractions like the eclectic Horniman Museum, where nature-lovers can enjoy the animal walk, beautiful butterfly house and awesome aquarium after a day of golfing fun!

Food and Drink to Fuel the Fun

No game of mini golf would be complete without a hefty supply of food and drink to keep everyone going throughout the exhausting experience. Plonked amongst some of the best foodie locations in London, you can expect to find a whole load of delicious food and drink offered around every crazy golf course. Enjoy one of the many street food vendors in Camden Market or tuck into a classic pub lunch with the family in Islington.

And If Golf Wasn't Crazy Enough...

Plonk venues boast a whole load more than just mini golf, with everything from arcade games, ping pong, table football and so much more all under one roof. Dedicated to creating the best family experiences in London, there's endless fun to be had at Plonk Crazy Golf and you'll be sure to find something new to enjoy every time you come!

plonk crazy golf balls

In case you needed more convincing, we sent one of our own Kidadlers out to Plonk Crazy Golf Camden to give us the full low-down on her experience...

The Camden Experience - Kidadler Review

Gather up the family, grab your coloured clubs and hit the the neon paradise in Camden Town! Tucked into a corner of the famous Camden stables market, my kids instantly loved the fluorescent tiki-hut vibe of this Plonk Crazy Golf location. With club sizes to suit all ages, this inclusive course has 9 holes in total which you can do in any order and repeat for some extra putting practice if needed. The multi-coloured, neon course was a hit with all the family and made this a mini golf experience like no other and definitely one to remember. My kids loved filling in the score card as we went around and showing their mother where the sporting genes had fallen! Being so much more than just a game of golf, children of all ages and abilities could definitely find something to enjoy here and it would make for a great kid's party idea!

It’s a fully fun-packed activity that we squeezed into 40 minutes but if you want to make a day of it there was loads in the area to combine it with - including a visit to the next door “Cereal Killer” cafe - a real school holiday treat where you can concoct the most weird and wonderful cereal banquets with tastes from all over the world.

We made use of the opportunity to stroll around Camden Market, inspecting the various trinkets and wares which brought back memories of my teenage years. Afterwards we walked 5 minutes down to the funky Camden lock and watched the boats come and go with a drink by the river - the perfect past-time for parents and children alike! It was a great way to wind down after the action-packed golf experience. If you want to extend the fun even further, you can then jump on a boat trip of your own by the bridge which takes you through to the beautiful Regents Park for an afternoon of rowing or playground fun depending on what you fancy!

Take your pick from Plonk Crazy Golf's wacky array of courses and look for your perfect London location to get golfing with all the family! Or why not give them all a go, we're not keeping score...

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